Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have gotten all the Genting pictures, but most of them are quite blur. And, out of 600plus photos, I think only some are nice. Most of the pictures, my hair look so disgusting, so separated! Hahah:) But I'll still upload some of the pictures probably tmr. Now is quite late and I'm going to slp soon:)
Just now after dinner, met up with Qi, Singyee, Vonne and Zm for prawning. Fun! Thanks to all those uncle, they teached us a lot on prawning and gave us quite a few prawns as well! Hahah:)
Prawn for 3hrs and had a total of 21prawns! Whoohoo:) Great time spend!
And, Singyee said something that I have nv realised, after the Genting trip, we have nv actually contacted one another or met up agn, quite weird of us I felt. Haha.
Nv meet then nv meet, got meet then keep on meeting...
So, tmr going out agn to Orchard bah, I guess. Hahah:)
Goonna spend money agn:(
Anyway, slping time is coming...
gsiang. andilove Prawns:)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Today is a crazy marathon for movies at home:) Hahah.
I watched 3movies today.
1, Mall Cop.
2, 叶问
3, Brides War
4, Marley & Me, but haven't watch finish, going to finish it by tmr.
That's all for today and still downloading more movies! Hahah:)
gsiang. andilove Movies:)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today went alone to Tampines to check the prices of those grocery. I finished all outlets within 4hrs. Super fast:)
After that went to Funan IT Mall to find Chris.
Acc her to chat and wait for her to end work then go have dinner together.
Had Pastamania for dinner and went over to Esplanade that area as there won't be lights over there. There is one Lights Off event, some Global thingy bah. Not that sure also. Then everyone over there is using candles, quite cool, a lot of people hang around there, have performance also.
We sit there wait for the lights to be turn on agn. So 9.30pm, the lights are back but not really much difference bah. Hahah:)
So took pictures while waiting for the lights to turn on....

My DARS Chocolate

After that we walked from Esplanade to Clark Quay, so that we can take bus from the same bus stop! Hahah:)
Homed, search for jobs, watch shows, listen songs:)
Plan for tmr: Paint my nails:)
gsiang. andilove DarsChocolate:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm back from Genting!
This 3days passes so fast... Overall it was still a fun trip! Hahah:)
Loads of pictures to upload, but I have not got it and not gonna upload all.
Cos all the pictures are from Singyee's DSLR, files a bit too big and gonna take long hrs to upload it!
But this trip I felt a bit dissappointed cos I didn't msg to play the rides I want (Corkscrew & Flying Dragon). But overall still alright, at least managed to play Flying Coaster, and there were very unglam pose during some of the rides, damn joke la:) Hahah.
Nv buy a lot of things, but the amt of money spend is like a lot.....
I only buy 3masks, 2nail polish and 1mirror and 1 dou sa bing.
All these things nv cost me more than 50RM.
I bring 300RM and left with zero back. Imagine me spending abt 180RM on food??!!! Exclude all the theme park money already!!!
We go there really spend a lot on food! Best one is the Dim Sum, 100plus RM... Shock sia, eat until so much money! Hahah:)
First day, Kenny Rogers for lunch, KFC for dinner
Second day, Dim Sum for breakfast, BaskinRobins ice cream and Marybrown for dinner and Carlsberg & chocolate for supper!!! And it's a bad experience, Carlsberg taste so Yucks. Really much more worse than Heiniken. No carlsberg for me anymore! And Vonne became a joke in the middle of the night... Poor Zhiming..Bait....
Third day, Singyee so called "Food Court"... Hahaha:) But is really the cheapest among all. Budget!!!
Came back, still feel quite sian, miss the weather over there and the fun in the room!
Hahaha:) My first time experience going overseas with my Besties and without parents, has ended... Shall go other places nx time! Nice trip:)
I will upload pictures maybe after a few days bah.
Tmr going get pay, work for check price job....
gsiang. andilove Genting &Besties:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am going to Genting in another abt 3hrs time! Hahah:)
I will be back on Friday, friends, don't miss me too much!
I will come back with lots of photos:)
Now got to catch some sleep before going to prepare and leave my hse.
And I loved my mum, I think she has been spending so much on me.
That time went Malacca she helped me pay 100$, this time she helped me pay another 50$. I really feel paiseh lo, but I really also not much money! Hahah:) But got to thanks my mum anyway:)
gsiang. andilovemy Mum:)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good news for me & my friends!
A super last minute decision made JUST NOW..
We were only talking abt it last night, and asking parents this afternoon then confirm like just an hour ago.... We don't seems like travelling outside Singapore, like go chalet like that sia. Hahah:)
Super excited, somemore this time no parents, is just me, Singyee, Vonne and Zhiming!!! Have fun man..
Ytsd nv go sch, cos overslept. I guess I'm really too tired after 3days of waking up early to work.
So,. met up with Singyee in the afternoon and shopped around at Bugis. In the evening, met up with Vonne and Zm for dinner. Then went down to Drinking Place to celebrate Zm's birthday. Drank one tequila shot and one sour apple shot. Drinking Place close at 12 so went to another pub to drink one Heineken. After that went hm..
Happy Birthday ZhiMing, cum my Brother-in-Law! Hahaha:)
My hair look disgusting in the pictures! Short and somemore got so many BIG openings!

