Sunday, August 30, 2009

19th Bday Special

19th Birthday has marked an happy ending to it.
Thanks to all my friends once again for all the gifts and time spend with me for this 19th birthday of mine:)
Thanks all who wished me as well!

Today birthday but no special treatment, still got to work.
But colleagues super good today, say can slack, slowly do. Hahahahah. That was already quite a good gift from them for me bah!
Had Aston's at AMK for lunch with Huifen & Chris. Super full lunch. Satisfied!
Went hm to prepare before meeting my clique of friends.
Went to Orchard Central and there was a event for MJ cos today is his bday as well and he is also burried today. Nothing much to shop there anyway.
Headed to Hereen to shop and had dinner at Thai Express!
Nice beef noodle with iced chocolate!
Headed to collect tickets for movies. Then walked around at Cine just before movie starts.
Gross, overall nice movie. Hahahah:)
Walked around Cine agn & headed hm.

Presents of my 19th bday:
Cute 'Hello Kitty' bday card made by Vonne. Hahahah:)
Thanks Zm for holding it for the whole day!
'Ikea' gift vouchers! $100 for my wardrobe! :)
Expiry date: End of August 2009!!! Cool right? I only left with like 2days to get my wardrobe!
There is a big problem with this voucher! Check it out!
*Singyee, thanks for this very cute & fun voucher! Iloveit! Hahaha:) Had fun with my expression?
Gifts from gfs:
Bling lanyard! Whohoo. Bling is love:) Looks perfect with my lovely E71.
Mitju shoes! Wanted to buy that when I get my this month pay, but thanks! Can save some money for other stuff now.

Thanks for all the presents! I really love all of it.
Cards for memories and best and funniest wishes with spelling error!
"Voucher" (cash) really what I needed to buy my wardrobe and loads of other stuff!
Great dinner & movie treat by my clique which make me feel that I can totally leave my wallet at hm for today.
Bling lanyard which I totally forget abt buying it and it is such a nice acc. for my phone.
Shoes that I wanted but got no money to buy, and I wear it today oh! Hahha:)
Thanks for the Chocolate cake on Thurday night as well with my favourite macaron!
Thanks to Huifen who bought a cupcake from Crystal Jade this morning for my breakfast which is totally unexpected! Hahaha:)
Thanks for the companion of Singyee, Vonne, Zhiming, Jiaqi, Yinghui, Sam & Jonathan for today!
Gonna rest soon! Bye peeps.
gsiang. andilove All gifts, all friends:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

I can't upload pictures agn! Sucks..
Don't know what Javascript thing!
Anyone knows how to fix it?
It stated the error is Javascript; null.

Damn sian.
Is not that I don't want upload. Is I cannot upload! Hahahah:)

Can't upload.
Lazy to do work!
Maybe sleeping is a good idea. Hahah.

Try uploading tonight agn.

gsiang. andihate thati can'tuploadpictures!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just came back from a mini celebration for my birthday with classmates!
Really thanks their effort for spending the night with me! Had a full dinner at PizzaHut.
It was not some expensive restaurant but it was a satisfying dinner for me!

GASSY pepsi
OILY fries
CHEESY pizza
FATTENING icecream

What a fattening day, but enjoyed myself with all these food! Hahaha:)

Funny way of giving presents:
Presents put on the stairs, didn't noticed! Hahahah:)
Lovely shoes & Blinked lanyard! Whoohoo! Which I really needed! Thanks for the gifts:)

Camwhoring time. loves.

End of the day:
Surprise! Cool with all the little acts discovered, but FUN! See Huifen panick around! Hahahah. Her face damn joke.
Thanks Huifen and Chris for rushing down to buy! Hahaha:) And huifen: I forgive ur lateness for ystd's running session! Hahahah:)
Thanks the Karen, Rayne, Fify and Sujun for coming today to celebrate! Although not much people but still really appreciate, a small gathering is fine for me! Hahaha:)
Pics to be uploaded soon.
Happy day:)

Rockon girls! Hahaha:)
Thanks Pretties& Babes!

gsiang. andilove GFs, GossipGirls! Hugggs:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Couldn't slp

I'm lying on bed right now. Got the feeling of blogging. Fatty fen say my blog is rotting. I can't upload pics here. Shall upload it if I have the time tmr. Today met up with huifen and lynette. Had dinner at Carls Junior and the serving was really huge. I am still feeling full right now. Anyway just feel very happy to met them. Haha! Took quite some pics. Shall upload soon as well. So my blog at least got some pics. Haha! Goodnight everyone. gsiang going to bed!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Now slacking in office. Cos manager and another colleague went out for meeting. Left with 2 other colleague. Hahaha:) Can facebook and blog! Hahahah:)

The world is filled with faker.
I think i should learn to be more fake!
Everyone seems like they came out from Mediacorp. Hahhaha:) Isn't this cool?

Ltr going to Orchard to walk around and have dinner! Whoohoo! And tmr is BBQ!
Look forward...

Bye. Going fb le.
gsiang. andihate Faker:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good news! Hahaha:) I finally bought a new phone. W910I has been fired! The phone that always restart is being trade in le! I bought myself E71! Lovely white E71. LOVE IT.
Still in process of figuring out the things. Total noob at this kind of business phones.
Small class gathering! Super little people....Pathetic 5people! But still enjoying it with nice food at Aston and gossips!

My mouth is stuffed with food! Face look so damn weird.

