Friday, April 11, 2008

another post.
i feel so bored.
finish the show that i have been watching for the pass few days. and suddenly got nothing to do. dunno wad to do. i cannot watch another show or else i will slp very late de. suddenly feel that life is so sian. hahah:) life is so good with many many shows!
all i can do now is like... friendster, blog.... find new music! omg.. i'm really rotting! this is like the first time i feel that i'm rotting. i always feel so good to be at hm! hahha:) no show become damn sian. arghh!!! hope tmr will be going out bah. no money also want to go out. dun care ler. or else school starting liao. can't go out ler. hahah:) think of sch, need to wake up early, slp very late more sian. that's wad my life is. shows just got the power to make me so happy!!! hahah:) perhaps i'm siao! haha:)
anyway, a little amendment, i owe vonne 80$ instead of 71$. and in total i'm owing 157$ ! omg! save money!!!
going to call singyee ler. she ask me to call her. finally got something to do ler. hahah:)
gisiang. andihate lifewithoutshow.


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