We actually bought Cheesecakes from TCC to treat it as a birthday cake for Zhiming cos is a very last minute celebration! Hahah:)
So, now the couple go down Chinatown to book the tickets for Genting! Hope still got place for us! Hahah:)
Going watch shows for now! Bye:)
gsiang. andilove going Genting:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally the 3days of working days has been over!
16deals within this 3days. 32$ of commission, quite little.... Hahah:)
Actually this few days quite fun cos also quite slack. Not as much people when compared to the previous roadshow.
And the food fair is the one which adds on to the fun part! Got so much nice food around there, but the amt of oil and the smell really stinks me! :(
Today after work went with a few of my colleagues go drinking opposite Marina Square. But don't know what's that place called also. Thanks for the treat from Henry, one of the full time staff. He treated us a glass of beer but is brew/make by the restaurant itself. And they even have their on machineries inside the shop, quite cool:) But a bit too ex bah, one glass for $12plus.
And they have a lot of interesting conversations. Actually is quite good to hang out with people who are older than me, they know more things and more knowledgeable, can learn a lot of things from them! Then got free transport back home also. Good thing abt older people: They have money and have car! Shiok:) Nx time shld aim for a BF who have car, best:)
A long & fun day for me.
Tmr still got to go to sch, so slping very soon...
gsiaing. andilove Fun:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have finally changed my blog song.
Enjoy the song by Carrie Underwood, Just a Dream:)
I shall change my blogskin when I'm free but I won't be free this few days.
I will be busy working till Sunday. I need the money:( Sians..
Today went to check the prices of those Grocery agn, and is the first time going alone.
Not really bad, at least I think I working faster. Hahah, cos no one to talk to. Keep on listening to music. Met Elaine at City Hall after checking those prices and we went to AMK to have our dinner at LJS an cut my fringe straight, not really bangs, but straight. Cos is not those thick straight fringe. The person trim until so thin, not thick liao lo. But nvm, it will grow long very soon. Hahah:)
That's abt it, tmr going to work at Suntec. Free can come find me at Suntec Convention Hall bah, I working at Career Fair under Ntuc Learning Hub:) Hahah:)
gsiang. andilovethe songJustADream:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am so freaking happy! :)
Cos I've finally create a Apple account. I need one to download the games and applications stuff!
Before that I could not create is bcos my eyes are playing tricks on me! Hahah:) So much in love with my Itouch now. Got mahjong, photo hunt and Tap Tap (recommended by my younger bro)!
I also downloaded some other applications which is not much of a use bah! I'm going to explore more!
Anyway, Xing Xing de Lei Guang is already last ep le! So shock sia! So this wk I got a lot of eps to watch! Whoohoo! Now I left with the last 3ep! So sad sia... I think this is the first show I think very sad de bah, cos I see until my tears also keep on rolling!!! Hahahah:) Kinda lame la, see show also can see until cry. But is really touching!
Other than this show, still got like 3 other shows waiting for me and 2 movies! I downloaded Mall Cop, I think is super funny la. I haven't watched it but saw the ads and I was laughing:)
Tmr not going out, gonna stayed at hm to save some money. Spend 10bucks today, 5bucks on mirror- which I think is quite ex, but I think it is also the best among all the lame & childish mirror I saw. Then the other 5bucks on a tube for wear inside one, cos the one I have is like super not stretchable, very tight lo.
So have lessons today but sad to say that there are only 7 of us who attended it! Hahah:) Then me, Elaine & Sujun headed to Bugis since they need to collect their stuff in the evening. And it's been quite a long time since I last went there, so shopped around, liked abt 2 or 3pairs of shoes!!! But no money can't buy!
My best solution for saving money is to stay at hm, rot with my Itouch:)) Hahaha.
I'm going to see some online stuff before I slp, but not buying:(
gsiang. andIlove more&moreItouch:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

