Friday, January 08, 2010

Relax a little

Finally mid crit is over, and everyone can relax a little for now before all the rushing of work start all over agn! Now can sleep more then everyone shld sleep!
Luckily during mid crit S&L are not there, but in the end definitely still need to see them and ask for opinion but I just don't want to get shoot by them in front of so many ppl! Hahah!
Ytsd went to eat Sakae Buffet as a celebration that mid crit is over! Eat until super full!!! I think I eat the most bah! Ate a lot of fried food! Hahahah! But super shiok! My fav Gyoza and TakoYaki with mayonise!!! Slurpx2! Hahaha!
Today morning still met Phoebe for lunch! Wanted to eat porridge at AMK market, but damn suay... the porridge closed! Like wtf.... I went there to eat then it was closed! But I ate Fish Soup, super nice also! The fish is super fresh! And bought Apple Muffin back to sch. Very nice also! Still got the apple sauce at the bottom of the muffin! Whooo!
Today half of the class got their mock interview and I think is damn weird and funny la! But nx wk is my time to die! Hahaha!
After sch went with Elaine and Yvonne to Sembawang shopping centre! It's my first time there after it renovate! I go there cos I want go Cotton On lo... So lame, somemore Bishan got Cotton On also, just that no one wants to go there. Then bought one strip top and bling bling earing!
Went Daiso also buy some things for tmr Open House Fund Raising! I think tmr is gonna be a fun day!
That's all for the day. Tmr whole day in sch! I can't wait for weekends to come, cos I WANT TO GO SHOPPING WITH VONNE!!! Spend money agn! But gonna start searching for CNY clothes!
gsiang. iloveSHOPPING!

Friday, January 01, 2010

I hope it will be a smooth sailing year for everyone thou' it's said that this year is bad for all zodiac. Hahahah:) It's a new yr and first day of new yr I'm working to earn my first $156 for 2010! Bye 2009, bye all badlucks!

Shall update some pictures of the recent photoshoot. I think still okays la, my photos are over-expose but I'm okay with it! Hahah:) You people just see the images, I'm lazy to type... But overall it was quite fun or maybe I shld say there are funny pictures to make all of us laugh the hell out! Hahahah!

My fun shot with my favourite Itouch! Hahaha. And jumpshot which I think I looks funny!!! But my pics I think from far see are alright go zoom in see, I got big small eyes agn! Hahaha!

I'm doing studio okays. But I get tired of it and start taking pics! Facing this human body pic since don't kow how many months ago and stuck for like fucking long and why can't I just think of any idea which I like and lecturers will accept?!?! Pls, it's 2010, give me ideas! Have a great start for the yr can? Or else I'm really dead in like another 5days time!

So, last night was the last day of 2009....
Worked with Rayne, R's bf, Chris, Huifen and Qi at the same booth at Marina Barrage, and the rest, Ah ma, Kaser and Yvonne is at the second level... From 6pm-6am earn $156! Whoohoo!
And that is the slackest job but highest pay job I've ever worked too! Hahahah! My job is just to collect money then help to pour beers into cups! That's all! Hahaha! Ystd when counting down still saw firework but views were blocked by the 3casino buildings! Hahaha:) But better than nothing!

Working from daytime to nighttime! Hahahah!
Our booth is the one beside this big cone shape booth.... That small little rectangular booth... Try spotting it! Hahahah:)
See the fireworks!!! Pom pom pom!!! Whoo!
All slacking and not doing work! All go see fireworks liao!.......
It's the first time nv count down with all my best friends, Singyee, Vonne... but working! Hahahah:)
Saddest thing is we were release at 6.45am and 7am is the end of free shuttle bus... So by the time we reached the bus stop, there is no shuttle bus already! So we just walked from Marina Barrage to Marina Bay MRT! It's a freaking long journey of like 35mins! Not hungry walk until hungry! Then we went to City Hall mac to have breakfast before going hm! By the time I reached hm it's already 9.30 am and lights off!
Today wake up 5.30pm! Really too tired le bah! Hahaha! Eat and slack all the way till now! Still haven't did anything! Goodluck to me! I'm still working on Sat and Sun!
Okays.. I think that all for this post and I don't know when will be the nx time me blogging. Cos time gets really tight now!
Bye people!
gsiang. hit me with ideas pls...