Friday, October 30, 2009

Designing a Fitness Centre is so damn hard. Just now saw this website showing all the regulations or is like a guide to help in designing a fitness centre. 73pgs of information, I read some only.... and I realise I got so much more to do! I need to be more hardworking and start thinking of design! It's going to be a stressful weekend for me cos I'll be seeing Sean the coming Monday to show him what I've done.
I was searching for unique gym designs. It's really hard to have unique gym design okays! All very typical. But I found one and it gives me hope! Hahahah:) This gym is so nice! I want design something like this also.... maybe do a INSPIRIED ONE!!! hahahah:)

Today in sch was the worse and wasted day! Hahaha:)
When reached sch... chat with Rayne, Kaserin cos there is not much other ppl in class liao! What a sad class.... so little ppl. Then searching for DimSum buffet and then WE HEADED TO CITY HALL TO HAVE DIMSUM BUFFET!!! Super steady ppl! Hahaha:) Super suay cos of the super heavy rain. Luckily Huifen and Chris go buy umbrella. Hahahha:) Ate so much of food! We only ordered like 2times. And the 2times of food filled the whole table! Stacking up..... then slowly clear the food one by one! Har Gao is my fav. The black pepper beef is the nicest I've ever had!
The food not bad but of cos there are better ones but is cheap. Only like 17$. But so sad don't have egg tarts! But overall it's still worth it.
Left sch at 10.30am. Back in sch at 3pm!
Back in sch doing Firmenich proj. Some ppl camwhore time agn..... I just join in for like 3picture!

I think our class damn jialat! Hahahah:)
Me and Rayne are forever talking abt food, esp RAYNE! Polluting everyone's desktop with brownie... Lala... Gonggong... Cakes.... Hahahah:)
Monday we went to eat Subway. Had lunch for abt 2hrs.
Wednesday we went to Hougang eat Western food. Had lunch for abt 2-3hrs.
Today worse.. from 10.30am-3pm! Hahahah:) But the thing is, we stayed in sch still abt 8pm. But doing nothing except for slacking, chatting and envying some rich ppl life and talking abt Halloween, and clubs.
That's all for the day. Gonna change my blog song soon. Hahaha:)
gsiang. ilove DingTang's songs.

What a bored life I've got!

I have no shows to watch. Bored of bejeweled cos I can nv beat the score. No money for online shopping. All I can do is do sch work! I am so damn hardworking. Hahaha:) Can just let me win firmenich? I want the money! Hahaha. A bored life with just my best daily companion, itouch!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On bed, bored.

Just another word post. I am just so bored. This few days have been trying to search for new shows to watch. So little shows left.... Have been watching movies to waste time. 1) The Proposal 2) Penelope 3) I Love You Beth Cooper. Out of all these, I think the best is The Proposal. Hahaha:) tmr noon time gotta rot at hm agn. Everyone seems so busy and I'm so free. Only tmr night going out to have dinner with Vonne bah. What a boring weekend I have!!! Bye people, that's all I have to say for tonight. gsiang, loner spending boring weekend:(

