Sunday, April 13, 2008

vivo !

today went to vivo with singyee vonne yinghui and jiaqi.
shop shop.
wanted to buy the topshop shoes. but after a long long time of consideration. decided not to buy ler. if want to buy also dunno wad colour to buy. den not really very very comfortable la. haha:) so decided to buy a shoes from online bah. cheaper but just for casual wear bah. haha:) not as nice as the topshop one. but shld be more comfortable than the topshop on bah. haah:)
went to ate secret recipe today! so nice. haha. long time nv eat liao. wanted to eat gourmet pie. but in the end buy white chocolate macadamia cake! nice also. haha:)
after dinner, shop awhile more. den went to the little playing area to play. got super fun stuff over there. hahah:) den sit down chat. take pics den go hm liao. haha:)
night view at vivo

singyee funny face!
vonne and singyee playing!

vonne yinghui me singyee qi
so thats all for today.
tmr got to go sch liao.
hahah:) a bit sian. but happy that i can see all my classmates!
ilovemyCLASSMATES! haha:)
and i'm gonna slp early tonight.
and i'm meeting classmates to have lunch together!
gisiang. andiMISSSID0702.

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