Wednesday, November 28, 2007

happy eating day !

today went to have PIZZAHUT ! yeah . hahha . LOVESpizzahut. nice nice. and also have a nice chat with singyee. hahah:)
tmr going to play badminton ler . hahah:) excited!
today nothing much to write about bah. haha :)
actually today i got take a few pics before i go out, but there's some error so cant upload. so shall upload another time and let you ppl see. hahaha!
bye. going to watch shows again. hahah.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i had a stomach ache today. OMG! feel like shiting but not used to shiting in other places. so i bare with it till i reached hm. hahaa:) and i skipped my photography lesson today agn. i have skipped for 2weeks already. hope that i will go next week. haha:) today also confirm with classmates that we will go and play badminton this thurs at somwhere in YCK. haha:)
anyways, today, mr ng's lesson another slack lesson. hahaha:) but he say that the hmwk we did is wrong. can say that the whole class did wrongly. hahah :X so got to redo. hhah :) and we nedd to spent money to buy water colours paper agn !
wah wah wah ! today got so many shows to watch. hahha ! i just finish watching all the shows im suppose to watch! haha :) i watched ROMANTIC PRINCESS EP11 , BULL FIGHTING EP2 . hahah . and i think i'm siao. i'm watching 4diff shows at a go. hahah . currently, i'm watching gong zhu xiao mei, dou nui yao bu yao, hei tang ma qi duo, ah wang xing zuan. hahaha :) isn't it crazy ? hahah . i think i'm crazy ! hhah :) kaekaex . but all these are really nice. hahah. irresistable! esp dou nui yao bu yao ! hahah . but gong zhu xiao mei also not bad. and it's ending soon. hahah .
shall update till here. got to do other things.
gisiang. lovesloads&loadsof SHOWS.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

busy day !

i have been doing my homework for the whole day. is really tiring. and im just done with it. and recently don't know what's wrong with my lappy. the internet keep on cannot use so i didn't come online and didn't have any post. now is okays but i won't know if the next min it will go siao agn. it's so irritating. hope that it will be alright soon. i just finish painting onw of my work. but haven take photos. if got chance den i will post the picture up soon. tmr don't know going out anot. sians. still got some work need to be done. but .... im lazy to do. hahah :)
shall update till here. MOODLESS.
gisiang. andI'Mtired.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


hahah:) today i got a presentation and i need to present in front of the 3classes. OMG ! is like so panic , cos' everything is very last minute, even our ppt is also last minute then do finish. me and kaser is like rushing like hell. and cos' of this ppt, i did until 2plus ystd and in the end still could not find the infor i wanted. and, the most most embarassing thing is that , i PRONOUNCE THE WORD WRONGLY ! oh man ! i wanted to say DEPRESSION and it became DEPLAGSSION !!! AND THE WORSE THING IS THAT I START TO LAUGH and i belong to that kind of ppl, once i start laughing i will have difficulty stopping down! and THANKS KASER FOR HELPING ME CARRY ON THE SENTENCE IN MY PARTS DURING THE PRESENTATION ! sorry, i'm really a bad presenter ! haha :) but the good thing is that, i think me and kaser de effort is not wasted, i think the results from the other claases were good. haha ! accept for abt 2 or 3 .... hahah :)
i'm also glad that i can finally watch my ROMANTIC PRINCESS EP 10 !!! cos' of the ppt, i didn't watch it ystd. it was such a big sacrifice ! hahah :) so i get to watch it today. now i'm watching it but in the same time typing this post. cos i'm waiting for the show to load ... load .. later i'm going to clear the things in my lappy. is so messy. past few days got no time to delete and arrange the things. hhahh :)
gisiang. andiloveandmissesmyLAPPY :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007


to me, it seems like a long long time since i last post. haha:) recently, i have been busy doing projects on the kiosk and design history ppt. but now i got some time, so i shall post so things and pics taken on the past few days.
on thurs, me and my classmates were doing the kiosk mock up. after that we went to suki sushi for our dinner. hahah:) it was nice and cheap.
my beef bowl
my mouth was full
the conveyor belt and me !
me and elaine.
the very NICE mango pudding. i had 2 of it !!! HAHA :)

ystd, i was damn pissed off. i was pissed off with yixuan!!! he drop my lappy. OMG! i didn't even drop my lappy before. although my lappy falls with the casing from the table to the chair, i was still very angry. cos' it is still consider as a drop! he damn ..... i was really so angry and heart pain. okays, forget abt that.
today, i was doin the ppt for the whole day. and till now, i haven bathe. after i bathe, im going to do some drawings. hahah :) okays, so thats all for now. shall update when i'm free.

gisiang. andihateYOUYOUYOU! hate you !

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


yawn !!! today is a sleepy day. ystd sleep so late cos' of my insist of wanting to watch finish romantic princess ep9. so i slept at about 2am. it's really tiring esp when having the lectures today. it's a super boring lesson and although i was looking at the lecturer but at times, my heart and spirit is already flying away. hahah :) but luckily the whole lecture end at about 4 45pm. then, me and singyee went to J8 and have our dinner. it's western food again! but it's nice. hahah :) after that we went to arcade. hahha . we saw one auntie playing a machine, those catch bear bear de. den she keep on playing and she want to win the bear for her naughty grandchildren. um, the auntie talk to us and she even put the money and ask us to play. we tried but still can catch. we ask her how much she have spent on the machine den she said 20plus dollars. and after some time, she still cont' to play and in all, she spent at least 30dollars at the machine. how i wish she can faster get the bear? so hard pain to see the way she spent the money on the machine. i think is a waste of money ! i won't ever like that waste my money bah. hahah :)
went home soon !
rest and scolded my brother for using my lappy for so long. he deserved the scoldings !!! make me so angry. always delay delay de ! want to use also cannot. hahah :) the scolding is sort of useful. so he stop after some time. hahah :)
so i watch the preview of ep10(lastep) for romantic princess ! it's super nice! hope nx week faster come! hahah :) my classmates are also crazy over this show and today we even have a little talk about it. haaha :)
okays. think dat's about it for today. maybe later going to make my nails. cos' the paints drop off liao and is super ugly and is highly recommended by karen to change my nails colour! haha.
bye ppl !
gisiang. andiLOVESromanticprincess.
feeling of a princess is so wonderful ...


today is a great great day without JK , the sissy lesson !!! HAHA :)no stress but just SLACK ! MY CUTIE DRAWING ! LOOK ALIKE ?

