Tuesday, April 22, 2008

today had really been a fun day for our class! :)
having sean as our lecturer is really quite a good thing. easy work. fun during lessons !
we had space creatorship thing in the morning. super fun with the decorated space which we were given.
present our space.
played around.
take pics.
didn't manage to take all the groups work*
phoebe, sujun
pearl, rayne, siti
the princess kind of carrying way. kaser shld feel happy! hahah:)
pearl in the poncho!
peizhen, weiqiang, chor yan grp. kaser!!!
the whole class working! the real kind of studio room!
kaser climbing on the ladders.
kaser in poncho.
fathin, fify, huifen grp!
me eating the alphabets! haha:)
kaser , elaine and karen. elaine and karen invade to kaser and my territory liao!!! haha:) dots.
me and kaser in our playful world!
me and kaser.
spot me behind the EYES!

the EYES! karen and elaine grp.
me! the attraction! hahah:)
kaser and my space!
the hanging alphabets!
after this space creatorship lesson, follow by furniture fittings lesson which is still teach by sean!!! it's sean sean and still sean! haha:) so had a little presentation on the chair we made last week. and follow by mr sannie lesson. drawing time is coming! cannot escape de. after all the fun we still need to draw. but drawings will be done on thurs. 4plus lesson jiu end liao.
went to hougang with ah ma, chris, kaser, elaine, huifen and pearl.
dunno why i go also. hahha:)
den ate a very very huge 'pao'. hahaha:)
walk walk around den take 153 hm.
bye peepos. gonna do some other stuff.
gisiang. andiloveMYCLASS.

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