Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running with time everyday.
There's is so little time for me to rest, to slack, to watch my shows, to sleep...
How's my attachment?!?!
Okays, I see the world outside.
Is really different from what we did in school.
Fundamentals not there for sure.
But for my workplace, I need to draw and render chairs in Rhino.
Is very simple chair but taking us days or many hrs to complete it. Cos is very detailed not like what we always do. But I guess to ID ppl won't be any problem.
Wanted to upload the one I have render but something is wrong and can't upload images.
Counting down 81days!


Okays, so that's all for now, not much time for me to blog as well. Got some other stuff need to do and sleep early!

gsiang. andihate wakingupEARLY.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am scared, so many things I don't know and still have to go for attachment.
I hope everything will goes well tmr!
There is so much things I want to do before my attachment starts, but I can't. Timing is running out for me! SO sad:(
I want to watch Boys over Flowers, Gossip Girl and Yu Le Bai Fen Bai on BOF, and last two episodes on Pi Zi Ying Xiong!!!
I left last than 12hrs before going attachment.
Need to wake up at 6.45am.
Reach workplace at 9am.
I can see my 3months is going be like hell for me.
Not mentioning the work I got to do but the time I need to wake up every morning.
And, I'm so sad right now.
Cos Chris has been sending me BOF ep19 from like 6plus pm till now and it is finally going to be transfered finish and suddenly her msn got dc or what, so....
arghh...Is this fate or what that I can't watch BOF EP19 for tonight?!?!
Maybe it's fate.

Let's prey hard that everything will be alright for everyone tmr!
Wish everyone goodluck for tmr:)

gsiang. andiama showfreak:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Today went to sch for attachment briefing.
So go with Huifen to the same company.
Located at Defu Lane, Mon to Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm.
Pay $550!!! I guess this is the only good thing cos heard that $550 is the most among my classmates. But have checked on the company, we are going there to do FURNITURE RENDERING. Is sian one lor... Thought we will be able to do some interior work. And the worse thing is rendering using 3D MAX!!! which I totally don't know how to use! Hahahah:) Shall die there. And very FORMAL kind of formal wear??!! Has been talking to Huifen abt attachment for quite a lot of time... Hai..
We, as in most people from my class, went to Kbox today! It was really fun la! Hahahah:)
It was a planned belated celebration for Rayne. But very last minute plan cos very busy for pass few weeks. Just bought present for her ystd. And another surprise for her today! Hahah:) Cos until very last part then we brought in the cake. And a lot of unglam videos, unglam pictures....
But I don't have any of them now, will get it soon.
I got to say, today is such a 'Gossip Girl' DAY! Super bitchy! Right girls? Dancing was fun uh?
Thanks for all the contribution & participation! Hahaha:)
So, Happy belated Bday, R. Hope you liked it:)

After that, shopped around, dinner...
Met Singyee at Prata House have my dinner with 2pratas! Chat at voiddeck till 12plus am then walked hm! Fun chatting:)
That's all for the day.
Enjoy days before attachment with shows!
Prepare things before attachment!
Rest well people.
Enjoy Attachment, girls & hope we can meet up often!

gsiang. andilove myClass:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today is such a good day.

Went sch early in the morning.
& people stop saying I didn't go.
Watch Gossip Girl in class
And Forgetting Sarah Marshall also with Karen & Fify. Hahaha:)
Super funny.
Went to Bugis with Fathin, Chris, Huifen & Yvonne.
Shopped for their 'formal' wear and my shoes.
So finally saw something I liked, my open toes shoes! Hahah.
Then bought a funny headband...
And today received a gift from Karen that she bought at Bankok for me. Nice bracelet, Thanks K.
Current Addiction, Gossip Girl & Boys over Flower.
Lossing a lot of my sleep, thanks to all these shows. Hahaha:)
Bye, people.

