Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today supposingly going to gym, but in the end never.
1. Chris overslept.
2. Menses come.
3. Going to rain.
So, in the end me, Huifen and Chris just met up to go Bugis.
Said to met at 12.30pm at Bugis MRT. So, I'm the only one who arrives early. Next time shld really bluff them on the time we meet. The always Late Queens!!!
Went to eat, then Lasalle, then shopped around at Bugis.
Planned to go National Library, but feeling unwell all cos of menses and lazy to walk le. So in the end nv go.
Bought Faceshop facial wash today, got 20% off. Hahah. Try new brand:)
Went to Mphosis sales, wanted to get a slipper and a top, but after some time I went back to see, all the stuff are gone, so nv buy anything from there. Anyway, those stuff are not something which I really need or want. Save money:)
Watched Boys Before Flower or Over Flowers, whatever... Hahah. Nx week Ju JunBiao is going to have straight hair! Hahahah:)
Then watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Is damn cute! Love Theodore, fat fat one! I know is like such a long time ago movie, but now I have the time so just watched it.
Gonna watched Night at the Museum 2 at cinema!
That's all for the night, I'm a bit tired. Bye:)
gsiang. andilove Theodore:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today went to school late.
Went to National Museum:)
So it was really big as compared to other museums and it feels like Changi Airport T3. Hahah:)
It is also more high tech with the usage of those machines.
Something I like over there is the swinging chandelier (not sure of the spelling).
I think is so cool &nice. So, a picture of it...

We also saw this designer, Verner Panton's work. Our main purpose there is to see his work as well. I don't know abt him until today. I think the most impressive one is the 'Phantasy Landscape Visiona 2'. It is really nice sitting in it. In order to go in to this exhibition space, we got to remove our shoes & also need to wear one 'plastic socks' and sanitise our hands first. They really took good care of the exhibition. So here is a picture of the exhibition..

Wanna go there??!! Hahah:)

There are also fashion design exhibitions which I am impressed by the way the clothings are exhibit. They actually have a very thin layer of net to prevent people from touching the displays. From far, you can't see the net at all, is only when you walk until very near and wanted to see the displays clearer than you will see the net! Hahah:)

There are a lot other photos with Fify, when get it from her then upload here. That's all for today. And I finally watched finish all the shows that I'm suppose to watched for this week. Hahah:) All at one go. Now gonna arrange my computer stuff before sleeping! Bye:)

gsiang. andiloveVernerPantondesign:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have a lot of things to blog about from like Sunday, Vonne sis's 21bday celebration till today, mid crit for aircraft.
There's too much things going on these few days.
Anyway, so Sunday was Eileen's bday celebration at Downtown East. So went there, had quite a lot of fun. Bbqing the whole night for practically everyone. Hahah. But I'm not doing a lot la. Hahaha. Then after everyone left, back to me, Singyee, Vonne & Zm, we were crazy, playing crazy games, drank beer....& slept at 1pm, all dead tired.
So Monday, thanks to Phoebe for driving me to school.
Work on aircraft whole day till 6plus.
Tuesday, worst.
We stayed back in sch and do till 12plus midnight. And cabbed hm.
Reached hm, continue to do aircraft.
It's the first time I fell asleep while doing my things.
While waiting for the 2d drawings to be done, I need to wait for maybe 20min to 45min.
So I rest awhile, in the end I slept from 2am all the way till 6am. &I woke up is bcos my muscle cramp! Hahah:) Then 6am continue like do a bit then rest do a bit then rest till 7.45pm then go bathe & go sch agn.
Today reached sch, continue doing....Really shity &tired.
Got so much to complete.
So chiong all the way till like 3.45pm then we finish our ppt and we are the last grp to finish & present as well. So very fast, the presentation starts at 4pm. All the way from morning till 4pm, we didn't had a proper meal. All I had was just a few nuggets & 6pm had 2cheese toufu & finally can go hm have dinner! Have crab for dinner! Hahah. But is not so fresh cos is killed quite some time le. But anyway is nice to have dinner at hm!
I have a crazy thumbdrive which I just reformat it, guess it is okays now.
I have messy rhino, pdf, illustrator files everywhere, which I need time to pack and sort it out sooner. (Not today, don't feel like looking at all these stuff at least for a day)
I have loads of shows haven't watch, which I gonna watch it probably over the weekends or Friday night.
That's all for today.
Planned to be late for tmr sch, super late kind:x
BYE, I'm tired. No mood to watch those taiwan shows now.
gsiang. andihate havingnot enough sleep.
*Anyway, I will upload pictures when I got it& if Ihave the time to upload*

