Sunday, April 26, 2009

After today, tonight's sleep, tmr pls let me have the power to work.
I don't want to slack& not doing work!!!
Tmr got to finish all the models that I've to show to S&L.
Today went with Chris to take photos of her site, which is at Fort Canning, ROM there.
The weather is freaking hot, I know so I put sunscreen and all the protection on my face le... And the sun is like melting my bb cream lo!!! Hahaha. And today I actually wake up earlier at 12pm. Hahah:) Cos got postman knocked on my door! And it's my Skinfood BB Cream. Hahaha:) Today first time try it, it is better than Shills de. Not so fair, and more absorbing! Hahah.
Then, we walked really a far& long journey before we finally reached ROM. When we reached, we just realised that we have been walking so many wasted journey.... It is nearer to City Hall than PS.... And I got bitten by mosquitoes for 8times!!!! I think one mosquito bite me first, then it calls their family member come bite me also!!! My poor legs! Those blood type B de be careful ohhh... Mosquitoes like B blood!!! Hahah
Slacked& finally cool ourselves down at Marina Sq, then went to my site, Esplanade to take some pictures agn.
Chris is super lucky, today she saw 3 couples taking marriage photos!!! 1pair at Fort Canning. The other 2 at Esplanade area, somemore all different races de! Hahah.
Then we bused hm.
Bye, Gonna do some other things& tonight going to slp in parents' room, too hot for me to slp in my own room cos no air con! I want a AIR CON pls....
gsiang. andilove somanythings.
Crunchy Shrimp
Strawberry Stick
Kinder Bueno
Gucci Wallet
Zipia Bag
Zipia Skirt
but I hate Chucky, watched Seed of Chucky, scary:(

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saying is so much easier than getting it done.
I have so much work to be done& yet I'm lazy to get it done.
I'm tired, getting tired easily.
I wanted to watch show, but it seems like it is fated not to let me watch it. The show keep on stopping, making me feeling irritated and so I just forget abt watching it. Hahah:)
Then did my research on a Fitness Corner for my studio. Not really sure of how it is going to look like, but the longer I do, the more things I think about, more problems are coming up& driving me mad!!! Hahaha.
And I did funny drawings, ugly writings& I realised, I can actually just copy& paste it in a ms word! Arggh!!
And I am really bothered by the aircraft project. Cos I need to come up with a autocad layout of the aircraft which I totally had no idea how am I going to start off with. Ohman... save me.
And next monday got to show models for studio, stressed up weekend I've got.
Tmr going to acc Chris go to her site to take pictures.
That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove KinderBueno, don't steal it, I will chase after you!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Did not went to sch for 2days. Today most shiok. Slept till 2plus pm then wake up.
Met Singyee at City Hall at 7pm.
Went to HK Cafe to eat.
Take pictures for my studio.
Thanks Singyee for helping! I really need a better camera to take night pictures. Thanks for your accompany. I scared nx time might still need your help! Hahaha, but this can improve your camera skills! Haha:)
Bused hm.
On the way back hm, watched 'Quarantine' on Singyee's Ipod. The bus kept on stop and move on agn till I got headache when watching the movie cos the screen keep on moving also.
Suddenly, I looked at the time, thinking if I will take the same bus as my mother cos she go and work. Then, I looked in front saw a person turn sideways, IT'S MY MOTHER!!! Hahah:) Damn qiao lo! Same bus sia! Hahah:)
I can't show the layout for my studio tmr! I can't make a decision of what I really want to do and don't know how to do it yet! Sians. But I'm going to sch to think abt it tmr!
That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove Kinder Bueno:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My legs are so tired, have been walking the whole day.
Met Yvonne and Elaine at Ochard at 1pm
Far East.
Bused to Clarke Quay.
Boat Quay.
Raffles Place.
Marina Square.
Back to Esplanade.
Isn't this crazy? Haha:)
In between nv really sit down, cos have been taking photos, thinking of ideas. Tired brains & legs.
Bused home and have dinner.
Today was such a joke by Yvonne.
I today then know that big gulp from 7eleven is being called by Yvonne's 'BIGLET' !!! We really laugh out loud lo:) Hahahaha. And is not only this word, there are so many others. And Yvonne also gain a lot of knowledge abt fitting rooms!
My idea, not confirm, everything got to wait till I take pictures tmr night. Perhaps as compared, I like my gym idea more than the vomit idea!!! Hahah.
And I got my f21 necklace today, liked it, not bad. Hahaha.
Tmr meeting Singyee to take night shots, Thanks to her in advance:)
Luckily today I nv buy anything, have been controlling myself!
gsiang. andilove slicedFISH:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some long timeeee ago pictures.
The previous time going to Drinking Place with Singyee and some other friends.
No one loves Green peas. So it was left untouched. And another 2more random pictures. But they are nice! Cos taken by Dslr, esp the green peas picture!

