Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is like de javu. Such familiar scene and yet experencing it again! Damn.
Larry crushed my model, squashed it, tear it! It's just like what Rostina did to my model in year1! It's such an insult to my work okays. I know it's not good but I'm trying okay. I trying to come out with something! I'm just stucked! Maybe you really think it's nothing but as a lecturer try to say something to encourage us la. Why like that depressed us sia.... It's the first time I feel that I'm damn jialat and I feel that for the past abt 7 months I have not did anything for my FYP la... Now then I'm going to explore, research on CONTRACTION! Fuck CONTRACTION! I'm so starting to hate this contraction word! I don't know how to go abt doing it and yet left with no choice but just to do it! I fucking hate that torn piece of model on my table, don't wish to see it agn! I'm gonna throw it on Tuesday! Seriously feel like giving up la.... I totally lost this time. After hearing what Larry and Sean say, I still got to encourage myself and continue to do it! Fuck la... I this time really hate FYP, wanna do something good yet turns out so badly. CRITISE SO BADLY BY THEM! HOW??!!? A is drifting away and it's nv gonna be mine any day! I might not even pass for FYP! How, pls save me! So helpless! Totally moodless today. Forget it!!! Luckily today go gym, such a good place to let me sweat and release all my anger! Hahaha:)
When running on treadmill, I was like cursing, 'FUCK STUDIO!' Hahahah:) Then did a lot of stretching exercises. And guess what?!?! 2 days ago I just went gym I was like 63. something kg. Then today... I weigh like 61.9!!!! Hahahah:) Yes! Slim a little! Hahahaha:) And Fify also slim down by 1kg! And we must say no to waffle! Without waffle & bubble tea, Fify we can slim down! Hahahah:) I WANT TO BE SIZE 10! Hahahah:) This is the happiest thing of my whole sucky dday bah.
Then on the way home bought Subway, cold cut trio sandwich for dinner!!! Whoohoo! So long nv eat cold cut trio! Shiok! Plus one Vitagen and some fruits is my dinner le! Hahahah:) Eat healthy!
Okays, I think that's all for my day filled with anger and sadness la!!! Hahahah:)
Now okays le! Perfectly fine!
Tmr still need to work! Money! Yeah! Savings!
Bye people and today is such a crazy day posting all these fucking feelings out.
gsiang. whatafuckedup day i had.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Neglected my blog for effing long. But recently got pics, so decided to blog.
Friday, 20nov
Huifen's 19th Bday
We had a mini celebration in class for her. We prepared the most suitable cake for her! STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE! Hahahah:) And she thought that's all for her bday?!?!? Nonono!
More to come at night.....

Nirit is effing scary, she is smiling at the back!

Birthday mess on her face! But this yr no bleeding!

At night....
After Huifen left with her bf, we head to East Coast Park to do all the preparation surprise that her bf plan.
Blowing of balloons, Breaking of lightsticks, Lighting up cakes....

The heart shape which spend us quite a bit of time to get the shape right.

Soon Karen, Ah Ma, Kaser came and we started playing ard while waiting for Huifen and her bf to come. My leg is in the sand!!! Hahahah:)

When we were still playing and laughing happily, suddenly Huifen's bf walk over and we were just too loud laughing so Huifen guess we were there already. But she was still surprise, she didn't know we were there until she heard us laughing. All suddenly panick to light up the cake.

The adidas jacket which we gave her and it's couple jacket with her bf!
Cute photo album her bf gave her
Swaroski necklace from her bf as well.
A sweet hug to replace the kiss that we requested! Hahahah:)