Is this kind of life more meaningful than slacking in school everyday?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today did a little of Rostina's work and they rest of the work, we are going to exchange among everyone. We're really super slack. Hahah:)
Then, during our lunch break we went to have Pepper Lunch at AMK. Hahah:) Shiok, long break. We rest awhile, like 1hr, then we leave sch and head to NAFA graduation show.
Their rendering is seriously much more better than us & can draw better than us. Didn't have a chance to really look at each of their work esp those Diploma students' work. We spend too much time on those Bachelor students part. But the Bachelor standard is really good, esp one of the student work. Without looking at what is his/her proj title, just from images, we know what she is doing already. I think is really good. Shld learn from her,him. Hahaha. Workmanship was poor, except for like 1or 2. But they did like a walk through video for some of the works which is very impressive. Hahha:)
After that, went to shop around Bugis, in the end only left me, Ah Ma &Fify. We go and have our dinner at Empire State at Illuma. Empire State is very very similar to New York New York. Hahah. Is not cheap, but the interior pulls us in. Hahaha. Food was not bad. Shall post all the pictures soon, probably by tmr night if I have the time.
That's all for now. I had a enjoyable night:)
Tmr meeting Singyee &clique, yeah! :)
gsiang. andilove Creamypasta, sweet dessertss:)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've been busy with sch work these two days.
Monday just started sch, as in after a weekend, and I stayed in sch till 10pm. Damn tired. And somemore monday whole day I didn't even log in to Facebook in sch. Then when reached hm, bathe, turned on lappy & continue with Rhino agn. Life is so damn boring. And slept at 1am cos really tired. Then today reached sch, rushing for Rhino and stuff. Was told to do many things last minute that we didn't even have time for lunch or break. We only go for lunch at 1.30pm.
So everybody seems freaking pissed off, bad mood &stuff going on...
After rushing everything, presentation. Everything like need to change and refine. And time is really tight, got to think a lot..
So today left sch at abt 6.15pm. Consider early as compared to Monday. Then suddenly felt there is a lot of time. Hahaha. Watched finish whatever shows I'm watching for this week. Now is like only 11.15pm, so still have some time before I slp, shall go think of aircraft seat before I slp, although I'm feeling sleepy now.
I think I'm getting weaker, I don't know why I am getting tired so easily which I don't like. Sucks man... Like can't do much things. But might be good on the other hand, cos going attachment and I think I shld get used to slping & waking up early. Hahah:)
Now go do my stuff. Bye.
gsiang. andilove sleeping.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's finally Friday, a day to rest.
Today a lot people go to site so class only has abt 10ppl.
FBing, Movie Marathon &did really very little of work. Hahah:)
After school went to Loreal warehouse sales. Not exactly just Loreal, still got Garnier &Maybelline as well. Mostly makeup and hair products which I don't really use. But is super cheap! Hahah. Great deals can be found over there. They have like Limited Products sales, which only went on for like 10s &all the Limited Products are all! Crazy, really auntie spirit there. Hahah.
Mascara going at $8, u.p $20plus?
Hair dye going at 2 for $10, usual one for $10plus.
Moisturing Cream going at $10, usual one for $25
And a lot others!!!
The mascara like tempting sia, but I in the end still nv buy, cos I buy I scared in the end nv use. But is really cheap, like Bu Mai Bai Bu Mai! Hahahah:)
So in the end I only buy like 3things, Garnier facial wash which is for my brother, Loreal moisturing lotion and 2 exactly same makeup pouch.
The makeup pouch is super big, more like clutch lo. But quite nice. I wanted just one but is going at 2 for $3. So no choice, got to buy 2 cos nobody want share with me. And I'm not going to use it as makeup pouch. I don't have so much makeup stuff. I'm going to use it when go out to nearby places or maybe when travel oversea, use it to put shampoo all these! Hahahah:)
