Saturday, April 26, 2008

fcuked up day.

just came back not long. tired. but just finish eating my supper cum dinner. so cant slp. will be super fat if i slp. hahahh:)
a short lesson for today.
went to the sites to interviewed some old man. but only onw entertained me. omg! it's a tough job. haha:)
after that, went to bugis street to shop.
bought a cloth material loafers and a white shorts! total spent- $22.90
dunno why i buy the shorts when i already have one white one. but wadeva la. hahah:)
went to meet singyee yinghui qi. have desserts... walk around at amk while waiting for vonne.
vonne , vonne's colleagues & her bf , kenrick , jingting , qi, yinghui , singyee and me went to WSH. but the whole thing before we can get there im already like super angry liao la.
but forget it. now not so angry le. thanks singyee for making me laugh till i cry! hahah:)
just a conclusion ...
think we should not have this kind of meetings anymore. going hm at such late hrs, spending money on cab, waiting for vonne to end work. maybe next time just meet up during vonne off days bah. haah:) luckily today is a friday. den i can slp till late tmr.
okays. that's abt it bah.
anyways, I HAVE CLEAR ALL MY DEBTS!!! is a good good thing.
sorry peepos for owing you all the money for so long.
and thanks for lending me the money also. hahah:)
gisiang. andihatemyHAIR . *

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