Friday, May 30, 2008

today is thurs! and tmr there's no sch! isin't it great? hahah:)
anyway, so after sch went to marina sq with ah ma and chris.
we wanted to go to there de mphosis. but bought nothing. slippers that i like had run out of size. maybe the god is stopping me from buying things! haha:) but wadeva it is... today is a happy day! :)
i got news on my laptop.
the person called me abt 7plus...
person: hi. im calling from asus..... just want to confirm with you that you confirm want to repair ur laptop at the price of $1200 and payment will be made either by cash or nets.
me: ya, confirm. you all haven repair yet???
person: we have not repair. we need to double confirm that you agree to repair.
me: okays. den can you repair it asap. and when is the earliest i can get back my laptop?
person: tmr.
me: pls call me back ltr to inform me if i can get my laptop tmr.
person: okays.
the person called me back at abt 9pm....
person: hi....... ur laptop is ready for collection and payment to be made either by cash or nets.
me: okays. thanks.
tada... so my laptop is repaired!!! yeah. miss my laptop. haha:)
anyway, just want to say that. i left my laptop at asus for one week and 2days and den after so many days den they call me to check if i confirm sending it for repair. if im not sending it for repair den why do i need to put it at asus there???!! hahah:) luckily the repairing is fast!
so going to collect laptop tmr. and father is going to help me pay the whole repairing fee! thanks to him so much! and im seriously broke.
that's all for the day.
and lastly.. when i get back my laptop, i will be very happy. cos i can finally have all my files and document back and work with my own laptop.
gisiang. andilovemyLAPPY!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

today is another boring but short day.
did ros floor plan
left with the names to put in for the rooms
entrepreneurship lecture ends... den i went hm
bought wire at hardware shop and wanted to buy burger from pasa malam but raining den lazy to go buy.
den go hm liao.
drink campbell( dunno how to spell la ) soup den think of how to do my studio proj. till i cannot think.
den i went to take a nap.
wake up at 7pm.
had dinner.
think of ideas for studio agn! and is driving me crazy! got no ideas
in the end finally got ideas.. but should be lousy ideas.. and crap and rubbish and nonsense models.... gonna get killed and critcise tmr??!! wadeva..
bye people. stil got stuff to do.
update tmr agn!
gisiang. andihate RUNNING-OUT-OF-ideas.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

half done with ROS's work. shall complete it tmr.
i finally got the correct way of doing it, i guess... ??!! hahah:)
um, it's still early and i still i really need to take a break. so shall catch 1ep of 'qiang wei zhi lian' .
got to go watch my show. shall update soon.
and i'm gonna get stuck tmr for sure for my studio proj. bah... hhaah:)
that's all.
gisiang. andi'm TIRED :(

Monday, May 26, 2008

another boring day!

this week we got to get busy!
today we just had a VI lesson.. and so much work has been given to us.
OMG! we are going crazy??!!
we only got one week to do a powerpoint, a3 journal, individual report of min750 words, models, 2 a2 presentation boards!!!! crazy! so last min!!!
anyway, i think i'm really stucked with ROS's floor plan. miss like 2 of her lessons. can't catch up with the works. seriously lagging... haha:) but just got to finish it by this wed!!!
still got studio proj. which i dun even know to do.... my life sucks, seriously.
my life would only get better with fun with friends and shows!!! i shall pulled it through this week and the next week and it will be HOLIDAYS!!! hahah:)
anyway, a little part to share on wad i have found....
this is a product design by a interior design student from NAFA!
i think it is really a cool design, i really loved the design. name of this product is 'INCOMPLET'
such a incomplete name for this incomplete table and chair! cool right?? hahah:)
and... next .. this is wad i have done over the weekend editing this few pics. it is for my VI postcards. however, it doesnt seems to help much in the proj. hahah:) but wadeva.... i just treat it that i'm training my photoshop skills??!!! haha.

anyway, i like this the most!

