Thursday, May 01, 2008

today did not go to sch. haah:) lazy to go.
but still got to do the stupid VI.
so as usual, take pics. pick up rubbish. hahah:)
today finally bought a wallet. hahah:)
bought one for myself and one for mother's day. i hope my mum will like the one i bought for her bah. hahha:) both from fossil and all thanks to karen, den i can buy at such low price!!! hahah. good deal! thanks karen!
shop around and bought donut factory for my family but is paid by my mum. hahah:)
haven eat the donut yet. tmr den eat. cos when come hm still got abit fried rice den help to finish it. hahah:)
that's about it for today.
recently really feel sleepy. and my skin is peeling... sian. hope it can recover fast. look so ugly.
ugly skin on the ugly face. hahah:)
tmr maybe not going out le bah. have been eating dinner outside for 2days. so sian and spent so much le. eat at hm save money. haha:)
gisiang. andimtired.

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