Friday, October 23, 2009

I hate washing

I seriously hate washing! Just got scold by my mum to wash dishes! I so don't like to oily. Can ask me sweep or mop floor but not do washing! Why can't my bro do the washing? Why must it be me? Cos I'm a girl? Damn sian la.. I now go wash off my mask, read mag then go sleep bah. Bye people. I just want to grumble!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Today went to Bugis meet Yvonne, Sujun, Huifen and Rayne.
Supposingly a Farewell Dinner for those who are going China. But Phoebe and Elaine couldn't make it and it seems like just a meetup. And it is a super small gathering of a total of JUST 5ppl.
And it is the last chance to see them before they leave S'pore for 1month! Hahahah:)
But anyway, it was a surprise bday celebration for Yvonne's bday which is in 3days time! So happy birthday in advance! Hope you like the present and the dinner at Seoul Garden with the little pathetic cake that you still dropped! Hahahaha:)
Meet Huifen and Yvonne earlier to go shopped ard Bugis. Bought a new makeup remover from SkinFood. I love SkinFood products! Hahahah:) I think they got nice and good products but expensive! Bought nail polish from FaceShop agn. Hahahah:) Broke le bah. Need save all my money to bank before spending it all!
So after shopped had dinner at Seoul Garden. Eat until quite full! Nice icecream with Brownie! Lovedit!
Tmr gonna be the first day of sch! Sian. Got to have a lot more ppl in class now! Start stressing for studio agn! But somehow also miss the fun we had in class! Miss South Canteen's chicken rice! Hahahah:) I hoped everything will go smooth and get better for my FYP!
Lastly, to those who go China! We will miss you all! Hahahah:) Esp without Yvonne, lesser food in class for me to steal! Hahaha:) You guys pls blogged everything out so that we get updated! And when you all come back! We will go Airport welcome you all back! Hahahah. With HUGE BANNERS! Takecare all!
gsiang. iloveSkinFood:)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This week is my last week of holidays and yet I'm working 3full days, but luckily it's all over and money is all in! Whoohoo!
I worked 2days at Fajar at Bukit Panjang there! Luckily got Singyee work with me. Or else I think I rotting there for the second day work there liao. And the journey is super long, is so out of my place. Is just like stepping to another country!Hahah! Luckily there is free trips hm for me! Don't need take public transport! Enjoy these few days working with Singyee also! Hahahaha:)
And, today heng ah... Work TPY. Nearer and start work at a later time also.
Tmr going out! Finally don't need work but menses is here to torture me for tmr! Damn it! And pls don't flood me! I wanna enjoy my last 2days of holidays! Whoo!
I am going to complete watching Tang Xin Feng Bao2 before school reopens! That's my mission for this 2days!
Ytsd also watched finish Xing Guang Da Dao5 with my elder bro. Hahahaha:) Watched until 1.30am... so tired le.. then suddenly my bro friend show him a video. Then my bro ask me watched also. In the end is on Ris Low but is PhuaChuKang version! Damn funny! If you guys haven't watch it. Pls go watched at
That's all for the day for my recent updates. Now gonna train a song which I'm currently loving it. Bye, people.
gsiang. 徐佳瑩 - 失落沙洲, addicted song.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just finished watching Purple Rose.
The ending is OMG! Hahahah! Super random like hell!
Spend like 3months watching a show with such 'HUH?!?' ending. Hahahah:)
Tmr is super sian. Still need to go work at Bukit Panjang. Whole day. But got money lo! Sian= Money.
And today spend the whole day waiting for furniture to arrive until parent super unhappy.
Mattress supposed to reach between 10am-2pm. In the end until 8PM AT NIGHT then reached my hse. The furniture suppose to reach between 4pm-6pm. In the end 9pm then reach! Hahahah:) My father call and call to rush them! But luckily all delivered today, or else don't have bed to sleep le. Hahahah:)
Anyway, gonna masked my face and have a early night.
Bye people!
gsiang. whatalousyending.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some photos on pass few days celebrations of Vonne & Singyee's 19th birthday!

Vonne's bday went to Sakura to have dinner. So, here are the photos... Nowdays, we don't really take a lot of photos unless got Singyee's DSLR. That day none of us have a camera. Hahahha:) So all these photos are just from my phone.

My favourite PRAWNS! Now see le, feel like eating agn!

Both are mine as well! Yam Paste and Pulot Hitam! Ate both cos both are as tempting!

Ice cream never missed it also! 3Scoops of icecream with some Rainbow and Choc. toppings!

Most look-forward Desserts! But it just taste that great:( My share plus Jiaqi's!
The durian puff tasted not bad!
Singyee's and Vonne's fav dessert! Guava with orange skin! Refreshing & nice. Present time!
Vonne and Zhiming
The Birthday Girl!

I hope Vonne can stay happy forever! Hahahaha:) Bestie Vonne's 19th bday.
Vonne bday didn't manage to give her a cake! Cos Sakura buffet make us so full liao. So, I make this cake for Vonne and Singyee! Specially for them! WORLD CUTTEST CAKE EVER! Hahahaha:) I didn't really make it myself. But me and Jiaqi went all the way down from Bishan to Jurong Point de The Icing Room, which allows us to decorate the cake! So continue viewing photos.... process of us decorating it!
The super plain cake! Totally clueless of what to do!
Came up with a idea of making a smiley face (a bit lame&crappy)....
Me starting to write on the cake! So scare~~~

Concentrating in drawing some very funny things at the side of the cake!!! AND........
ALL NOT SAME CURL! NVM...... THEN............

But in the end try to clear the mess I made!

Jiaqi's turn to write their names!!!
A bit plain and weird! So further development!!!! Hahahahah:)
Tada! Secret weapon: Gummies from Mini Toons...

Final Product! Cute? Or ugly?!! Hahahaha:)

Me with cake! First try. I guess is not that bad right?!?

