Tuesday, April 15, 2008

just another boring day.

second day of school.
and i'm tired. old liao la. now like 11plus and i'm getting tired. really not used to waking up so early!
today really a sian day la.
morning got class conflicts sia! hahah:) damn funny.
but hope that she can really blend in with us bah! hahaha:)
anyway, today got pissed off. boss me around. like wad like that. KNS. wadeva la!
but forget it. i'm kind and forgiving. da ren bu ji xiao ren guo!!! hahaha:)
and today! LIM PIAW SPOILT A TABLE WITH HIS FAT ASS!!! hahaah:) just don't have the chance to take a pic when he fall! hahah:)
tmr gonna be another tiring day. supposingly is just a short day. but still got to meet up the yr1 to do some discussions on the work. sian la. or else lesson shall end at 3pm.
tmr got to see the rostina face agn! sian la. her lesson sure drag drag drag de! even though is a 3hrs lesson... it will feel like is a 5hrs lesson!!! hahaha:)
suan ler. complain also no use. still need to go to her lesson.
think i'm going to bed earlier for today bah.
feeling tired recently.
bye peepos.
gisiang. andihateYOU!!!!!!!

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