Friday, our office don't have power. No electricity, no lights, no aircon, no laptop= NO WORK!
Hahaha. 12pm lunch break all the way till 5.30pm end work can't do anything. So just slack all the way. Sleeping, singing, taking pictures, chatting, itouching... Shiok but just feel super hot! And finally when we going hm at 5.30pm, the electricity is finally fixed!

That's all for Friday.
And Saturday back to work.
After work went to eat Subway at AMK with Yvonne, Chris and Huifen. And go check whether got stock for E71 also. Then after that went hm to put laptop and went out agn to meet Singyee, Vonne, Yinghui and Jiaqi. Long time never go out shop together. So fun! Hahahah:) Shopped at ION and FEP and Cineleisure to have dinner. Then I got to go off le, cos meeting parent at AMK to buy phone. Rushed like hell from Orchard to AMK then back to Orchard to meet them agn to go to Boat Quay to slack and drink.
Ystd was a great day! Hahaha:) I miss shopping with my Besties. Happy dinner with them. Shall upload pictures taken ystd another day. Really hope can always like that go out! Girls shopping!
Love love!
gsiang. andiloveE71 & myBesties.
andimiss BOF, i missed 3wk of BOF & going to miss another 2wks. Sad:(

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today is a planned out Fattening Day! But also a Happy Day for me! Hahahah:)
Main purpose for going out: EAT STICKY CHEWY CHOCOLATE from Swensens.

Morning work.
Straight away 2hrs of Jewel Puzzle before start work.
By end of the day, we completed one detailed drawing, somemore is two of us do one!
Went home put bag, then met up with Chris & Huifen.
So, today really like got the 'go out' feeling, cos no need carry laptops.
Kim Gary set meal for our lunch, super full.
6plus pm have DESSERTS at Swensens which is our dinner! And very nice FRIES WITH SAUCE also!
While waiting, pictures agn.

My Sticky Chewy Chocolate! Love it. Miss it.

After Vivo, we decided to go to Orchard, cos there is nothing for me to buy in Vivo. Damn sian one la. Then bused to Orchard. Pictures on bus agn.

That is my disgusting pimply face! So many scars and pimples. And I'm still trying hard to cure it. Sad. If anyone one got good and not very exp kind of lighten scars kind of cream or solution, pls let me know. Hahaha:)

This is Fake Smile 1.
Fake Smile 2.
Fake Smile 3.
Fake Smile 4. Hahah:)

Went to ION, first time! Hahah:)
So many people and first shop we stepped in buy things le!
Rubi, sell all cotton on sell de shoes. Then wanted to buy the brown open toes that I have it last time but very sian so buy a black open toes.
Went to Uniqlo. Wanted to buy long tee, stopped by Huifen. Saying, I need to save money to buy phone and bla bla bla. Hahha. But also too many people and haven't see all designs yet as well. So shall go there another time then see what I can get.
And got Longchamp shop at ION. Hahaha. Shall go in nx time to see, but not buying le bah.
So a few pictures at ION!

Yup, so that's all.
It's a really fun and happy day today! Hahah:)
And I just got my F21 leggings today! Good material, very comfy. Hahah:)
I also bought a pimple gel called Sebamed. Hahaha:) Hope it will cure my pimples soon!
Tmr, my mum's birthday! Happy Birthday to her and Singapore! Hahaha:)
Going out to have dinner together tmr! Nice food!
Bye people, enjoy your holidays!
gsiang. andiloveToday!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oh...Blogger is finally back to normal, but not going to post any pictures.
Lazy and all pictures are at FB le. Hahah:)
I'm confused of what phone to get. I think either E71, E75 OR Nokia 5730. But I really want Nokia 5730. Cos E71 i think hard to type with nails! But my brother keep on ask me get that phone. But is the cheapest among all 3 also.
Then E75 is like almost the same as Nokia5730, just that it looks uglier. Hahahah:) But is cheaper by abt 100$.
Then Nokia 5730 is 400plus$, super ex. But I like most. Nicer than E75.
Qwerty keyboard!!! Arghh, stress.. Also dont know if my father will help me pay a little mah...

When reached hm, talked to my mum abt the phone and wardrobe, bed.... Then brother overheard then like say me always spend money! I'm a bit angry lo! Cos I also not like any how spend. I already give up on my longchamp bag to buy my wardrobe. Wardrobe and bed is like so long ago liao, bed going to break liao lo. I using my own money to get my own furniture then there he saying I anyhow spend, say I buy clothes. Even if I buy also not expensive one, not like him, I buy 3, he buy 1only lo! Somemore I only work 3months, only like 1500$. Buy bed, buy wardrobe, hp all these jiu can't really save le.. Think I don't want save meh... Always ask me save, say until so easy. Girls are like that one mah, will buy clothes all these de what! Sian la...
Want buy so many things, eveything also need money.
Who the hell will pay for their own room furniture sia!!! My family! Hp, Itouch, drawer, mirror, everything ownself pay! AND I ONLY EARN 550$ PER MONTH! Sucks!

I don't care la! Spend all the money buy all the things I want!
Angry! I need sweet stuff!, I need shows, I need music to make myself not angry!

Anyway, today is a happy day! Finally met up with Singyee, Jiaqi, Vonne and Zm.
Went to look for Vonne and Zm when working. Talked then have dinner together. Happy chatting with all of them! Hahaha:) Talked and meet up soon! Not when Vonne and Zm are working!!! Hahaha:) See you people soon!

gsiang. andiloveNOKIA5730.