If anyone know how to use the applications in Itouch, pls let me know:)
I got problems with it! Hahah:)
I'm dying to learn how to use it...
Anyway, had a hard time transfering my songs into my Itouch cos got a lot of weird wordings, so need to change it. But now finally all the songs are in! Hahah:)
I need to slowly learn how to use the applications, downloading games and stuff!
But so far, I still loved it and it's good!
But today I just realised, in this world, it seems like there's nothing that cannot be hack or cannot be done! I found out a Itouch can actually become a Iphone!!! A Itouch can even have camera applications! So amazing to me! Like wth!!! You people shld go Youtube and check it out how they do it! Hahah. But what I heard from one of my friend is that currently Itouch gen.2 cannot hack! Hahah. But even if can I won't hack mine! Hahah. But isn't it amazing that they can hack all these stuff, just like Pet Society!
Tmr going to sch! So got to rest early. Now going to slp!
Goodnight friends:)
gsiang. andilove Itouch:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally bought Itouch!!! Hahah:) Yes!
Today bought Itouch then also buy hard disk! It's really a bomb for my pocket! Owe my dad like going 500$ !!! I seriously need to find job to return him all this money. The most I have is also 200plus for now bah! And I got to say, I'm seriously a noob at Apple stuff! I don't know how to use it, but don't care... I'm going to master it! Hahah:)
Today is such a good day for celebration! Bought the things I need & I want. At night have my dinner at Makansultra....( or Vonne's so called Sultramakan or whatever it is that she said! But it's a joke alright!) So meet up with Jonathan, Louisure followed by Zhiming! Louisure left early.. So me, Vonne, Singyee, Jon & Zm went to Drinking Place to slack. Played pool, drink tiger, drink cocktail, sing song & left ard 2plus am. Ate Mac & went hm after that.
Now gonna download Itunes start learning how to use it bah. Bye!
Ilovemyday! Great fun:)
gsiang. andiloveItouch& mylovelyfriends!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today went to Singapore Poly design sch graduation show at Marina Square. Got no mood to see their designs, but no matter what, I think they really render very nicely! Hahah:) I have been travelling to City Hall area these 2days and tmr going there again! It's IT Fair and also Body Shop sales!!! So much of sales recently!
Recently also spend a lot of money and I guess tmr going to spend A BOMB OF MONEY!!! Hahah:) If possible, and most likely going to get Itouch tmr! Today bought the Maybelline mineral and a brush! The brush cost me 19plus$, I don't know if it's expensive for a brush but as compared to the Body Shop one, it is cheap! But the brush is really good! Soft! Then on thurs, went to Body Shop sales, there are so much things I wanted to get but need to save a bit so in the end only get a blusher which cost 12.90$. I really need to start searching for jobs! Hahah:)
Tmr going to do the prices job but I can really say I have very nice friends around me. Since the first wk I started doing this job, people has been accompanying me. Tmr Vonne is going to accompany me! Thanks all my friends!
Pls, let me get my ITOUCH tmr!!! Can't wait to buy it!
gsiang. andilove ITOUCH:)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I shall not upload any pictures today.
There is some problems with uploading pictures agn.
I can't upload..
Anyway, today went to Vivo with Singyee, Vonne, Zm, Yinghui & Sam.
But all of them left early, so left with me and Singyee. Did a bit of crazy shopping of IT stuff. Hahah. Look at phones, mp3, camera, speakers, earphones....
And today I have finally decided what I want to buy. I want to buy Itouch, no need consider so much over Ipod Nano and Itouch. Haha:) But guess I got to withdraw money to get it.. But anyway, money I can earn it back anytime, shall get something which I longed for during this holiday! Can't wait to buy it! Hahah:)
Tmr going to Charles & Keith warehouse sales! I die die also must buy something! Hahah:) Then going to IT Fair after that! Whoohoo! All activities have been lined up.
And, I just finished watching Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi ep4. Nx ep is so exciting! Haha:) Can't wait... Counting down, 3more days and it will be out!
Bye, people... That's abt it for today:)
gsiang. andilove Itouch:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just got back hm not long.
Was rotting at hm the whole day, watching shows agn until just now 9plus pm went over to Singyee's hse to use my laptop agn.
Online shopping at her hse...
Transfer pictures...
Help her clear her clothes stuff...
Finally went to eat prata which I really feel like eating since quite some time ago:)
We ordered and we did not check the amt of money we have. In the end, it was a joke. We were short of 10cents!!! Ohmygod. Luckily Singyee's brother came to rescue us with a 10bucks! Hahah:)
Feel so sinful, so can't slp right now cos is like so fattening and feel like shitting all out right now.
But anyway, tmr meeting Vonne at Vivo at 2.45pm initially, but I guess I won't be able to wake up earlier looking at the time now, 3.56am... I'm still blogging...
Anyway, I shall post the pictures we took some time ago very soon! Check it out agn:)
Bye people, I now going to do some daily checks on mail and stuff before sleeping.
gsiang. andilove Prata:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today went to sch and had lessons on 3D Max.
We were taught by a Philippines person, his essence is strong until it is a bit hard for us to understand what he is saying and Rostina even did the translation for us! Hahah:)
We had a short lesson till until 1pm, then we head to Expo to look at the furnitures.
Initially thought that there were many furnitures we could see, but in the end we were only allowed to see the Flip chaird competition area which is totally neglected by people! Hahah. No one is there. But some of the designs are quite good and a lesson learn: Pboards are impt, do them nicely! Hahah. They really have very nice rendering and pboards!
So, after that some went hm then me, Huifen and Elaine shopped around Junction 8. Bought a shirt from Hypnosis for only $5 then bought a mask which cost me $4, very heart pain... There goes my this wk allowance:(
Came hm watched a lot of show...
And, now I'm tired..
Going to do a mask and then slp.
gsiang. andilove NicePboards:)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Actually I wanted to have a longer post, but I just rmbed that I need to do the excel file for the price list job! So got to rush it out now then can slp.
Today 1st day of my job for career fair! So-so..
I shall post more abt it tmr.
So tmr another full day! Got to slp earlier, rest my legs well!
Poor tired legs...
gsiang. andilove Cakes&IceCream&Shows:)