After the surprise, we walked to the hawker to have our dinner.
Lala, Gonggong, Stingray, Satay, Chicken Wings, Hokkien mee, Char Quay Tiao, Sugar canned drinks!!!
Then cabbed hm.... Surprise Mission, SUCCESS!!!
Saturday, 21nov
Met Vonne and went to Orchard to shop.
I seriously didn't plan to buy anything. Cos I bought quite a lot last week and I don't have much money left. In the end still bought a shirt from Dorothy Perkins. Damn it! But I like that top!
Had teppan yaki for dinner at Wisma foodcourt. Damn shiok cos very long nv eat le, at least one yr bah.
Then go hm, cos a bit tired. But had a great day chatting and shopping too. Perhaps we shld shop when I have more money. And I really like this topshop long sleeves tee, it's like 49$. It's a bit over price for me la. Or else I will buy!
Sunday, today.
I stayed at hm today, initially I had to work but luckily don't need so can rest but tmr still need to work instead of Wednesday. Today received a very good gift from my childhood friend cum Genting mate, Alison. She gave me my belated bday present. It's a waterproof camera! Hahahah:) Nx time can bring out to take pics! Even in water also can take! Shiok! Can use it during normal days also! All goes by normal film! Thanks, Alison. We shld really meet up soon.
Then had dinner with bro and mum at market there and now back online.
Gonna think of some ideas for studio! Going to drive me crazy soon plus flood with comm skills work as well! Save me!
I think this post is long enough, so that's all for now and I don't know when will it be the next time I'll be blogging agn.
gsiang, gonna have an early night.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Friday the 13th!!!

I just got to say that I believe Friday the 13th really brings bad luck to one.
Today's happening just made me feel like blogging out!

I'm the 4th to reach school today and super suay stuff start happening!
Me, Fify and Rayne started playing bejeweled and we battled!!! Hahahaha:) And when we turned the vol damn loud and starting 'PIANG PIANG PIANG....' then, Mario tapped on my shoulder!!! SHOCKED, close that damn fb window. AND HE BLACKLISTED US!!! hahahah:)
He wrote down our names, fucking suay. And doesn't he even have the brains to know that WEIQIANG is a guy's name??! Just bcos I was sitting at WQ's table and he thought I'm WQ! How is it possible sia! Then I went out to tell him! Such a honest student I am!
But what I'm fcuking pissed off is.... Can't he just use his eyes to see that my class there is like only 4 pathetic ppl!!! And there the 3 of us get caught! Fucking stupid can, like caught for bejewelling in sch!?!?! Hahahah:) It's ok.....
Then... what adds on to my suayness is....
On the way back from the toilet, I was cursing the school like a bit loud and still say that 'Since sch don't allow us play games, then we just go eat.......' when I wanted to say 'BUFFET' and I saw Mario at the lift!!! And he is looking at us so high chance of him hearing me cursing the school! Damn it!!!
That's not the end of suayness, yet there is more to come.
We wanted to go for Nihon Mura buffet, in the end the buffet promo already ended like weeks ago!
Wanted to take cab to Amk. Initially taxi stand got ppl waiting and no cab came in, so we walked to the front to flag a cab. But.... first few cabs all just went pass us when it is EMPTY!!! And we looked at the taxi stand after that... nobody is queuing and there is cab there! Suay to max!
Go Amk eat Suki Sushi, suayness follow us! FULLHOUSE, making us got to squeeze 7ppl to 6seats.
Fify's toufu sauce spilled, my gyoza dropped into sauce, Huifen vomit after eating.....

So do you believe in Friday the 13th is a bad luck day now?! I guess I got to believe it!
Luckily it's finally over now!

Initial plan for tonight was to go town to shop but have to rush for Firmenich so too bad! Just got to stay in sch a bit later than usual and me, Huifen, Chris and Fify came over to like Bishan here to eat Prata!!!! It's been really a long time since I last ate! Shiok and it's Fify's first time! I bet Fify will come back for more. And sleepover one day pls.... Shld be damn fun and endless talking!
That's it for today.

And I have decided to get that Peach Pore Serum from Skinfood! Hopefully it can really cure my pore problem..... Getting tired. Shall go slp soon! Bye people.
gsiang. Skinfood is love.
*Super long and wordy post*

