Saturday, October 27, 2007


today is really a tiring day for me . wake up early in the morning and go with karen to suntec to buy her boyfriend present ..... blah blah blah .. but in the end , she bought so much things for herself . karen , tsk tsk tsk ... hahahah . AND YOU , PLS STOP ASKING ME TO BUY THINGS !!! haha . im a real broke . haha . that pay really take a long long time . make me owe so much money . hahah .
today we shop quite long loh x . hahha . den let elaine and yixuan wait . haha . paiseh paiseh ... haha . den start on our project . do a project also move so many times . hahha . did the project till 8pm . and i got no mood liao . haha . so went to kfc and have my dinner . damn FULL . finally went home . rest .
got to work hard for tmr ! loads and tonnes of work waiting to be done . BUSY LIFE STARTS AND THERE GOES MY SLEEP !

*karen . upload pics !*
* a very HAPPYBIRTHDAY to karen's boyfriend ! *

gisiang . andiHATEyou :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

ya gi... i mean ppl is like dat. But i always think that even though no matter how u hated or dislike that person, they shouldnt like say it so obviously cuz i think it will feel paiseh or the person will feel hurt. But sometime the person need to think why ppl treat her like this, izzit cuz of her character or the ways she handle the proj or stuff. I dun usually make alot of comment on this but i did talk about that but seriously i dun like to do that as in say ppl thing. But i muz admit that i did make fun of ppl la like bun or droplet blah blah and will feel frustrated when the person reach my limit even though i didn really say out to her or show out. I will only say to u hor haha. But i think we will be very boring without the sun song rite gigi... haha Hmm the mag is oct de or nov de... i forget le... i think the one u get is the latest one. Anyway 2 weeks very fast over so dun worry la k haha... FInally we finished our drawing le yeah... now is the small model wish that everything over soon...

-Karen(gigi best classmate) Haha

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


you're right , karen ! i also think i most noble liao . seriously , i just got fed up today when i was being sort of like FORCED into this kind of grouping . can you imagine yourself in my grouping ? is a KILLER !!! but luckily is just for 2weeks . or else i might become cabbage liao ! hahha :)
anyways , seriously i think we shld think properly for our grouping . this thing let me feel that ppl are so selfish . only think about themselves ! what about others ? WTH ! they got care mah ? one sentence don't want , don't like then can push them away liao . den i take all those unwanted ???!! FCUK * pissed out .
after this kind of grouping things , den still nid tu go and draw the stupid , idiotic face again ! WHY IS MY LIFE SO SHITY !!! spent like 3hrs drawing , and still not complete . and i need tu face the KILLER face again . sians . tired . BACK ACHE .
came back hm and finally think is better . hahah . got cleo mag !!! enjoy reading it so much . karen , i still cant find the page in the mag . i go to the page liao but don't have leh !!! STUPID . and lastly catch the cute AH WANG show . hahah :)


gisiang . andiHATEyou :(
i think that gigi is the most noble person in the class. She did something which normal people wont do. U should noe rite... ya i believe u can finish it. Errrr....rrrr. actually.....actually.....
HAHAHA... finally my update=) KAREN!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


today is really a very very tiring day . or should i say is a torturing day ??!! drawing such stupid face in the 'niang niang qiang' class . is really a OMG to everyone in my class bah x .
haha . and all thanks to my useless HAND ! and so ... i nid to stay back after school to complete my drawing . so after all .. I STILL NEED TO FACE IT !!! when can all this torturing stops ? but i think definitely going to last for long ! right , karen ?
quite many ppl stay back after school to draw the face . but me (karen best classmate, hahaha) accompany her to penisular to check out her camera , or else i think you really cant sleep liao . haha . KAREN , AM STILL THE BEST RIGHT ? and, you shld say ?? ... YES !!!
reach hm , had dinner .
watch home decor . but i think this ep just so not nice . both theme also no good . mark lee's curtain is too plain . adding some flowers pattern shld make it looks better , i think . and bryan wong de is too modern . not much of the ethnic feel . maybe shall see next ep . and hopefully it will be a better one .
hahaha :)
den i got so in love with my 'GONG ZHU XIAO MEI' ! its so so so the nice . hahaha . hoping that it could just upload soon . but i know i got to wait for one weeks . but this is really a very very short drama . there's only TEN EPISODE !!! catch this show if you have the time ! awaiting for EP7 :)

gisiang . andiHATEyou

Saturday, October 20, 2007


time pass so fast . school has started for one week . and homework , projects are all coming up . is going to be tiring .
today i have been looking for decorative pots pics for my project . found one which is quite cute . hahaha . so decided tu use dat . but i tink is rather troublesome when i do not have a printer . i nid tu print out the image ! but since i dun have one den i tink i nid tu do it base on my imaginary . searching and doing and packing my things is all i can do fer today bah . haha . maybe shall see if i can work out the mock up later part in the day . hope dat i will have the energy tu do !
gonna slack soon . go watch 'AH WANG' .haha .
karen ! updates ???

gisiang . andiHATEyou

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


today i got damn irritated by someone . but i dun wan tu say hu the person is . just cant stand this person ! OMG ! irritated . anyways, forget abt this person !
today almost dozed off during lesson . sitting in the same lecture hall for 5hrs ! can you imagine ?
the butt is like ... numb . but luckily it ended early . YEAH X ! and got free transport back home . THANKS SINGYEE AND UR MOTHER .
watch some show and had a rest . chatting with karen online . all the way abt CAMERAS CAMERAS CAMERAS ! i think she is going crazy over wad brand de camera to buy . someone pls save her !!! haha :)
tired .

gisiang . andihateyou

Monday, October 15, 2007


a boring day . the first day of school after a 2months holiday . happy to see my classmates again . haha :) a funny ting that happen today . there's a interesting teacher - JK . he is such a 'niang niang qiang' . OMG ! shld see the way he walk . and the way he talk , using his so called de 'jia ying' . hahaha :) karen , am i right ? had a fun time imitating him !!! and , have some photography lesson which was rather boring but at least better than those studio lessons .
sian sian sian ...
tmr gonna be another long school day for me .
shall see you karen tmr !
anyways , do have a fun time today laughing at 'CRAYON' !

' ta yang gong gong qi chuang liao ...'

gisiang :) andiHATEyou