Saturday, April 26, 2014

What An Unlucky Day

I didn't blog for such a long time but sadly when I blog now, nothing good is coming out.

I had my first TP and........ I failed.

Not feeling good when the engine stalled for the very first time just abt an hour before my TP. I have never experienced it before after having 20+ lessons. It just got to happened right before my TP. And so, I learnt how to switch on the engine just today. I have never turn on engine since Day 1 I learnt driving. Good or bad? Should I be happy that I learnt smth new??
Worst sign ever.

Parallel parking, one which I am pretty confident about doing it without error. And yet, this got to be the fatal one. Instead of brake, I stepped on accelerator. Giving the tester and myself a shock. FML... really... Never ever occur to me that I will step wrongly.... What's wrong with my leg?!! So damn disappointed with myself.
Immediate Failure.

I have guessed that I am going to fail so went to the road to drive and can't be bother too much about it. Mind wasn't really focusing already. So, when changing lane got deducted another 8 pts for obstructing other vehicles. Hais.... What's 8 pts when I already received the "death penalty" :(

I thought I might mount or strike kerb but surprisingly I didn't. Got caught for not checking blind spot ... and some feedbacks from the tester were so new to me. I didn't know I was too slow going up the ramp. I thought as long as the pole doesn't fall I'm good. Gosh... learnt something new again?!

What I am really sad about is, I got to retake FTT, renew PDL and spent more money on this freaking license. I have been spending quite a bit on driving and really hate to spend more.... And I've school and work but still got to spend time on driving!

All I can do now is to comfort myself and get over with this. This feeling of failing TP is so close to the feeling when I screw up my first exam paper during last sem. Sucks so much! Whatever it is, I need to pull myself out from this driving thing and focus on my exams now.

Anyway, unlucky day is just really unlucky. Even didn't get to have dinner at somewhere nice. Had chicken rice for dinner and maybe I should be happy that friends and I got the last chicken rice!!! I'm thankful that I have friends who spent the night together with it. We had yummy ice cream and waffles at Lick... Something sweet to make my day a little better.

Please don't let me be this unlucky during my second TP. Lady Luck, where were you this afternoon?

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bye 2013, Hello 2014 !

Similarly like everyone else who has a blog, I want to recall and blog about my 2013 and resolution for 2014.

J A N U A R Y 

My first family trip to Taiwan! Never travel to any other countries with family before except for Kluang. This was really a great trip! Love the weather, travel to places I've never been to during my first Taiwan trip... I enjoyed so much!


The unexpected trip to Tokyo with Rayne, Fify and Fennie.
Tokyo was totally unplanned. It wasn't on my travel list because Korea has always been at the top.
Because of the Scoot launch, I decided to go for it!

A nice place with really yummy food! I miss the ramen and sushi sooo much!
I hope it could be longer thou! Next trip! I'll definitely go there for more days!
Not to forget, I went to the happiest place on the earth: Disneyland and Disneysea!

Lastly, super unforgettable experience of missing train and ALMOST missing out flight!


After having 2 holidays in first half of the year, this is the month that I'm starting school.
Having a degree has always been part of my future plan and now I'm finally starting...
 I survived through the first sem with pretty good results (I think!)..
3 or more years to go! .....


Yeah! My birthday month!
Meeting up with BFFs, girlfriends and also Alison!
Great time spent with my lovely friends!
And I joined the Pandora club and am loving it! :)


First "overseas" trip with BFFs after knowing each other for 12 years!
Although it's just a trip to JB but still great time spent together! :)


There was a drastic change in office starting of this month.
The colleague who is closest with me got to move to Suntec office.
Nobody to chat with me every morning, go City Plaza shop together....
I just need to get use to it... Still trying to.... :(


Happiest thing should be having team lunch at Melt The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental.
The buffet was highly raved and indeed it was good!
Super love their salad and appetiser spread!


Needless to say, it was the best month of the year with most holidays and parties!
Starting off with X'mas party at colleague's place, meetup with telemarketing friends, team lunch at Equinox, party with BFFs at MBS and lastly with GFs at favourite hotel, Park Avenue Rochester.

X'mas eve spent with FA mate, Yvonne! Hopefully we won't be FA soon! > New Year Resolution!

X'mas Day spent with Vonne watching Police Story 2013 and dinner at Holland V! :)

Super cute latte art!

X'mas feast beautifully done up by girlfriends!!!

Shall end this post with a selfie wishing everyone all the best in everything you do in 2014!
I am already looking forward to 2014! 
Firstly because I'm gonna remove the braces very soon!
Secondly, my very first overseas trip with BFFs to Taiwan in June!
Thirdly, if everything goes well, I MIGHT be getting my driving license! 

My 2014 resolution is do get well in sch and get better at work.
And of course, having a bf will be a bonus! Hehehe!

Happy Holiday my dear friends! 

B Y E  2 0 1 3 ,  H E L L O  2 0 1 4 ! ! !