Oh ya, at last! WELCOME BACK MY DEAREST CLASSMATES!!! Hahahah:) A series of places to have nice food are lined up! Chomp chomp, Aston's, Subway and many more! Our class will doubled up the noise level! Hahahaha:)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Omg! I just reached hm like abt an hr. And bathed finish, sad thing: GOT TO DO MY STUDIO!
Damn it la. Sean is like super last min! Today then know that he going on leave agn until like 16nov! And gonna die on the coming presentation lo...... Model, tonight& tmr!!!
Ystd, Sat
Went to Fify's hse to bake cornflakes stuff for fund raising! So FUN!!! Hahahah:) Make a mess in F's kitchen & really got to thanks her mum for treating the nice pasta!!! And after all the things were baked, we had 4rounds of Monopoly deal cards! Rayne is forever the Loser & Kaser is forever Broke, without property! Hahahaha:) I'm rich and filled with property! I hope my future life gonna be in that way!
I worked the longest hrs for my whole life in a day! I worked for 14hrs!!! Is like more than half a day plus the previous night I slp like 5plus hrs only! But is also the most amt I earned in a day! Like 130$!!! Whoohoo! Plus free food and cab hm! But my legs are effing tired....
The people who bought stuff today are like crazy! Is like sales to them la... Like all don't need money like that. Then buy and buy, snatch and snatch... All bcome super Auntie! I just keep on collect money..... Hahahaha:) All the clothes in a mess... diff prices clothes just mix together. All in huge mountains of clothes! And I packed 3times... 3times all get messy agn!..... But at least I earn some money.... Gonna save it! Yes!
Worse of all is still need to do studio... What a sucky night!
Okays, that's all. I got to get start with my work!
gsiang. IearnMoney, tmr is my love day!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday is Love, cos it is a show day for me! Hahahah:) Reached hm after sch, can't wait and faster watch 下一站幸福EP5. This week ep still okays, like some parts quite sad. Nx week ep also nice bah. I think this is really a nice show!!!

安以轩 is so pretty and the little boy is so cute! Nx time I got baby boy must cut that kind of hair for him! Hahahah:)
Followed after was 海派甜心EP1, which is a super funny show! Casted by Rainie Yang & Show Luo! I love 达朗!!! Hahahah:) Such a cute character! This show worth watching also!

达朗!!! Hahahah:) I am so gonna put that as my desktop background! Hahaha:)
Still got 桃花小妹 which I'm gonna watch that tmr night if I have the time!!!
Enough of shows....
So today went sch, see Sean and tell him the progress for my studio!
I think damn lost la.. I don't know what I am doing also! Driving me nuts! And I gonna do fast mockup to show him and faster come out with some design bah! Wed need to show him agn!
Tmr got Firmenich but hope I got time to do studio in class!
That's all for today. Gonna have a early night!
gsiang. ilovethe cute达朗!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

First time stepping into a STUDIO!

Today I woke up early like 7.15am, just like the timing I go to sch.
I went to help out for Vonne and Zm's website photoshoot. Model was Rayne, Studio was Glenn's. Cabbed to Glenn's studio with like 2boxes of clothes and 1 big bag of Bags!
It's the first time I'm stepping into a studio. It was quite cool. Hahahah:) Can really take nice pictures! So 8hrs of shooting in total and it was really hard on Rayne. Need to keep changing. Hahaha:) Esp the last part when we were rushing for time. The most troublesome part of measuring each clothing size still got to leave it to Zm and Vonne! Jiayou bah! Hahahah:)
I today just went there steam iron the clothes!!! Hahahah:) So fun, I'm professional steam iron person liao!
So when they are all busy, I took a few pictures. Take a look!

And I was just helping out already so tired... Kelian de Rayne, after this still need go work another job. Hahahah:) And more suay is, RAINING AGN! And is so much worse than ystd. Super heavy rain, really BIG!!! Poor us got caught in the rain while trying to go into the cab and still need to carry so many things. Hahahah:) Today really need thanks Rayne for helping! Hahaha:) Overall still quite fun! And very sad is the toilet there is SQUAT!!! I got to go all the way down to a coffee shop to use their toilet.....
That's all for the day and conclusion is Rayne is really skinny & lightings really create great impact on photos!
Lastly, thanks Vonne for buying me so much stuff from Bkk! Bedroom slippers, makeup pouch, mirror, rubberband and hairband! Hahahah:) And I'm using the Bedroom slippers now!!! Thanks, loveit!
Bye people, I'm so tired. And I can't believe that tmr I got to think of STUDIO, MY FITNESS CENTRE!!! INSPIRATION PLS COME INTO MY DREAMS TONIGHT!!! IDEAS!
gsiang. ineedIdeas for studio....