okays. that's all for today.
and i have also complete the ppt that need to be handed up for tmr.
i think i got to try out the floor plan thing agn. shitty! :(
and slp soon...
so sad... so busy that i cant have time to watch my showsss!!!
i think is impossible to do so.... cos ..... im in design course! life at design course is so...
gisiang. andihatedoingSTUFF.
I WATCH FINISH 命中注定我愛你 EP11.
but sad that ep11 part3 can't watch. SIANS. hahah:)
and lastly, 'qiang wei zhi lian' i watched till ep15 ler! haha.
tonight is such a torturing night. all shows are out. and i think for so long if i want to watch 'qiang wei zhi lian' ep16 or 'ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni' ep11. hahah:) in the end still watch 命中注定我愛你. haha.
bye people. it's late.
update more soon :)
gisiang. andi'mreallyaSHOWS-ADDICT.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

first time seeing clinic!

today stay at hm in the noon and evening to watch show. hhaha:)
at night , accompany singyee to clark quay there to do her proj.
after her proj. we walk around clark quay and saw alot of things that is not happening during the day time. hahah:)
IT'S THE FIRST TIME I SAW 'CLINIC'. as in the pub. hahha:)
i think is damn cool. hahah. so special. so took some photos of that place.
me with the red lighting effect. ugly carrot legs of mine!

see.. got the operation kind of lightings.
got wheelchair as seats!
like those beds as seats too...
if i was given a chance, i would definitely go there and also ESKI BAR. i think is like special. hahah:)
but 'clinic' can definitely be better design to give a stronger feel of that kind of clinic feelings. hees.
we also went to see people play bungee jump. hhaha:) is really scary i think.... haha:)
den we took bus hm. luckily we manage to take the last bus. haha:) took pic while we were on the bus.

what a ugly fringe and fat face i've got. haha:)

anyway, the pics are quite dark. haha.
reach hm. did the editing for the VI postcards.
some i really dont know how to edit. but i have manage to edit 6 of them. haha:)
i think i shall upload the edited postcards/photos of the VI when i'm free to let you people see. some are really nice i think... hahah.
that's all for the day. bye people. i'm tired.
gisiang. andilovethepicsiEDIT.
*thanks singyee for the kaya toast! *

Friday, May 23, 2008

today got nothing much to blog abt.
just have larry lesson den end at 12. den waited for singyee den we went to city hall.
jon join us and waited for him like so long till me and singyee so hungry. hahah:)
thanks singyee for the treat!!! nx time when i got money sure treat you back de. hahha:)
den we went to shop around and bought nothing for me, of course. cos no money! haha:)
den took bus hm. the journey is so long that i fell asleep. haha:)
back hm, had dinner, watch tv and use lappy.
OH YA! and when i was watching tv. i also soak my leg in a pail of warm water and use a stone to remove all the dead skin from my leg. hhaha:)
and my mother laugh at me... she say so 'ai mei' . hahah:)
i dun want my heel to crack till bleed. haha. after doing the things... my heel is so smooth! ohman... feel so nice. you people of have the time shld go try it also. ahhah:)
lastly, i think i have decided to watch a taiwan drama which i did not a time to catch it last time.. which is 蔷薇之恋. hahah:) is a old show alright.. hahah.
that's all for today. laptop's going low batt. update soon:)
gisiang. andilovemyHEELnow.
today we had lessons as usual. hhaha:)
lesson delay and drag agn. same goes for every week. hahha:)
so we know we will have very little time for lunch. so now smart liao. just ownself go for lunch when other people presenting. hahah:)
today alot people not happy with larry. and a few not happy with sean also. since when did studio become so..... ? hahah:) im the first to present today. alot comments till i also dunno wad to say. but wadeva. haha:)
den we had zalina lesson. she is still the best. most relax lesson. we played around. hahah:) take pics during her lesson.... haha:)
karen 'tou pai' me ! haahh:) my hair still 'fei fei' . looks so ugly loh.
me , karen and elaine. it's diff for me to take pic with this post. hair still a bit center parting!!! hahah:)
us agn. :)
me and karen!
she wanted us to take pic from '2ND STOREY' ... hahha:) understand wad does 2nd storey means???!!

