Saturday, December 29, 2007


FF....finally finished! yeah! hahaha:) i have finally completed my 1500 words report. is a killer hmwk. but now do finish liao can relax la. hahah. i have been doing it for 3days and today finally done. so happy sia:) hahah. kaekae. and i also found the bag i want to buy at vanessa de blog. so can go order the bag tmr. but got 3bags i like. dunno which one to get.

so which one should i buy? hahaha. give me suggestion. tag me! hahah.
gisiang. andiloveONLINESHOPPING!

Friday, December 28, 2007


today really had a very fun day at east coast with my besties! hahaha:) laugh till siao. esp when having our dinner. is a funny, full and fattening dinner. hhahah. but i just love it. we went cycling and vonne is like a super jialat cyclist. OMG! she really too short liao, she falls down like...1,2,3.. hahaha. this trip to east coast is actually to celebrate yinghui birthday. although is really a late one but still hope that she did enjoy this day. pics here for you all to see the fun we had!!! anyways, the pictures are not in order la. hahaha. enjoy!

the sun is seting. SUN IS IN MY HANDS! HAHAH:)

SINGYEE, the photographer.
VONNE, the photographer
YINGHUI, the photographer.
this little fun between us!
it's the sun again.

this funny hair of mine! SUPER HIGH !
our footies! muahahah.
LMAO! vonne cute face and me laughing like siao.
act cute agn!!! ORCHARD GIRL! HAHAH.
now, me the photographer!
lastly, is all of us agn!
thanks people! really had lots of fun today.
laugh when vonne can't cycle well
laugh when vonne fall down from her bike.
laugh when we were calculating the money and passing of the coins.
laugh when we cant cycle up the slope.
laugh when funny faces were made by singyee.
this day had become another part of my memories. LOVED
gisiang. andilove da-MEMORIES. vonne. singyee. yinghui. SZB-ES.

Monday, December 24, 2007

meetups again!

sian yet happy. hahah:) sort of confuse. 'da yi ma' come is the reason for sian. but meeting up with my best childhood friend, alison, is the happy thing. although she's my neighbour but as we get older, we seldom meet up liao. hahaha. she is not just my neighbour, my good friend but she is also my genting mate! hahaha. we used to go genting together but now because i get into this stupid design course and my time and her time always cannot meet den can't go genting together for abt 2yrs ler. but definitely, we will go together agn but dunno when la. hahhah. i went to paragon to find her den we went to newton to eat. anyways, THANKS for the belated birthday dinner and also the CHRISTMAS present. hahaha. i appreciate it. hahaha. we should meet up more often. hahha. really had a good chat and even talk abt the things we played when we were young. when i now think of it, it is really funny. hahha:) okays, so that's all abt me and her. misses our childhood time .
today i almost die leh ! hahha:) i almost got bang down by a motorist. OMG!!! i was so stunned and shock. the bike is like so near me that once i stretched out my hand, i can touched the bike liao. and sommor i think the wheel is like 1more sec, it can hit my leg ler. so overall, IT IS A SCARY EXPERIENCE. so ppl, look carefully before you cross the road.
kaekae, i got to go. my brother want to use the lappy ler. shall update tmr or some other days agn.
*MERRY CHRISTMAS 2007!* get squeezy.
gisiang. andilove CHRISTMAS.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


suddenly got the kind of feel like saying out some feelings.
think that sometimes we are being forced or maybe it is a natural and kind of ' tian jing di yi' de things. study to me is like a 'tian jing di yi ' kind of thing. i know that i need to face it and spent time on it for like 10plus or 20plus of yrs on it. so i won't avoid it. since i know i need to study den i will just do it. i think ppl need to make plans. think ahead. don't just carry on ur life without any plans. for me, at least i know that i need to carry on studying for 3yrs in poly and if can , the best is to go uni and further study on achitecture but if can't den i must find a stable job and start working and earn money! think think think.. think and plan before you do anything.
now, i think want to talk something abt love. i think love is like a very natural thing. happen naturally and goes on naturally. if i love someone, i will definitely just love him wholeheartedly. ppl should try to appreciate and treasure love. dun play around liao. to me, i think true love does exist and i want to have a 'tian zhang de jiu' rather than a 'chen jing yong you' kind of relationship. if is cheng jing yong you, den end liao sure sad and think of the person de mah, den sad, so whats the point? but some like den like, why must ppl let fate decide? just like wad singyee say, if you want to let fate decide den dun get sad over it. i believe that if you are really fated to be with this person, no need to take initiative or anything, there will be something to pull the two of them to be together. so maybe when one relationship ends, dun get too sad over it. is just means that the guy or girl is not meant for you. love is also not abt taking of advantage of one another. i think that more and more ppl take love for granted, maybe take one is not even love. it is like a game for them. luckily,i'm not like that. but hearing so many love stories from friends, i'm sians liao. but for now is like have jiu have, dun have jiu dun have loh. no big deal bah. hahaha:)
anyways, peepos.. take care. and have a good rest.
gisiang. andilovetheUNKNOWN.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a trip to MUSEUM!

