Wednesday, April 23, 2008

another shooting day.

today went to city hall and bugis agn.
take photos of the sites agn.
super sian la. and is like super hot weather.
den while we were taking some pics near raffles hotel.
a man who is working there volunteer to help us take our pic with the background of the hotel! hahah:) so dots.
TADAH! ... so here is the pic :)

me, kaser plus sujun and phoebe's grp in the pics.
see the super hot weather! see the shadow that is being cast on the floor!!!
after this taking of pics, meet vonne and singyee.
vonne left us after awhile. den left me and singyee.
shop shop. wanted to buy a moccasin. but sian. no size le. and is only selling at 12.90$ but is made using cloth material. hahah:) maybe shall check out if there is sommor stocks on some other days. hees..
den bought a $5 watch. haha:)
cos got nothing to buy.
actually dunno want to buy anot.
den the price is either 10$ or 5$ den i say if is 5$ den i buy. hahah:)
den in the end really 5$ so i buy loh. haah:)
go j8 eat omelette noodles den go hm already.
did some sorting out of the things den choose photos for the individual s.p den now going to slp ler bah. nothing much to do.
shall have a early night to prepare for a long day tmr!
nights peepos.
gisiang. andilovemynewwatch.

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