look so funny! hahah. ugly la... hahah:)
den have sannie lesson. talk talk to him nia den go liao.
after his lesson, me, karen, yvonne and chris went to AMK to search for the poster that larry wanted us to find and went hm after finding it!
therefore i'm able to do the brochures. haha:) i will take good care it.
gisiang. andilovetohaveFUN :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

today nv go to sch agn. i skip rostina de lesson for 2times le. hahah:)
i wake up den i think last night emo den today don't want go sch. hahah:)
but still went to repair my laptop and also went to take pics for my studio project.
i went to bugis junction de food junction to have my lunch. i ate pan fried fish fettuccine...$6.80! super ex. but really not bad. but the serving is small. i got a brochure of this western food.

it's true that the person cook till the fire is so big OKAYS!!! haha:)
i think need a fireman to help to put out the fire loh! the fire still burn the hat! hahah:)
need to have a fireman to work there. anyone want to take up this job??!! haha:)
anyway, ystd we went to book a library room. and i think the sun is really cursing and following us... hahah:) see this....

is darren gonna be the future 'boyfriend' for sun??? hahha:)
anyway, im using my bro desktop now. super sucks. hahah:)
no microsoft. can't even crop pic. i can't work with this computer. hahah.
nvm. i just got to bare with it.
a reveal of a truth just within a day or even a night time.
the first time felt being backstab. sucks.
people of all kinds do exist in this world.
used to be good. now so.....
do not cry for unworthy people, unworthy issues, unworthy things. alright?
stay happy :)
that's all for today.
are things going to change for the better? who knows...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ystd went to raffles city to take pics with huifen and chris.
some pics taken...

this few days like very messy and confuse in terms of many many things.
angry over things. make my whole life so messy and so moodless.
i got so many pics that people keep on send me. send me songs. looking for songs i wanted but don't have. laptop screen crack, can't really see, can't post pics cos very troublesome. like damn pek chek. ystd work till 2am den sleep, wake up early, lesson cancel, lift at blkR go craze. really life just sucks recently.
i got to smile and is like putting on a fake smile. ''HAHAH''
duno wad to do for my studio, stucked .
laptop tmr send for repair. dunno how to do the other work.
shitty life i got. just feel so pek chek! got to do this, do that...
ARGHH!!! i think i just got to rest early.
i think all of us need to destress...
anyway, i won't be online or maybe blogging for this few days bah. not sure also. cos laptop will be send for repair. SUCKS!!!
eyes swollen for like 1week already. sians!
don't feel like using my brain. don't feel like thinking anything. don't feel like doing anything. just feel so moody right now.
dunno why also. bye people.
i think i will upload the rest of the pics when my laptop is done with the repair.
LIFE SUCKS! people are changing!
gisiang. andihatetheFEELING.

Monday, May 19, 2008

many things had happened recently that make my emotions goes up and down.
really getting tired of this world.
what's happening around me make this world so sucky.
starting to hate loads of thing which i cant control.
just have to bear with it.
i bear with it cos i don't want to spoilt the relationships between us.
really hate it.
there is so many things which i am unhappy abt.
but if i'm gonna say it out... i know what will happen.
things will get even more sucky.
ugly side of this world just sucks.
i just want to leave the happy memories in my mind.
i really don't want unhappy things to be in my life.
all this people should learn to care abt people's feeling.
you are not the only one living in this world!
starting to hate this world...
hate people who boss
hate people who commands
hate people who just hack care abt other's feeling
hate poeple who don't treasure a relationship.
starting to hate alot of things.
so many things make me so unhappy!!!
wadeva.. no matter wad i still got to accept it.
people.. pls get mature.
gisiang. justaUNHAPPYpost.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

this 2days had a chalet. so just came back today.
this is all i've got on my camera. the rest i shall update soon.
pic not in order de . videos for you people to laugh also! hahah:)
we went to ikea after we left the chalet. in the toilet...
me and huifen
CHRIS! ...

AH MA! ...

i think this is damn cute! hahah:)


look like dinosaur!


here are some pics taken at the chalet..

nerd in CHALET??!!


karen.... SLUT! hahah:)


self- taking agn!


there are 2more funniest videos. but i shall upload it tmr. cos file is so big that it takes up alot of time. hahha:)

bye people.

gisiang. andihateBOSSES!