a trip down to SAM! haha:) is a waste of money! go there just see all those painting and i think i dun even know how to appriciate them!! hahah:) and just wasted $4. haha. but is all cos' of the report. or else i won go there liao. hahaha. so after that went to raffles city and grab a bite at Burger King. den me, phoebe, ah ma, su jun and christina decided to go to kallang leisure park! hahah. we walk frm kallang MRT and is like damn damn far...... so we finally reach and in between the ah ma and christina keep on takes pics.... aiyoyoo...
walking towards leisure park..
so here's the new leisure park. PRETTY!

all the entertainment stuff are like so expensive! k-box,bowling,ice-skating... all more expensive than other places. hahaha:) so in the end we go arcade play daytona... hahah. so diao. i long long time nv play liao. hahah. den we play 2times still same position. hahah. me get 2nd. hahah. phoebe always last min cut me den get first. hahaha. no choice.. her 'zi gong' good!!! hahaha.
me playing daytona. play till 'walk fire in demon' haha.
den we become auntie go see cheap stuff den i bought a 3$ gold slippers, same as ah ma. hahaha:) den we took a bus to bedok MRT. is a long long trip but have a nice time chatting with them. hahah. on the way, when we were in the bus, phoebe saw the 'hua zhe' (flower car . dots) .
den i took out my camera, zoom zoom, so take a few pics. haha.
waiting for bus..


so came hm and rest.

gisiang. andilovemynewGOLDslippers

Monday, December 17, 2007


its finally holidays and i have been waiting for very long. hahha.

anyways, think i also a few days nv blog liao bah. hahah.

friday is the last day of school and is also our exchange of christmas present day and also SID0702 BBQ day! hahah:) so that day is really fun! hahha.

opresents of the day!

so in the end, maria got the present i buy and i got the loakers biscuit which is from fathin. hahah:) is exciting to exchange presents! hahah. so after school, we have bbq at pasir ris park. hahah. so i stay overnight. it was really a cold cold night. haha. i was rather uncomfortable that night. cos its the first time i went for a so many ppl bbq. hahah. but when ppl get lesser den i think is okays. hahah. but fun chatting with kaser and fify that night. we chatted the whole night. hahah:)

our class photo! SID0702 ROCKS!!!!

the red and the black. hahaha. pz and me

waiting for sunrise ! OMG! IS CANNOT BE SEE FROM THIS PLACE DE!

so after that we went hm. i'm so lucky! if i 2more mins den get onto a cab, den i need to pay extra 2$ leh! hahah. makes alot of diff. hahah. but lucky i get onto a cab at 6.58am! haha. so went hm to slp.

anyways, so ystd and sat, i slack at hm the whole day watching tv. hahah. ystd whole day watching fei tian xi shi online. i'm left with the last 3ep! is getting exciting!

den today, i wake up earli in the morning and watch dou nui yao bu yao! haha:) is another really very very nice show! haha. den went to bugis today. bought a shirt from hypnosis. actually want to buy another design de but dun have my size. haha. sian sia. think shld really go slim down loh. haha. acually can buy 2 for 20$ de. den in the end no size den buy another design. 1 for 20$ leh! haha:) kaekae. so reach hm den finally blog. haha. that's all.