gsiang. andilove newshoes!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have been watching shows since Saturday till now.
I am so addicted to shows that I'm lazy to go sch or go anywhere.
Suppose to go sch today but when I wanted to bathe, my brother so bathing, then make me more lazy. So in the end never go sch.
Stayed at home watch Gossip Girl & Boys over Flowers. Continue to watch non-stop!
So crazy. Once start cannot stop!
I guess my whole week will be spending on watching shows which I thought it is a bit wasted. But I think this is my life! I suddenly so hope that I won't have to go attachment, thinking that attachment would be super busy, unable to watch all my show and that's so sad! Hahahah:)


That's all for now and I'm gonna bathe and continue watching tonight.
& ya.. I think I'm gonna buy this shoes.
Something which I have been looking for quite some time.
Which colour shld I buy? I think I wanna get the grey one. But is super sian, cos I got to watch for like 2months before I can get it!

Some suggestions pls?

gsiang. andilove shows:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

So another one week since I last blog? Hahah:)
Really busy week.
Today was final mid crit presentation. It was okay for me just need further development. But my model really looks funny! Hahaha:)
So after all the presentation while waiting for other instructions, I went to watch Fu Qi You An Kang. Watched till halfway, went to take crazy photos with the rest of my classmates!!! It's been some time since we last took photos together.

All trying to act like 'Drag Me to Hell' ..... Hahahah:)

After presentation, me, Fify, Elaine and Yvonne went to Orchard to shop!
Hahaha:) Although I was feeling super tired (esp nowww!!), but I still want to go shop cos it is like finally after presentation and my HOLIDAY starts!!! Hahaha:) Fun day shopping! And so many sales around! Today really got the feeling of SPENDING MONEY!!! Whoohoo! Although I don't really have a lot of money. So just bought a nail polish from Skin Food (dark red) and a basic Mango tee. So happened that Mango got sales lo! Shiok but a lot no size le also:( But at least manage to buy one! New shirt agn!
Came home watch Tu Wei Xing Dong, then chat on phone with Singyee, and blogging right now. I don't feel like owing pictures for today so decided to just blog and my eyes are really closing. I ONLY SLEPT FOR HALF AN HOUR LAST NIGHT! Bo bian lo, rush project.... Life is tough!
So gonna slp soon.. Bye:)
gsiang. andilove NailPolish:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monday was my last post till now....
From Tuesday to today, I have been busy with FYP and Aircraft.
I'm really like busy, staying up late in sch and stuff to complete my work
So today was the FYP presentation and aircraft meeting as well.
I was the first to present for the FYP presentation, don't know is lucky or what. Hahaha:)
But luckily everything was alright, maybe is bcos don't have those idiotic lecturers around. Today are those better lecturers. So they gave comment and I got to start thinking of my design methodology, which I think is very chim!
Then in the afternoon, went for the aircraft meeting. Some comments from ST people and need to change certain things, but still got to wait for the seat to be ready before I can start on my part. Hahah:)
After sch went to watch 'Drag me to Hell' with Phoebe, Fathin, Huifen, Chris, Ah Ma & Yvonne.
Really a lot of people watch la. When we were buying our tickets, only left with the first row, somemore is separated seats. But whatever, so we just watched, and it is $10, not $6!!! Hahah:)
Me, Chris and Huifen sit together. 3 Scared de people sit together, so funny la! We like cover ears and eyes! Hahaha:) But I still managed to know what the movie is showing, and some parts are really funny & disgusting! Hahaha:)
Went to eat at KFC for dinner like super dinner at abt 10pm!!! Hahaha:) Fattening, but no choice. Then gossip while we eat then 11pm went hm.
Watched Gossip Girl but not so attracted to it yet! Hahaha:) But will continue to watch as long as I have time for it:)
Tmr gonna work 12hrs! From 8am to 8pm! Tmr auntie time agn! But gonna bring some paper there to think of my studio and sketch or write down whatever ideas.
And tmr is Boys over Flowers agn! Whoohoo! :)
Bye:) Gonna slp earlier, bcos tmr got to wake up super early!
gsiang. andilove BoysoverFlower!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I have not blogged for exactly one week.
I'm really busy over sch work, and got a lot datelines to meet. Now, I'm still busy, but just want to put aside some time for me to blog and have some life. I have not read on friend's blog, facebooking, online shopping, watching show and etc for maybe at least 5days to 1week. I have been living a very sad life la. No life, I only watched, 'Tu Wei Xing Dong' Channel U 10pm show & Boys Over Flowers!!!
And, I seriously I think Ju Jun Biao, which is Lee Min Ho, he is super handsome la. Hahah:)
Somemore he very young only la, 22 yrs old only, can be my boyfriend lo. I thought he like 25 like that. But he did plastic surgery before from what I read online. I think is real la, cos got some photos to see, then the nose really different, but after surgery is really nicer. Hahah:) But before surgery also very handsome le. Hahaha:)
He is going to be my desktop pic le. Hahah:)
But he curly hair not handsome!!! Hahaha.

