Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i have watched finish fated to love you ep7. nx week ep gna be a interesting one i guess.
OMG!!! kiss 2 has ended!!! the whole second series has ended! if you watched it continuosly, it is really a super nice sweet show!!! OMG! LAST EP OF KISS 2 JUST ROCKS! hahah:)
all the sweet kissing parts!!! oh man... irresistable. hhahah:) i won't mind having a third series! hahah:) if have i will sure watch it!!! haha:) dun feel like ending kiss 2 !
PART 2!!!
have a part 3???
but its a fact that it has ended. so... from next week onwards, i only got 1new ep to watch for each week ! but think fated to love you will be another nice one! hahah:)
kaeake. tmr still need to go sch. hope that i got time to go down to fossil outlets to look for wallets on some days. hahah:)
that's the end of today post bah.

gisiang. andillove 恶作剧之吻2 . misses for the shows...

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