Friday, March 06, 2009

This 3days, I have finished watching 3 movies.
The Changeling
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Out of all 3, I think Twilight is seriously the best. The other 2movies seriously got no climax lo. Boring, and the curious case of benjamin button can really make people fall asleep. Changeling dont't have a nice ending. Omg! I need to search for nicer movies in the future. And I still think my Taiwan dramas are still the best! Maybe I shld search for more Taiwan dramas instead of movies! Hahah:)
Tmr gonna work for the price one! A bit bored la. Can say got 3places which I need to go within one day and is very not convenience! Sian....
Anyway, surprisingly, Karen's and my jacket arrived le! Whoohoo! Sad thing to say, the jacket is a bit small for me. But I will definitely still wear it. But I don't know why there is a weird smell on the jacket which I really cannot tolerate and I don't even wish to hold it with my hands! So, I get it washed first before I really wear it out! Hahah:)
Anyway, I now going to do some other stuff bah. Make full use of my time!
gsiang. andihate that smell:(

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I feel so weird now, cos I have not watched any shows for today. My life seems to be filled of shows. I wanted to watch Ai Jiu Zai Yi Qi, but once I'm online, I seems like I got so many things to do and until now I have not watch it. Hahah:)
I think I shall watch it tmr, together with Changeling which I have just downloaded. Hahah:)
And ystd I watch Twilight. It is a nice movie! Hahah:) No wondering so many are crazy over it. And Edward is really charming! Hahah:) Actually I feel like borrowing the book from somebody, but I'm not sure if I will have the mood to read it. I not those kind of people who will read story books....Hahah.
So today went with Singyee, Vonne & Jiaqi to register or sort of like just fill in an application form for a job. It is actually to work for a few days job but that jobs positions has been filled but we were still told to fill in the form and they will contact us if there is any available jobs.
After that we went to City Hall and have our dinner at Gelare. Not so nice as compared to Far East outlet. Hahah:) Then shopped awhile, we saw Kbox and then went Kbox. A very last min decision. It was quite fun overall counting out my stomach ache so get a bit bored when going home that time. Luckily we only took the timing for singing from 7pm-10pm, is only 12$. Hahah:)
Anyway, there are photos with Singyee! So when I got it from her then upload.
Bye people:) Gonna slp very soon.
gsiang. andilove spendingtime with my friends:)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I feel that time passes so slowly today that unbelievable that now is only 2am! Hahah:) And I have already finished watching 3shows for tonight! But anyway, since I got to wake up earlier and go for the training, so I just slp earlier tonight bah. Or else I guess I will be sleeping abt 3plus or 4am agn. That's my holiday sleeping time! Hahah:) 4 Shows is still not enough to satisfy me. Is like so fast can watch finish. I now only left 2eps of shows to watch and today is only like monday. And I got to wait till Sunday then will upload! But luckily this Thurs to Sunday got work so time shld pass very fast bah.
I got a job selling courses due to recession. I didn't sell this kind of things before but I hope I can do it bah. And this is also the first time I'm working alone. Sort of like scared and worried, I guess this is the time for me to be independent le. I got to make friends there so I won't be lonely throughout the 4 working days. Hope everyone is nice over there. So far only know a few of them and I hope they are okay people! Hahah:) I just need to faster get over with this 4days and get my money! Money is the most crucial!
gsiang. andilove shows:)

Monday, March 02, 2009

I cannot imagine that 王子看見二公主 can be so unresistable! Hahah:)
Starting of the show is so not attractive, but until abt ep7, it is so nice that I cannot stopped watching. And now the show only upload till ep10, and I'm going to watch ep10 ltr after blogging. Hahah:)
Tmr going for a job interview. Hope will be able to work and earn more money bah!
And I finally found the song I wanted. Poker Face by Lady Gaga:) Hahah.
Bye, that's all for the day.
gsiang loveshows.