Handsome right??! He really look a bit like jerry yan la. Hahah:)
Enough of Lee Min Ho..
Now, abt other celebrities.
I was working at TPY during sat and sun.
So, they actually have the charity show held Live over there.
All the celebrities went there to like practice and perform.
On sat, I saw Dai Yang Tian, Joshua, Li Teng, Zheng Ge Ping, Tang Yu Shu, Ou Xuan, Rui En, Quan Yi Feng, Fiona Xie.
Roughly all these people.
Sunday, saw all almost all the same batch of people, but this time still see Luo Zhi Xiang!!!
Hahah:) He is really quite handsome, not very tall but okays la.
Hear him sing Hot Shot LIVE!!! And another song also. Hot Shot when practice I heard twice, actual show heard agn! And he walked pass my working booth then quite near me! Hahahah:) Less than 1m distance bah! Hahaha:) A lot of people are crowding and crazy la!
And I really think Ou Xuan super pretty. She is those very sweet & demure kind of girl. Sure is those guys will like kind. Hahah:)
So, had quite a bit of fun for this time roadshow! Worth it! Hahah:)
Today is give myself a break from work for tonight and spend all the time online, tmr and perhaps other days will try to forcus more on work le bah.
And I actually got some of the photos took long time ago. But busy, so won't be uploading it. Hahha:)
That's all for now. And I'm going to change my blog song to one of the Boys Over Flowers song!!!
So do listen to it! Hahaha:)
gsiang. andilove Lee Min Ho:)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's like finally 败犬女王 ended, but I so don't wish it is the last ep, cos I don't know when will the next 阮经天 show. Sian, but overall is really a nice and funny show. But I still think 'Fated to Love You' got more climax and nicer. Sweet & Funny ending:))

So, right after 败犬女王 will be 福气又安康. Act by 蓝正龙 & 陈乔恩. Hahah:) Whoohoo! I think shld be quite nice also, can't wait to watch!
I think I got too many taiwan actors that I liked le! Hahah:)
I think Top 3 are 蓝正龙 , 阮经天 , 贺军翔 . Hahah:) I think I'm a bit crazy le. Hahah:)
Anyway, that's all for today.
Got a lot of work to do when back in sch tmr!
gsiang. andilove 偶像剧.
*Are my fonts bigger?*

Monday, June 01, 2009

Today watched finish Red Cliff 1.
Gonna watched Red Cliff 2. Hahah:)
Met Singyee for dinner at St22. Suppose tot go hm early. In the end we sat down and chat so long until like 11pm. Somemore we finished dinner before 8pm. Hahah:) So much things to chat and planning nx nx week outing and stuff la. Hahaha:) All of us are like busy ppl!
Anyway, this wk Pai Quan is last ep. So, can't wait to watch, but going to wait for brother to download it first. Hahah:)
That's the end of the day bah. Show is like the only entertainment.
Bye people.
gsiang. andilove Chatting:)