Monday, December 23, 2013

White Christmas 2013

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S  2 0 1 3
with my favourite ones

This year I had an advance X'mas celebration with my favourite friends since Vonne is not in Singapore next week.
Thank you Vonne and her parents for the kind arrangement for making it possible for us to have the party held at MBS.
A lovely staycation with them once again! :)

This is my $2 X'mas tree from Daiso! I think it's a pretty good photo prop!

Really pretty Moet packaging in baby pink! 

While waiting for the pizza and drumlets to be delivered....
Yeah, that's pretty much all the food we got but it was just nice!

Food for the night: Chicken wrap & Poutine made by Sam, Epicurean Meat Platter from Megu,
Kaya Swiss Roll from Rich and Good Bakery, Pizza and Drumlets snack box from Pizza Hut, Durian Logcake from Goodwood Park Hotel, Fruits and last but least Wine, Champagne, Beers and Ciders!!!

We had a bottle of coke and green tea but none of us actually drank it. We basically had alcohol throughout the night!!! 

My lovely bunch!!!

Glad that everyone eats durian! The logcake was really yummy!

The meat platter wasn't worth $62. It's so little yet so expensive.

After our in room dinner, we went down to shop and send our bracelet for washing at Pandora.
While waiting for bracelets to be washed, we drank coffee and tea at Toast Box. Felt like we were really getting old... from probably Coke (soft drinks) to drinking coffee and tea...

Anyway, back to our hotel and the most exciting time of the night!!! 
G I F T  E X C H A N G E !

Thanks Vonne for contributing such a big bag to put all our presents!!!

Vonne, the santa giving out the presents!

Vonne also came up with the rule to write down 3 descriptions of ourself on the present for the receiver to guess.

For Wee Kiat from Sam.
The descriptions are not useful at all! Hahaha!

BUT.... Sam is really creative. He drew a set of Adidas clothes because that was in Wee Kiat's wishlist!

For Singyee from Champ.
Misleading description because that's Vonne's handwriting!!!

For Champ from Jiaqi.
We can easily tell this is from Jiaqi because of the wrapping! 

For Sam from Vonne.

For Jiaqi from Yinghui.
Trying to hard to write like someone else and we couldn't even tell what's the last description! Wahaha!

For Yinghui from Wee Kiat.
"Nice" description: wearing a white top now, everyone is wearing it cos that was the theme for the night! -__-

Got to give credit to WK for his creativity. Bluffing us that he saw marshmallow instead of money on the wishlist and he actually did a secret compartment within the gift box to hide the gift voucher!

Last but not least was the present I received from Singyee.
"Mole on my big toe" sounds really familiar and because the wrapper was the same as Yinghui's present which was given by Wee Kiat, my present was definitely from Singyee.

Super innovative gift of the night and all of us laughed so hard when I opened it!
Below was what I received! A fake watch box done up by super creative Singyee!
When I opened it, it was empty and she then gave me the present that was hidden in Wee Kiat's bag which is a REAL watch box!
Now I understand why she was so excited for the gift exchange!

Yeap, so this is us before opening the present! :)

Ok, I just realised I never take photo of Vonne's present which was given by me.
Vonne said she can tell the present is from me by looking at the packaging and handwriting.

Happy us with our present!
Merry Christmas my lovely friends!!!

Next up: Charades!
We played it in our own way without the cards or anything.

The team, Singyee, Yinghui and Sam trying to guess what Champ is acting.

Wee Kiat did a really good one. His word was Blogger!

Mine was technician... Too wide and too hard to act it out!

Singyee is sooo good at charades! Nothing is too difficult for her. Her word was Gigolo!

Vonne looking lost... Hahaha!

Games continue... Indian poker, Ring of Fire, Heart Attack...

Anyway here's a random photo of the cute tissue box Vonne gave to everyone, my fake watch box and the bottom was the real watch box!!! Hehehe!

Ended the night with calamari as supper! First time having in room dining...
Freaking $44 (before gst) for these calamari but they were so good and it comes with warmer underneath the table!

Another random photo of my Pandora bracelet!
I'm so in love with it now because I bought a new charm!
The pink water lily glass charm is sooo pretty!!!

Same morning view as the previous stay at MBS. Hopefully I can stay at the City view side.

We went up to skypark during night time when we were there the previous time.
So, this time we went up to see the morning view!
It was really nice sitting there... windy, nice view...

I still didn't had the chance to take a dip in this pool yet but I must definitely do it in the future!

Because Jiaqi left during midnight so I'm the huge light bulb between these 3 couples!!! Hehehe!

My lovely BFFs!!! 

Shall end off this post with a photo of us hanging out at skypark!

It was a really great night spent with these fun bunch of friends!
Even though Christmas has not come for this year but I already can't wait for the next Christmas celebration with them. We should totally go for a hotel with kitchenette so we can have hot food and Sam/Singyee can cook there as well! 
No matter what, I shall wish my lovely friends....
Merry Christmas 2013 and Happy New Year in advance!!!
Hope all of you are happy as always and may the year ahead be a smooth one for you!
Love you!