Friday, April 11, 2008

i have been staying at home for 2days already. a bit sian. feel like going out.
actually today can go out de. reject 3ppl ler.
1. telemarketing colleagues to eat steamboat
2. kaser to go to charles and keith warehouse sales
3. fujitsu people to go shopping
hahaha:) sorry people. shall meet up with you all soon. ahaha:)
and i have finally watch finish 櫻野3加1 ! hahah:) nice show. last part quite touching! hahah:)
shall stop watching shows ler. school is also starting liao. no time for shows. hahha:)
dunno wad to do ltr. shows also watch finish liao. maybe slp earlier bah. hahha:)
gisiang. andihate goingtosch.

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