Tmr going East Coast Park with Singyee then meeting Qi during the noon to shop. Waking up early tmr agn.
And tmr night or Sunday, I think I need to start doing whatever work I had to complete. Got so much things need to be done.
Aircraft layout & Lounge ( I need to practice how to pronounce this word ), Studio ppt, Rostina autocad drawings....
gsiang. andilove themakeupPouch:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doing now much of playing Fb in class. Concentrate on aircraft. But still nothing much done. Hahah:)
Brought back home to do some &finally completed the window but not sure is it correct.
So today sch ended early at 3pm, then went to Gym at YCK. So it is like maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I stepped into gym & the previous time I stepped in a gym was like maybe 3 or 4years ago! Hahaha:) So quite noob at those equipments as well. Hahah. But luckily my studio is to build a gym so did some research on those equipments. Hahah:)
I was shocked when I stepped in &very Paiseh... Cos the whole gym only got 3girsl which is ME, PHOEBE & FIFY!!! Hahah. Like wth la... No girls go gym? So like weird. Then the my fbt shorts is flair then can't do certain exercise.
But anyway is a nice workout! And I'm damn happy cos I completed 2.4km run within 22mins which I think was fast for me. I seriously is cannot run club lo. But I complete 2.4km is like WOAH!!! Hahah. Somemore out of the 2.4kM, I only walked 0.4km cos warming up. So if I run faster a bit maybe I can run finish at 20min? Hahah. But after the run, my legs are like super tired. Hahah. But still happy!
And to prevent myself from eating after exercising, when I reached hm I just slp for an hr. And exactly after 2hrs, which is 7.10pm, I wake up and eat dinner! Hahah.
So that's abt it for today, nx week badminton!
gsiang. andilove tokeepFIT!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wasting time in school as usual. But today really whole day Facebooking. Slacking like hell sia.
Today class quite little ppl. Hahah. So my new addicted game, Bejeweled. And, I thin I seriously sucks at it. I only one time tyco get 58000, then nv get le. Now my FB score is my bro help me get de, hahaha. I'm not so pro. Hahah. So, come hm continue playing from like 9pm all the way till now...
After sch went to Yishun to pass to a new promotor for this time Ntuc roadshow. Then went to Bishan to meet Vonne & Zhiming to get my cardign from Zipia, arrived le, pretty fast. Hahah.
Then Qi came to take her things also. Haha. So chat and slack awhile before going home.
Recently, I don't know what's wrong with me. But I get tired so early, or perhaps I got nothing much to do bah. I'm gonna stop my online shopping for some time or else I'm going broke. Just spend a $28 ystd buying a bandage skirt and oversized pocket tee! Hahah. I am so gonna save so money till attachment. Maybe it is time for me to start doing my portfolio since got nothing much to do at home. And I have run out of a lot of show. I only left with 3shows but starting from next week, I only left 2shows, cos Pai Quan is going to finish this sunday! Ohman... So can't wait to watch it! Hahah.
Okays, That's all for today.
Tmr no more fb-ing in class, got to do aircraft! Got critique on Monday:(
gsiang. andilove PaiQuan:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay, I'm damn fcuked up with my internet connection or whatever it is.
I so want to watch finish my show and it is always stopping or suddenly no sound. I don't know is it something wrong with my laptop or what. Damn pek chek! I going to sch to watch the last 2parts agn, or maybe wait for my brother to download finish then watch the whole episode agn. So bu shuang. And I'm very tired le, going slp soon.
Today so not my day! Nobody want to help me do survey! Sad...
Forget it. I got enough of buying things online. I can't do any shopping anymore. Spend a lot le, somemore now not working.
Bye people.
gsiang. andihate everything of today.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'm fcuking boring la... Don't know what to do sia. Everytime like that de lo. Pass few days very busy then suddenly very free, then don't know what I shld do. I spend like half an hr editing all these pictures, Oh damn bored:(

