Saturday, March 23, 2013

TAIWAN January2013, Day03

Back blogging cos I'm too bored at home.
Going out needs money but stay home is too bored. Zzz...
So here's Day 03 of my Taiwan tip.

Started off the day with breakfast (11+am) at Din Tai Fung.
Thank god there was no queue when we reached.

Price was much cheaper than SG.  Only abt SGD$8 for 10 pcs!

When we were done with our meal, that was the queue we saw...
Crazily long queue even though it was raining.

Went to shopped at SOGO followed by Wupenfu.
Lunch at Farmosa Chang (Hu Xu Zhang) Ru Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉飯.
I really love the rice and the chicken cutlet was good too! :)

Didn't had a chance to come Raohe Night Market during my first trip to Taiwan because it was raining heavily.
This time, I made it here!

Right at the front, you can see the famous Pepper Pie (饶河街胡椒饼)
The texture of the pie was a little chewy and the meat in it was really peppery.

This is my favourite GRILLED SCALLOPS!!!
I never failed to buy this at any night market if I saw it selling!
We tried a few flavours but my brothers and I think that Seasalt taste the BEST!

4 scallops in a stick and 4 sticks cost NT150 (SGD$6.50). 
Reasonable price and soooo yummy!

Highly rave饶河爆浆玉子烧
Not sure if there is any english name for it. 
But if you look at the picture below, you can tell it's an EGG related snack.

The wide variety of flavours for us to choose from.

We chose Mentaiko because it's the top seller and it was indeed GOOD!

Pork Ribs soup! The closest taste to Bak Kut Teh! 
Very flavourful. Check out the crowd and you will know how good it must be!

Charcoal Grilled Corn. 
My mum didn't like it but I thought it wasn't too bad.
I only had a bite because of my braces.

Out of curiosity, I asked about the 6 different holes that was used to grill the corn.
The 6 different holes actually has different temperature.

It was a little crispy outside and a little spicy taste to it as requested.

Fried Milk which doesn't taste too bad.

I saw this egg pudding introduced in one of the magazine I read on the plane about Taiwan.
So I decided to get it since I know it can be found at Raohe.

I really like the packaging and how it was presented - in an egg tray and pudding in the egg shell!
The pudding was just so-so.

I think this was a rather short post because I didn't take any photos at Wufenpu and SOGO.
Next up will be on Qingtong, Shifen, Jiufen and Keelung Night Market.
I hope I'll be able to complete all Taiwan post before my Japan trip in May!!!

Bye, time to source for drama to watch! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TAIWAN January2013, Day02

Welcome back to Taiwan 2013, Day 02.

Strong wind to start off the day, blowing my hair onto my face! Zzz...

The well known Xi Men Ding.

Our hotel is just across the street!

Starting our day with Ah Chung Mee Sua (阿宗面线)

Done with breakfast and off we go to Xin Bei Tou for hotspring!
Didn't get to try it during my first trip to Taiwan so kinda excited for it this time!

Cheap claw machine to kill time. Only NT10 for each chance!
And I spent around NT70 to catch a Rilakkuma pouch! :)

After do some research by my brother, we decided to go SweetMe Hotspring Resort.
We chose the private room, so 2 to 1 room.
When I say room, please don't expect to have bed, TV or anything. It's actually just Bathing Area, Bathtub and a Dressing Table. That's it. 
But it's good enough that they provide towel, shampoo, soap and LOTION!
Love the lotion because my skin was a little dry due to the cold weather.

Checking out the price before heading in.



This is the bathing area.
Until my mum and I left, we still couldn't figure out how to turn on the shower head! OMG!
Only manage to turn on the tap and use the mini pail to shower....

There's a phone in the room too. 15 mins before the time is up, the person will call to remind.
Hair dryer, comb and anything needed were provided. GOOD!

Here's the tub! 
The taps are for Spring water, Cold water and Hot water.
You can adjust it on your own to your liking.

After hotspring! 

While we are at Hotspring, my brother and SX went to tour around the area.
Here are some picture they took.

The youngsters indeed walked faster than the elderlys. They are still so far from us!

I'm soooo looking forward to coming to Beitou Thermal Valley because it seems like an extremely HOT place. I'm thankful that we came during Taiwan's winter season. It was sooooo hot!
Imagine coming in summer? Trust me, you will leave in 3 mins!

Whenever I see this photo, I think I'm in HEAVAN! Hahaha! :)
The last you wish to happen on you is to FALL INTO THE LAKE!
You will definitely be burnt and cooked!

Mum gave up wearing her jacket.

Younger bro also took off his jacket.

Last man standing with jacket is MEEEE! 
I'm feeling hot but my jacket is so heavy and I wanted to take photos so it's kinda troublesome to carry the jacket, got no choice but to wear it...

Hello Doggie ~

When you go for hotspring, you must have Onsen egg! It seems like a combo.

It could be better if the yolk was more uncooked.

Headed to Dansui/Tamsui since it was close to Xin Bei Tou.
The first thing I saw was my favourite Grilled Quail Eggs!!!
And of course, I bought it! :)

There was a new stall which immediately caught my attention selling Red Bean Pancake!

Why are all these snacks soooo cheap?! AND GOOD!!!

See the generous amount of filling they gave!

Another close up!!!
This is a must try!!! So yummy and the filling are bursting out of the pancake with every bite!

My brothers rated this sausage as the best sausage in Taiwan.
I got to admit it was good! Meat was tender! Grill to perfection :)
Anyway this stall is located opposite to the Red Bean Pancake stall.

Black Pig Sausage! 3 for NT100! So damn cheap!

The night falls very soon and happy that we managed to catch the sunset.
We skipped Fisherman's Wharf because there are so much things we've yet to shop.

Continue shopping...

We (youngsters) walked over to Ximending to get supper!
Yummy flavoured fenyuan! Love the green honeydew ones!

Bought EXPENSIVE fruits as well.
We were warned by taxi drivers not to get fruits in Taiwan because they are so exp.
So we bought guava, honeydew and watermelon (quite big portions) which cost NT360, about SGD$15! Luckily the fruits were sweet!

That marks the end of Day 2.
One of the shorter post of this trip. 
Continue to look out on this space! :)