That's just abt the photos.
So, obviously, today was the first day of sch reopens.
System changed, and got to try to adapt it, but basically is OFFIC HRS for us!
9-5.30 routine.
And, it's just the first day, we need to start on our final yr projects and there are other projects and things that we need to do already. So I now going to do some things for one of the projects first, or else I can't slp le. Bye people.
gsiang. andihate Clone:( CMM

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today was the worse sales day. I think total we only got 10sales!!! Crazy man. Rotting like siao.
I managed to sell 3 for today.
Hope tmr would be better:)
Anyway, if any guys would like to buy clothes from online, can go to this website to check it out.
It is also opened by Vonne, but it is mainly for guys, got Topman spree as well. If got the chance, pls go and take a look.
My dear friends, can let your whoever guy friends know abt it too! Thanks!
I'm gonna slp early. As tmr it is gonna be a long day for me, going out with classmates after work. Gossip Night:)
That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove onlineshopping:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Today is not a good day for me.
Sales was so so.
After work talked through phone with Ken, my agent abt the comm.
There is some mistakes or miscommunication abt the amt of comm we get.
So sort of like quarrel with him??!! He's unhappy and me too!
But now is better le, hopefully.
But the comm stuff still need to confirm tmr! Fcuk man... I feel so pissed off just now and everything seems like my fault and like I'm in the wrong for not questioning some questions which didn't even came thru my mind at that point of time. Forget it.
Luckily I got my Apple Strudel which cheered me up! Hahaha. Only sweet things make me happy:)
I guess I'm going to get another apple strudel! So in love with it and I'm missing my strawberry stick!!! Hahah.
And thanks friends, Chris, Huifen, & Elaine for visiting me today!!! Hahah. Slacking agn...
I seems like I've been slacking thru. My collegues have like 9deals and I only have 4!!! Heaven&Earth!!! Hahah.
But I don't really care that much, as long as I hit my target, that's good enough.
And I'm looking forward to this Sat, probably might be the last day I could enjoy before sch start.
People, Shld I work on Sunday??!! They don't have enough people, but I guess I will only be going hm on Sunday morning. I will go work if I go hm abt 3am. Sians, how?!
Anyway, I seriously felt so boring tonight, like got nothing to do. So I guess I shld go slp. Slp earlier! Let me have more sales for tmr! Hahah.
Bye people, rest early too.
gsiang. andilove Apple Strudel:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today was a start for another Ntuc Learning Hub roadshow.
First day.
Thanks Ah Ma, Elaine & Chris for coming to find me and also thanks for the Bubble Tea!
Thanks Singyee for waiting for me to end work and go hm together as well.
So saw a lot of friends today! Hahah.
And surprisingly, I came to know abt this new girl called Lina Ong, not the other Lina that I have linked in my blog. Lina Ong is in the same course, same sch as my dear friend, Jaslyn Huifen!!! So shocked and is like really a small world.
Then the other Lina know one of my guy 'friend', not really consider friend also bah... So qiao!!!
Today was slacking all way bah. Didn't do much sales, very lazy.
Tmr maybe need to chiong a bit la. Hahah.
Anyway, pls go to
And go to this Zipia Spree!!!
I think this spree got really nice clothing. Go and take a look if you people are free.
Some of the things might be a bit more expensive but I think their things are nice!!!
Worth it! :)
That's abt today, still going to do a mask before I sleep! Goodnight people!
gsiang. andilove Zipia:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

