Monday, April 21, 2008

another monday:)
happy monday! cos' 2 of my shows have upload agn.
omg! 'ming zhong ding wo ai ni' is so nice! craziness man!
and next week gonna be the last ep for 'er zhou ju zi wen' !!! i tot that supposingly there is 26eps! but its ending at 20eps! this week de not really so nice! but so excited for next week de! xiang qin finally got baby liao! but she run away from hm and dunno why also. den zhi shu went crazy finding her! omg! so excited to know what's going to happen?!?!? and 'ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni' is super sweet for the next ep.
life is so great with shows.
without shows is like....boring.
so today is like whole day abt watching show and nothing much abt sch.

little update abt ystd.
i finally bought the charles and keith shoes!
TADA! this is the shoes i bought!
can't really see so clearly but i shld be wearing very soon. hahah:)
that's all for today anyway.
*my current addict - sorry by buckcherry.*
gisiang. andilove shows. love monday.

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