Thursday, December 13, 2007


I finally left with one show!!! haha :) from 4 shows to one show. I have just watch finish hei tang ma qi duo! haha. on monday, gong zhu xiao mei has also ended. hahah! so i'm now just left with dou nui yao bu yao! seriously, i think dou nui is really a very nice show! haha. hei tang ma qi duo has a very good ending. i love the ending. but i think i get what rayne means. she don't like the ending..... and i also don't really like. such A RANDOM ENDING! i expect something more than that. haha:) holidays are coming soon. counting down...2more days! hahah. tmr i'm having a short presentation infront of both SID! hope i won't have any embarassing things happening.. haha:) tmr going to bugis with karen to buy christmas present for the class. and some ppl got to go and buy the bbq food! yes! i'm looking forward to FRIDAY!
gisiang.andilove HOLIDAYS

Sunday, December 09, 2007

i have not blog for a few days. hahah:) that dat our class went to city hall and see those exhibitions. it's fun! here are some pics taken on that day. hahha:)
nice! on the way there.
we just love poky
this is utter rubbish!
that's me !
we are behind a glass panel?? NONO .. there's no glass!

anyways, today i get my new phone! haha . finally got w910 but not in red. there's no more stocks for red. so i get black! haahah:) now haven see my new phone cos my brother went to help me change. hahah :) shall update soon!

gisiang. andilovemy newphone.w910

Thursday, December 06, 2007

feeling really DOWN.

a down down day ! I'M REALLY TIRED! okays. feeling tired cannot be blame cos' ystd i slp very late just to watch ah wang. but is like today is really a long long day for me. whole day from 9am to 7pm doing the kiosk. and really not feeling good now. moody time! today keep on redo the cashier thing and is also not done nicely and properly in the end. and we really had a long long time to decide on the things like shelvings. and things just cant work too. hais. um, all the things were not said properly and when things have been changed, we also nv clarified den everyone is like blur. i just hope this kiosk thing can really end faster. but hoping we can get some money for our efforts put in. but even if this project has end, i still need to do the project studio ppt. more sians... and still need to present in front of the other class. more sians x2 ... but forget it. i think just get done with it and get over with it and i can go for my 2weeks break. and have a good rest. something which i'm really looking forward to is the class bbq bah. think it's gonna be fun.
anyways, stupid school table! make me injured my leg. now at the knee got blue-black. hahaha:)
feel like watching fei tian later but also feel like slping early cos' tmr need to go school early which i really hated !!!
gisiang. andihateWAKING UP EARLY:(

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


today is a real short day. shouldn't have go to school. actually when i woke up i dun feel like going to school but cause need to do the kiosk model and since i'm the DIMENSION queen !!! hahaha. so i just go. den in the end nv do any thing and went for a useless talk. the person is a ANG MO LANG !! so i cant understand anything. hahaha! wasted my sleeping time. hahah. so meet singyee after school and pei her go j8 eat lunch. but i had a nice lunch today. because is homecook UDON!!! hahaha. udon is my favourite! hahhah. yipppy !
i found job for my 2weeks holiday liao ! hahah . yeah ! thanks to vonne! i'm working for her mother frm 16 to 22dec. working frm 7 to 2pm. one day 40$ . hahahha. got money again! i'm back to bai di tan !!! hahah. i liked this job!
and i'm back to my ah wang show again. i tink i nv watch for a few weeks ler . hahah .
anyways, that's all for now. i'm going to watch ah wang ler. bye!!!
gisiang. andilovemyJOB!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

foolish ME !

HII ! i want to tell you ppl who are in my msn, if there's anything abt who blocked you or i send you a link in msn, pls do not click it ! its VIRUS ! and stupid me kana cheated and got this virus! hahha!
anyways, it has really been a long time since i last post. hahah ! i have been in a craze in online shopping spree! hahah. emailing blogger asking stuffs and ordering bags.... hahah! now finally blog liao. cos karen has been asking me to blog ! she is like a auntie ! hahah . she same as peizhen liao . ah ma !!! hahahah ! anyways, here are some pics taken the past few days ! haha . but its in a rather messy order! hahah! kaekae. im going to add those blogger with sprees de in my blog! so ppl who are interested can go see. it's really cheap to buy things online! hahah . kaeake. there's still loads of things waiting for me to do. so shall update soon !
busy with kiosk*
gisiang. andihateVIRUS!