Monday, September 21, 2009

I want to watch shows! Hahahah:)
Many shows are waiting for me!
Tmr working 12hrs at Clementi! & I'm gonna wake up at 6am! Hahahah:)
Tues and Wed also working!

I love money.
I need money, thou I'm not going BKK le. Hahaah:)

Superbored post. Gonna slp. Bye!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's finally the last day of attachment today!
Congrats to myself! And I got back freedom! Whoohoo:)
Took some picture before leaving! Hahaha. Memories........

Me and Huifen working area!

Sample Boards that we did.
& the chair that I'm gonna miss most! Hahaha:)

It was such a normal day for me today even though it was the last day of attachment. I could just went back home after attachment. But I went to find Vonne and Zm at work. Hahaha:) Go chat with them abt BKK trip. Chances are low for us to go...but still hope it is possible. I want to go 'shopping paradise'-BKK!!! But if this time nv go I believe there is always another time.
Vonne, Zm, Singyee & ME are Travel Kaki!!! -quoted by ZM. Hahaha:)
Tmr gonna work just 6hrs with Vonne, but better than nothing. I'm so in need of money. If going BKK, I need so much money....Wardrobe, bed........hai, everything also need money! Fan ah!
& last of all, thanks Vonne for the bag and shoes from BKK. Hahhaha:)
Bye, everyone.
I want to be in Show & Shopping paradise!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Thanks to MISS LIM SINGYEE for fixing my bag! The zip is spoilt! And her miracle hand just zip a few more times and it is repaired! Hahahha:) My new bag is okays le! Whoohoo!

This post is as promised to her I will thank her! Hahahaha:)
Sincere, Singyee? Haha:)

Kuishinbo tonight!
Crazy tweets on Kuishinbo... counting down! Hahahah:)
Me, Huifen, Rayne & Fify starve for Kuishinbo!
Me & Huifen nv eat lunch.... but ate lots of snacks!
1 whole walnut cake.
2 toblerone
2 choc.
1 pocky, actually got 2. but only eat 1.
& plain water!
Finally it's 7.45pm and we can start eating!
Seriously, I eat like a lot la...
So damn nice. I ate the most among them bah! Hahahaha:)
Now, I'm so damn full! Save me man, gotta get some food digest soon& shit it out!
Pictures with Fify!
Not a lot of photos cos we are busy eating! And we ate LOBSTER! All thanks to AUNTY RAYNE & AUNTY FIFY!!! Hahahah:) DingDong Kuishinbo- Chiong ah..... Hahahahah:)
Shall upload photos soon! That's all for the day.
A very satisfied day with my loved Desserts!
gsiang. Inlove with Crabs& Eclairs!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Have not been blogging here for awhile cos actually I created Tumblr acc, but now deleted.
I think I'm still use to this blog and I still can't bear to leave my Itouch here! Hahaha:)
Create Twitter acc as well. Follow me at!

Ystd went to eat Aston's agn for lunch and headed to IT Fair with Yvonne, Sujun, Huifen and Chris. Search their stuff & help my bro buy a hardisk. My legs were effing tired! Then went hm after hrs of walk at IT Fair.

It was a horrible sleep last night! Period come, then flood me a red river! Legs were so effing tired that I couldn't even sleep. I sleep then halfway wake up agn all bcos of my legs. And! Worse part...I GOT LEGS MUSCLE CRAMPS FOR 3TIMES THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! Fcuk lo. Then I 10plus am wake up when I actually need to wake up only at 11plus am. And all bcos my pad is full! Damn it lo. Suay like hell! Period, Tired Legs, Muscle Cramps, Pad Full= BAD NIGHT!

Today was a happy day! Vonne and Zm going to BKK. Then we go airport send them off. Like so funny as if they are going for very long, but happy still cos can meet them. Me and Singyee just acc them go Airport. Hahaha. Had lunch at Secret Recipe. A sinful lunch, Grill Chicken with Rice plus WHITE CHOC. MACADEMIA CAKE!!! It's my fav cake! Hahaha:) Totally Awesome!
Walked ard at T3 then send them to T2 and BYE, FRIENDS... Come back after 4days!
Left me and Singyee then walked ard...
Bought Body Shop Pomegrante Body Polish and File Nail Block. Then bought chocolate from The Cocoa Tree. Me and Singyee see see then intially want buy 100g each. In the end the person say 300g free 100g so in the end we total buy 400g of Choc.!!! 12$ choc.! Hahahah:)
Slack at T3 then I took bus hm alone. A long journey of 1hr and 15min! Sleep in bus...
No dinner for me tonight, just some choc. & biscuit! Hahaha:)

Some photos taken today. Hope to get it soon to upload! Hahahah:)
Bye people, wish me to have a good sleep tonight!

gsiang. 6days left, Whoohoo!
Inlove with darkChoc.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This few days seems like nothing much to do online also.
Always online shopping but not much money left as well.
But I really wish to get a bag! Maybe tmr go Bugis see see...

