Thursday, April 24, 2008

telemarketing outing!

today had a long sch day.
had a long lesson with sean and larry agn. takes up half an hour of our break time agn. that's so bad!
follow by zalina lesson. short and easy lesson.
den sannie lesson. we like keep on bully him. nv do his work. hahah:) den he talk awhile till like 5plus den we leave liao. haha:)
went to orchard to meet huifen-jaslyn-xiao bing .... hahah:) and lynette too!
had dinner at cine L5 -coke red lounge.
cheap and nice.

baked rice i had!
den they wanted to take photos and we felt that toilet is the best place to take pic! hahah:)
TADAH! the toilet camwhoring!
karen, chris, lyn, xiao bing, and me.

me, karen and chris

had a fun day chatting and shopping around with them. hahah:)
shall meet up soon agn if we have the time! go see something nice agn!
anyway, still got some stuff need to be done for next week. shall work it out over the weekends.
but i got a super funny and lame work. all thanks to sean and larry! i got to talk to the doorman of raffles hotel and a cobbler! hope they wont scream and shout at me bah! hahha:)
and father brought back this month's CLEO mag. yeah:) there's something more i can read. i haven even really read finish my SEVENTEEN and there's cleo for me! hahah:) think i got to find my projects that i need to bring to sch tmr for larry class. bye peepos.
gisiang. andilovebeing withyoupeepos.
andilovereading MAGAZINES.

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