Wednesday, April 30, 2008


today after sch, me, ah ma, elaine, chris and phoebe went to city hall.
phoebe went to buy her earpiece at marina sq. me and ah ma want to see fossil de wallet at suntec. so after phoebe buy finish her stuff, she went off and we went to had our dinner at KFC! haha:) den we went to shop around at suntec den went hm le.
pics taken while waiting for mrt. :)
me and ah ma!
ah ma camera dunno want to say good or bad sia. cos is so not sharp that cant see the difference of the colour on my face. but..... is not sharp a good thing???
me and elaine.
that's abt it for today.
and im not going to sch tmr. so tired recently. plus that stupid burnt face i got. OMG! and now is peeling. even more ugly. hope that it will recover asap bah. best is to recover before friday. hope that thurs i can stay at hm for the whole day and it will faster recover bah. dun want to let ppl see this ugly face! hahah:)
bye people. think im also slping soon even though im not going to sch tmr. cos im really tired.
gisiang. andifeel RESTLESS.

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