Today watched Final Destination 1 although manager and everyone is in office! Cos really like nothing to do. Final Destination 1 not so nice lo... Not so disgusting and story quite fake! Tmr Final Destination 2!
Today got food to eat agn. Grace give us some puff to eat agn! Fat! But whatever... me and Huifen tonight got exercise. Hahaha. But my stomach go crazy agn! Super pain like got one time also like that... Make me can't run longer! Hahahah:)
In office, Ah Ma also show us some funny stuff la... Check it out...
Follow the link... Really funny la. But still thanks Ah Ma for making such funny things! Hahahah:)

Tmr Orh Orh! Orh is waiting for me for so long le! Tmr de Orh Orh sure very nice de! Hahaha.

Everyone is using Twitter and start having Tumblr... I'm thinking if I shld change my blog to Tumblr also. Cos Blogspot always got problems with uploading pictures. But I'm afraid that Tumblr don't have those songs applications. & I'm always so noob at all these. Hahahah:)

That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove OrhOrh & missing Awfully Chocolate!

Monday almost can watch FD2. Then last min got work to do! Somemore manager not around! Is a good time to slack!

Today got work to do agn. Everyone around also...can't slack. Wanted to watch a bit of FD2 after lunch break then realised it was linked to FD1. So start downloading FD1. Download finished le now. I shall find time to watch! Pls... Manager and Raymond go out for meeting! Then nobody will care me and Huifen le.
Today also one of our colleague, Grace's bday. Hahaha:) She buy 'Awfully Chocolate' cake for all of us! Super nice. Today is my second time eating A.C Cake. I loved it! Somemore still take 2pieces!!! Hahahah. Super fattening! Shiok! Everytime office got fruit then now still got cake to eat! Whoohoo!

That's all for today! Bye:)
gsiang. i'm in love with Awfully Chocolate.
Totally Awesome!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Some pictures agn. But are random pictures. I'm owing too much photos. But I think I won't post those are in Fb le. A bit lazy. Hahaha:)
Smiley Lotion!
Cupcake by Huifen. This is the cupcake Huifen gave me on my bday. I actually forgot to take the picture of the beautiful cupcake before eating! Too hungry le! So left a bit then rmb! Hahaha:)

Ystd was a mini celebration for Telemarketing Huifen's bday! Hahhahah:) Last wk just met up with them and ystd met up agn. Met up at Jurong Point, super far, super long journey. Had Ben Ten at JP. All the food looks so nice! Hahaha:) But I chose Carbonara which is super normal but just craving for that, then the soup pasta Chris ate was nice also. Shall try that another time. But serving a bit small but anyway ice cream is like a die die must have thing there. Look so delicious! I had green tea ice cream and got red bean and cornflakes somemore! Whoo! Shiok and Full! Ice cream quite cheap also..

Today was such a great day for me!
1)Received news of sch starting on 19 October! Isn't that great? Hahaha:) Got one month holiday and I'm going find jobs to earn more money for future spending! Hahahha.
2)Manager and another colleague went out for meeting! Freedom! Me and Huifen watched the whole Final Destination 3 and the day end le! Hahaha:)
3)Dance Flick tonight! It was so nice! Damn funny show! Hahaha:) Laugh until I cry sia, esp the last part got a bit act like Twilight! Hahahah:) MUMMY LOVES YOU, PUMPKIN! Recommended to go watch!
4)Aston's for dinner. Just a pity that I didn't have their soup! Aston's queue was crazy long tonight. The queue reached the escalator which is so crazy la. It was like double of last time I waited. Waited from like 6.30pm to going 8pm and our movie starts at 8.05pm! Can imagine how long. I so don't want to give on up queuing but I want to watch my movie on time as well!
So we eat after movie and give up the queue after like 1hr45min of queuing. Then go back to eat Aston's after our movie abt 9plus pm. And bcos we were hungry wanted to buy some small food, in the end, 43.50$ SPEND ON CINEMA FOOD! HOTDOG BREAD, DRINKS, POPCORN! ALL FCUKING EX! It is even more expensive than the total amt we had for dinner at Aston's tonight! Stupid choice of buying cinema food!
Tonight is so good! Happy night. Little people meet up but lots of fun still.... People who miss out Dance Flick is such a waste! Hahahah:)
Goodnight ppl, shall upload a bit more pictures over the weekends if possible.
gsiang. andilove DanceFlick&Aston's:)