Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Presents for 20th Bday!

I really had a fruitful birthday for this yr! Below are the presents received and really thanks to all friends who contributed! I think all your pockets are burnt! Whahaha! :)
Thanks Madeleine for the chocolate you bought from Genting!

I told my mum I wanted a pendant and she really get one for me! Whoops! Anw, this is a special pendant that can be wear it in 7different ways.

My beloved Burberry watch! I'm longing for a black watch and aim this for damn long already! In the end really shock that the girls bought it for me! And the Hello Kitty bag will become my breakfast/lunch bag  :)

Lastly, the super hard to find Instax210! Besties all had a hard time finding and last piece found at Woodlands, Causeway Point. It's gonna be my Baby! :)

Shots for the day! I'm gonna explore more and buy more films, sticker to decorate my polariod and a polariod album! :)

Last Last Last, my dad bought me Clinique Happy perfume which I really love it! Whahaha! I'm damn shocked that my dad bought me a present bcos it's like the first time him giving me a present. I forgot to take a close up picture of it.. :(

Anyway, actually I'm suppose or wanted to blog about the day out on 29Aug, which I went for breakfast and Biokskin workshop with Jiaqi, but in the end the photos were so not centralise and I close the thing and all the pictures I've uploaded were gone. Siannn max, so blog about the pressies first! There are a lot more to come. More or less the pictures for the celebration are up on Facebook, however for the picnic pictures some are not uploaded so gonna upload those. Selective photos will be upload! :)

Goodnight people, there's still work for me tmr.

gsiang, neverbeenbetter

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself!

Thou' it has passed 12midnight, my bday is over, i still like to wish myself a Happy Birthday! i'm on the 20th side alrd... whahaha! :)
There's so much that i wanna blog abt but i don't have the time to do that. I've changed my blogskin but it's nt totally done. I've yet to put in music, twitter and facebook link! I hope i'll have the time to do it really soon!
Anw, short summary of how i celebrated my 20th bday!
Ystd i went kite flying and picnic with Singyee, Weekiat, Vonne, Zhiming and Jiaqi (all my fav besties and their bf). It was awesome! Super fun! It was my first time flying kite and having picnic. A little dissappoinment that my cute penguin can't fly! Whahaha! Bcos one of the stick is missing and it can't fly, but I'm sure i'm gonna get it fix! They gave me Instax Wide 210!!! WOW! Like shocked only if i didn't saw that msg on Vonne's phone, but anw i still really love it! I gonna bring it to whatever special events from now onwards...
Met Chris, Huifen, Yvonne, Rayne, Fify, Karen at night after the picnic and kite flying. We went to Mindcafe @Boat Quay. We played nt a lot of games but still had lots of fun screaming and shouting! Whahaha! Esp the Dinosaur game, some sort of dog and bone game! And when the clock strikes 12am, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ', there comes the cake! Baileys Chocolate cake, first time trying and i think it's quite nice, just that a bit bitter due to the liquor. Another shock! Burberry Watch!!! WOW! Never expected that, cos it's seriously over their budget la. And they put it in the ultra cute Hello Kitty bag, so cute! Suppose to eat at Hotstone but in the end it was closed and ended up eating at Coffee Club. Food was average, but at that kind of timing (1.30am), there isn't much choice for us as well! After 2hrs of walking and finding a nice pub, we ended up with no pub to go, bcos by then it was alrd 3.30am! So that called the end of the day!

This is the best birthday celebration I've ever had. I don't need a lot people to celebrate with me. All i need is true friends and really close friends to celebrate and have fun tgt with me! And this year, I've also received the best presents not just from my friends but also from my parents! :)
Singyee, Vonne, Jiaqi, Zhiming, Weekiat, Chris, Huifen, Yvonne, Rayne, Fify, Karen, Phoebe, Elaine, Kaser, Madeleine, and lastly my parents for all the gifts! I appreciate and love it!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


had a pre celebration for Karen at ECP on last Sunday.
it was super tiring, cycle/roller blade under the rain (drizzle) ! weather super coldddd!
the whole thing was super rushing, present last min so many things happened, then make the cake from icing room and we seems forever late for Karen's bday celebration. Whahaha:)
gave her a White polariod and the price is a bit kana scammed and still didn't come with batteries! but forget it, at least Karen is happy la... hahaha :)

tday after work went to Timbre@ Substation which I'm totally clueless of how to go there. and I lead the wrong way! Whaahah:) but smart Karen lead us with her Iphone map and found out way there. it was a belated, very belated bday dinner for Phoebe, the 45 degrees princess! Whahaha:)
1) Timbre's online menu is seriously effing different from the menu they had there itself. They don't serve creme brulee and stuffed mushroom!
I'm so excited for those but in the end don't have.
2) On the good side, the pizza is really quite nice and to me is not too expensive as well. less than $20.
MUST TRY: Duck Pizza! Nice!!! Whahaha:)
We had Seafood Spicy or don't know Hot Pizza, Smoked Salmon Pizza and Duck Pizza!
3) It's kinda funny that their food are quite limited.
We ordered 4 banana crumble, but in the end they only left 1 serving?!?! Like wth?! Hahaha:) So 8 ppl shared 1 pathetic banana crumble!!
4) Their Spicy Drumlets & Wings.
I don't really like it that much but the rest say the sauce nice. for me, a bit too spicy!

Anyway, I still think it's worth going to have pizza or dinner at Timbre. It's not really expensive also. Food quite nice, service not bad also! Whahaha:)
There is some photos taken, but shall upload when I'm free or can check it out at Facebook soon! :)
I wanna change blogskin since like...... hahahha:) if i'm not going any where this Sat, I shall do it at hm! I wanna had a blog revamp!

gsiang. too much of nice food recently:)