That's the end of our cake session! Mission to bring it to Pasir Ris cos all of them are waiting at the bbq pit to celebrate Singyee's bday. And we travel the whole green line from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris, standing..... It's after office hours and the train is all packed. Once reached BBQ pit, gave them the cake and ate the cake! Cos the cake is out of fridge quite long... Since we started doing at 4pm till 5pm. Another hr travelling to Pasir Ris.

Had so much fun last night with them! Just with those close friend! Don't need big groups of people to celebrate! Ate a lot a lot! Drank Smirnoff, new liquor reccomend by Singyee! Card games! Chat! More photos with Singyee. Cos got DSLR!!! Hahaha:) Will upload them if I get them soon!

Singyee, hope you enjoy yesterday's celebration! With our gifts and prank and BET AND PUNISHMENT!!! Hahahaha:) Stay happy always! Keep on laughing:)

That's all for the day. Today just watched show whole day and didn't even packed my room! All my shows are ending le! Sad:( My Korean drama end le, last ep16. Really a nice show! But the ending not very touching! Then Purple Rose tmr last ep le also! Then even Xing Guang Da Dao also last round liao, but I haven't watch! Maybe it is really hinting me, SCHOOL IS REOPENING! TMR really need to tidy liao. Or else new furniture come in no place put le! Hahahah:)

gsiang. iamso inlove withshow!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Today went to celebrate Vonne's 19th bday! Hahahah:)
Late for our meeting agn, really sorry.
Catched 'Funny People' , 1.40pm movie and we just reached Cineleisure like 1.45pm?!?! Hahahah:) Late for movie. But the movie was kind of's a 2hr plus movie okay.... can imagine how draggy it is. And not that funny actually. Hahahah:)
So movie end like 4plus.
Grab something to eat, bought Famous Amos cookie! Super nice la... so long nv eat le! Shuang:)
Cabbed to YCK outlet Sakura! BUFFET !!! Hahahah:) Shiok!
I ate like really a lot of prawns! Drank soup..... Ate 1& 1/2 sushi.... A lot of lamp chop.... Veggie... Mushroom... Lobster.... Desserts!
If it is Kuishinbo, then definitely go kill all the CRABS & CHOC. ECLAIRS.... And I'm missing it now.... And desserts.... I got to say that Kuishinbo also wins!!! Just the eclairs can beat all the desserts at Sakura! Kuishinbo also got more choice of sushi but that's bcos it is Jap buffet.. Sakura is international buffet! But Sakura also not bad!!! At least the prawns make me happy! Hahahaha:) I will still go back Sakura! Kuishinbo is just too exp:(
Anyway, took some photos... But use hp take de.. upload tmr if I have the time... Damn sian... Camera rotting at hm for months!
I hope today Vonne spend a happy day! Simplest bday ever.....Hahahah:) Hope she likes the gifts as well!
Tmr need to work! Gonna slp!
gsiang. iwant savemoremoney!!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

I've been neglecting my blog. Hahaha:)

Working recently& watching show after work. So no time to blog and really nothing much to blog abt also.
Today still have some time so shall blog a bit.

Today work morning at Amk. Then after work went to find Vonne & Singyee at TPY at work. Tmr my turn to work TPY agn. Hahahah:)
Today afternoon went to see mattress with parents. My budget was actually like maybe 200$. But the kind of mattress I'm looking for or perhaps is the kind I like is super exp kind. Like can go up to 1000$ for one. Cheapest ones are also like 800plus. So I gave up on the kind I'm looking for. Just go for something which is affordable and yet comfy but not my fav.!
In the end went to 2diff places and finally settle at Courts! Hahahah:) abt 300$ King Koil mattress...... But good thing is I DON'T HAVE TO PAY! Hahahaha:) dad is paying for it! Whoohoo! All thanks to my mum for physco-ing my dad to help me pay for my mattress! And I can add another 200$ to my savings for nx yr BKK trip! Hahahah:)
Thanks my dad for paying my mattress!
Thanks my mum for contributing $240 for my bedroom set!
12 Oct! New wardrobe and bed! The rest of the bedroom set quite useless! Don't really need it! But is super cheap! The whole set only 599$!!! Hahahah:) Just that I now got to think of a way to fit in all my furniture! Sians.....
That's all for today!
Current addiction to show: 家好月圆 & 拜托小姐!!!
拜托小姐 ep14, pls faster come out! Can't wait! & 家好月圆 can't download le! Sians.....
Bye everyone, gonna slp!
gsiang. i'm just a show freak :)