Sunday, April 27, 2008

sentosa with classmates.

today is a real HOT sunday.
went to sentosa with classmates. suppose to meet at 11am and ppl late bla bla bla... so i went to have my breakfast at burger king! hahah:)
and so many ppl last min nv come.
so left with me, kaser, elaine, phoebe, chris, pearl and huifen.
pics taken today!!! got super unglam de photos!

all of us after bathing.
pearl and huifen on the skyride.
omg! super ugly fringe i got!
pearl and chris
chris, pearl and elaine
pearl and huifen
ugly fat arms!!!
me with elaine cap!!! nice??? haha:)
another ugly fringe. me , pearl and phoebe in the water!!!
unglam! trying to do the water ballet thing! hahah:)
it is the joke of the day man!! hhah:) fat and thick legs i got!
another water shot.
on the skyride!
pearl and huifen in front of me!
my chilli red nails !!!
before going to take luge!
BIG face! all thanks to phoebe camera skills!
me and elaine on skyride!

us agn.
and agn...
last one liao. hahah:)

me and elaine
us having ice cream!!! the weather is really hot!

i emo-ing!!! haha.

kaser and huishan
huifen. she look so cute in this sunglass
me! fat , white legs and arms! white chicken on sales!!! hahah
that's all for the day.
after having all the fun, went to vivo.
have dinner at asian kitchen. the food not bad. quite nice. hhaah:) can go there eat agn another time :)
shop shop awhile den we went hm.
all of us were red and hot!!!
HAHAH. think i got a sun burn!
tmr there will be a few lobsters in SID0702! hahah:)
bye people. that's abt it.
gisiang. andilovethisDAY.
*tmr will be a very nice day-showsss*

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