I have not blog for some time, at least not this weekend.
Went to do my price check at Tampines with Vonne.
Tampines 1, the new shopping mall is opened and filled with people. Esp there's this new shop opened by Japan is flood with people. Is just a casual apparel shop and people are queuing just to go in. That's sounds so crazy right...
Then we went to Ikea to have dinner, Yummy:)
Met Singyee, Hoi Fai & Teng Kiat to drink agn! Martell agn which I'm quite sick of it le! I just wanted to drink cocktail. So there goes my 20bucks!!!
After drinking me and Singyee took photos & slacked at Esplanade till morning 6am then bused hm, cos we missed the Night Rider.
Abt 7.30am reached hm., sleep.
Watched show the whole day. Watched a super lame show reccomended by my Brother, Zhong Ji San Guo. Hahah:)
Went out with Singyee and Jiaqi to Plaza Sing.
Accompany Singyee go buy her book. Then had dinner at Thai Express. Walked around.
Chat a lot abt attachment stuff, then bused hm!
Hm, watched show agn. What a boring life I have.
But that's my life.
My working days have been changed to Tues to Sunday, but I'm not going to work on Sunday cos Saturday night gonna have fun with my classmates!!! Hahah:)
So, tmr gonna rot at hm!
gsiang. andilove rottingathm.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I just finished watching Death Race!
Is damn nice & exciting. Hahah:) Super crazy show.
Today went to sch to have 3Dmax lesson. After that go to Orchard with Huifen, Chris and Huifen's friends. Ate Sakae Sushi, then shopped around. Reached hm abt 8.30pm and I'm damn tired, slp till 9.45pm then wake up have my dinner.
Tmr going to do the price check alone agn. Bored. After that meet Ah Ma, Huifen, Chris and her friends at Orchard bah cos I don't have dinner at hm. Hahah.
Feeling so happy. Vonne opened a blogshop with Zhiming! Hahah. I think they damn cute la. Hahah:)
Pls do support!
They just opened so do not have much things. They are having Forever21 and Threadless spree for now. But after some time they will have more things! But can be trusted, no scam and the exchange rate is cheaper than other blogshop!!!
That's it for today.
Andilove myFriends.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I have finally finished watching all episodes of Dou Yu!!! Hahah:)
And super happy that I finally know how to convert videos from rmvb format to mov format which I can put into my Itouch. I am so stupid that I didn't know the program could not read Chinese characters. Hahah. Going to download more shows and put it in my Itouch! Whoohoo!
Anyway, ystd went to do the price check job then at night meet up with Secondary friends to go drinking at Bishan Pub, Club July. I didn't drink so much cos the previous night really drank too much. I going to limit myself from now on, not going to drink too much le. Continuous 2days of drinkig is enough, I think I got to stop drinking for some time. And guess won't go drinking so much le, cos Singyee is going for attachment, I'm going to start sch in another 2weeks time! So all gonna get busy.
Bye to Chivas, Martell, BlackLabel for some time bah.
Gonna go out and have dinner.
gsiang. andihatebeing deadDrunk:(

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Today is the max for me!!!
Went shopping at Junction8 follow by Bugis.
Bought jeans leggings and a pair of shoes.
Spend money agn!
Then at night meet up with secondary friends.
Singyee, Vonne, Jiaqi, Hoi Fai, Teng Kiat, Wene & me.
We went to Drinking Place!
Is so crazy! Ordered Martell & Black Label. 7 of us drank finish all within a night! Can't imagine it. This is the max for me and most jialat one.
I'm going to vomit man. But don't want myself to vomit! I can't take it le, seriously, max!
I can't even slp now, still feeling heavy for now. Too much for tonight.
But anyway, thanks Hoi Fai for treating us a bottle of Black Label.
I can't slp now la, I scare slp till halfway want vomit.
Most sian is that tmr still got to go do the price check job! Wth!
Don't even feel like doing it and guess tmr I will be hangover bah.
Tired, going to slp as soon as I'm not as drank as now, when I don't feel like vomitting. Gosh!
Tmr might have another round of drinking at Bishan Stadium.
That's it man.
gsiang. andilove mynewshoes!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I can't upload pictures agn, stupid blogger.
Anyway, suppose to go out today, but my brother sick then need to stay at hm to look after him.
So another rotting day for me.
Watched movies and taiwan dramas agn.
Watched Slumdog Millionaire today, quite nice! Hahah:)
I think I super bo liao until I go download 斗鱼 to watch!!! Hahah. But I really miss watching that show.
Now gonna continue watching...
Tmr going back to sch for a meeting.
gsiang. andilove 斗鱼.