WHEN IM DRAWING . taken by karen .
slacking in the TOILET ! photo shooting ! kaser is the tripod stand ! hahaha :)
another shot of us :)
today is a great great day without JK , the sissy lesson !!! HAHA :)
no stress but just SLACK !
me and karen and some classmates have a fun time chatting and drawing during mr ng's lesson . haha :) loads of laughter till mr ng let us off for break ! hahah :)
we were saying if we want tu have a chalet during christmas time ! hahah :) and there's a little joke going around our class . perhaps , onli some will know. it's a SECRET abt the joke !
we have photography lesson after that . another boring lesson .
went hm ! yippy ! :)
did my hmwk while watching home decor.
it was really a nice show ! yes ! and, i GUESS CORRECTLY who's the winner ! haha :)
i loves the mirror in bryan's design ! it's special ! actually both of the house are good ! and i prefer bryan's . hahha :)
den, follow by the nine pm channel 8 show ! it was a last ep and i didnt know . hahah :) but it was a good ending !
den finally complete my work at 11 plus .
and now, i cant wait to watch romantic princess ep 9 !!! it's the 2nd last ep !!! exciting !!!
but i still got to wait for it to load ! anyways , got to thanks rayne for telling me to watch at . cos' youtube haven upload ep9 and i dunno why also . hahha :) but at least i still got to watch the show at youku !!! haha .
bye readers ! im goin tu watch ep 9 now . i think have upload finish liao ! hahah :)
gisiang. andiloveTODAY , a day without JK !

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Friday, November 09, 2007


today went out to celebrate louisure birthday ! hahah :)
went to have steamboat at bugis. is not bad. hahah :) the tom yum soup is real hot ! hahah .
after that went back to bugis junction to shop. but it was like damn packed at the fountain cos' LUO ZHI XIANG is there !!! hahah :) i went to see and join the crowd and try to take his pics . but is really hard to take his pics . so many butts and faces blocking my view !!! hahah :) but can see his side view !!! he's really cool and shuai !!! hahaha :) he really got loads of fans also ! after that went to bugis street to shop awhile and then we went back to bugis junction. den have some desserts ! hahah :) YUMMY !!!
den we went hm soon !
it's a raining night ! singyee, thanks for acc. me to walk till the car park ! hahah :)
gisiang.andit'saBORINGposts . dots .

Thursday, November 08, 2007


today was a fun day outside ! and tmr is going to be a better day ! hahaha:)
cos' it is a HOLIDAY ! YEAH ! and i can slp till 1plus . that's the best thing of all ! haaha:)
early noon , me and classmates went to habour front to take the dimensions for the kiosk. it was really a fast one consider to the previous time that we took. thanks elaine for drawing the floor plan and elevations ! by the time we took finish the dimensions , i was really very hungry. me and kaserin is like no energy already . and finally took my first meal at 2plus at burger king . lovestheONIONRINGS which karen HATES ! after that i met up with singyee and went to city hall for shopping !
the best thing is that i had my dinner at my favourite PIZZA HUT. i had my chicken royale with mushroom soup and ice lemon tea. haha . YUMMMY!
photos taking at pizza hut

then continue with shopping at suntec . another happy thing was : I BOUGHT DONUT FACTORY ! yeah ! my fav ! when ordering , i almost forgot abt the mint choco which i really like until i saw it . hahaha :) ENJOY MY DONUT AS MY SUPPER !
den me and singyee when to buy a shirt at a shop . it was having a discount ! haha . so i bought one red tee ! this tee is my FIRST RED TEE ! got new shirt again !
we went hm soon after that. and i finally get to use my lappy tonight. last night was a torturing night doing all the cuttings for the model. so finally today got time to use . good !
(thanks singyee for letting me to use ur email to sign up for imeem ! )
gisiang.andiLOVEdonut.pizzahut.JAY'S MUSIC

Monday, November 05, 2007


today is my tv day. hahah :)
finally, ROMANTIC PRINCESS EP8 is out !
i have been waiting for 1week.
since i reach hm, i have been watching tv throughout the night.
haha .
intially was the 7pm show , den HOME DECOR , den the 9pm show and lastly follow by my ROMANTIC PRINCESS on youtube. hahaha :)
anyways , today got the JK lesson again !
hahaha :)
terrible drawing day ! totally sucks !
but it wad a lucky day . at least he didn't say i'm a problematic student .
BUT , without him saying , i still know that my drawings really sucks .
shld look at karen's one . is really nice and cute .
*karen, thanks for teaching me how to draw. i think it does help a bit ! hahaha:)
gisiang.andiLOVEtv <3


hahaha :)
this is my blog.
initially it wad me and karen's blog.
but since she got her own blog , so this shall be my one and only blog.
i had a hard time changing the templates cause' this is the first time i had a blog.
but , finaly, spending hours, the blog is finally done up.
so, finally i can have a good rest.

love my blog.