My whole series of Faceshop nail polish. I lost one of the red one...I think I bring to sch then lost le! Hahaha. Anyway, so got one new member join in today! The new Gold colour nail polish which I found at Faceshop today. There's actually 3new colour but I don't like the other 2. Attention to AHMA: I THINK YOU WILL LIKE THIS COLOUR LEH! HAHAHA:)
&I love my whole collection of nail polish! I feel like collecting other brands de liao, cos Faceshop no more colour I like le. I want OPI ones, but too ex to collect! Hahah:)
Back to today activities....
Rostina was not in sch for whole morning, so our class rules the World! HAHAHA... Everybody started playing Crazy Taxi!!! 'Diong Diong Diong', the whole class is filled with Crazy Taxi sound! Hahah. And I think I lazy to challenge with them le, so crazy. Hahah:)
Afternoon present my studio to Sannie and he APPROVED! When there is a ROOF, everything seems okay! Hahaha. But at least I liked my site &they approved. Overall, Sannie also got provide some ideas which I think not bad ones, can consider de. Hahaha.
After sch met up with Vonne, Qi &Singyee, slacked and have dinner. Short meet up cos all of us are busy with our own stuff.
I got to stop spree-ing! Pls stop me.
gsiang. andilovetoo manythings.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

My inlove Longchamp bag! It is going to cost like $250 inclusive of customising my name on the bag! This is crazy! I like the blue &red colour de, which is also myfirstchoice of colours. Then the second one I also think nice which is made by Ah Ma de. If I have the money, I will definitely get it. I really liked it.. When can I own this Longchamp bag?

Finally got a bit of time to blog and also finally reached this pg for blogging. My internet connection is super slow!

This few days really tired. Sleep 3-4hrs each day. Having been staying in sch or going out of sch to do research. But lucky show to S&L already, so continue developing...
But that's not the end, I still have layout of aircraft to be handed in tmr. Luckily is just layout that I have to do, or else it will be another sleepless night.
That's abt it, I'm tired agn, going slp!
gsiang. andilove chocolateEclair:)
*AMK food fair is selling Ritz Struddel &myChocolateEclair*

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Had a little fun with Elaine's kaleidescope today. Cool images:)

Today had been slacking whole day until I met up with Chris and Elaine at City Hall to do my site measurement. I seriously had been slacking too much. And walked really a lot tonight.
From City Hall MRT to Esplanade, to Boat Quay, to Clarke Quay, back to Supreme Court then finally Esplanade to take bus hm!
CHRIS A MADE A MISTAKE OF SUPREME COURT BEING LIANG COURT. Which is totally at 2different places. Hahah. And it was until Central Mall then she realised it. Hahah:) It wasn't so bad for me &Elaine cos we were at hm whole day, but Chris was working &standing for the whole day. Hahah. Her legs shld be tearing apart! Hahah:)
So, backed hm, watched 'Rachel getting Married'.
I thought it was good cos Anne Hathaway acted in that movie & Bride Wars was nice with her acting in it. But 'Rachel getting Married' is so boring, &wasted like 2hrs of my time watching. Hahah:) And, now I'm downloading 'Taken' which I heard from Chris is something like 'Sex Slave'. Shld be quite nice &thrilling. Hahah.
Anyway, now got to do some facebooking before sleeping.
Goodnight people.
gsiang. andilove strawberrystick:)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Finally got one pathetic picture in my blog. Hahaha.
Took it ystd when we go to Bugis.
Today was presentation for our research on our FYP.
So sucks... I'm so lost for words when Rostina asked so many question which I can't even understand. 'Design element... Space design..??!!' Everything seems so alien to me. I guess she might not even understand what I really want to do. And bcos of all this, we need to complete a model, 3D drawings and etc by tuesday. I totally got no idea how am I going to do it. And like where the hell can I get the floor plan & the dimensions? Damn it! This is going to drive me crazy. I thought it was meant to be a holiday for me tmr, yet I need to rush my work. And not solely just this project that I need to do, still got aircraft. Hell man....
I need to have a idea of a mixture of something that Rostina& Sannie insisted plus Something which I want!!! Is my FYP! I don't want to screw it up! Pls.. tell me how shld I go abt doing this & at the same time meeting the requirement? Feeling troubled, really.
Tonight supposingly meeting Singyee late night, but in the end it was cancelled. But still manage to met Vonne, Zm & Qi for dinner at Cine, Coke Red Lounge. Chat, shop & went diff ways hm.
But.... before I went hm, me &Qi went to have a cup of ice cream. Ilove Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream! Hahah. It was expensive but made me happy! Hahaha. At least forget some of the work I need to do at that moment! Haha.
Came hm watched Ah Zai, after tonight rest, tmr wake up, gonna do work!!! Pls, give me the power to do work!
That's all for today. I'm tired as well.
gsiang. andilove IceCream& FishBakedRice:)