Friday, January 30, 2009

Today whole day STUDIO!!!
I'm super angry with myself, I can't do what I want, don't know what I want.
Keep on redoing, keep on tracing and tracing agn and agn. That's so sick:( And thanks Zalina, cos I seriously got no way to do the way I want my things to be, so she let me do it in a simple way. Felt relieved after that.
And my dearest classmates are all playing this game call what 'live/life or dead'??!! I don't know. It is just something like Counter Strike, Silent Hill, or even House of the Dead!!! Hahah. I tried and my hands just can't coordinate. Hahah. So Rostina gave us time to do studio and in the end everyone started..... playing games, webcaming:) Hahah.
So join in webcam for just two photos. Hahah:)

One strand of my hair is standing up in the second photo!!! Hahah:)
And they got lots of unglam photos taken today too!
Came home, sleep till 9pm then have dinner.
Just completed the ppt for tmr Gan's lesson, finally. Have been dragging it for like 3weeks? Hahah.
Now going to slp soon, No morning lesson! Whoohoo! Haha:)
Bye people:o
gsiang. andi hate can'tgettingthingsright

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I really got a bit tired of my studio. I just can't get it right, can't make it in the way I want. Sucks.
And I'm tired. Got no more brain juice to think of it le. I have done what I can, tmr then continue.
Today after lesson went to Orchard.
Wanted to buy this Super BB cream, but I think it is so sellable that Bishan and even Wisma outlet Sasa outlets have sold out. So bought it from online. Cheaper! Hahah:)
After that went to Cine to watch movie.
3movies to choose from, 2local films and 1Hk film, in the end watch Love Matters out of the 3.
We had our dinner at Coke Red Lounge. I had fish baked rice and I think is very nice! Hahah:) Cheap and nice!
When in the theatre still rmb I can take the photos of the lightings for one of my proj. What kind of life is that? Hahah. When watching movie still rmb abt my work! Hahah:) So when the movie end, we were the last one to leave and took photos of the lighting. Nice lightings! And, thanks Chris for ur camera and Huifen for helping to take the photos as well! Thanks!
Then went hm after that, did studio till sian & helpless:(
Tired, sleeping.
Overall, 'Love Matters doesn't really have a good storyline, but it's just for laugh.'
gsiang. andiloveFishBakedRice:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!
There will be two days of holiday, but for our class, it is actually just one day holiday, cos initially we already don't have sch on monday. Hahah. Quite sian, such a short break.
So now have some time to blog.
Today work till 2pm then went hm.
Got 88$ as my bonus! Hahah:) But not going to spent this money, going to save it cos since I work till now, I haven't save any money!!! Spent and spent non-stop.
So came hm, make my nails for like hrs!!! Cos can't find a colour which suits my nails and the sticker I'm going to use. So painted all my toes and finger nails till like 7pm. Check out my nails! I love it but the stickers sure will drop out very soon! Hahah:)

The picture not very clear huh. Hahah:)
Then, relatives came over my place to have reunion dinner-Steamboat as usual.
After dinner, relatives went hm, I went out to Clarke Quay. Went to Xbar with Wanjuan, Jer, Vonne, Singyee. We ordered a tower of beer-65$ quite cheap bah. But drinking like hell. It's a lot for us. But I didn't drink too much cos I don't really like beer. Um, was a very short meetup. Went hm at 1.30pm, Singyee came over my hse and chatted.
Now got nothing much to do so watch show and blog.
Plan tmr going to bring laptop over to my cousin hse to do some homework if possible. Such a Sad New Year.
And another sad thing is that Bishan don't have the BB cream I wanted. Have already decided to get that but no more stocks. Need to go to other outlet then have.
Nothing much to do and recently very little pic so took a few with webcam, that's so bored.

Okays, is not really 'some', is just two pictures. Hahah:)
Ohya, and I bought the Mango bag instead of the Charles&Keith one. Cos Chris and Huifen both said that is nicer and I also think will use it more often so quite worth it la. And just now show Singyee, she also said it's better than C&K. Hahah:)
That's all for the day.
Gonna sleep soon. Goodnights people.
gsiang. andIlovemyNails:)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been quite some days since I last blog.
Today went to sch, rushed for the shopping arcade dateline, however in the end still can't complete! Hahah:) It is mission impossible.
Left sch at abt 4plus pm.
Went to meet Sy and dye my hair at Yishun.
I dyed, highlight, cut and have treatment. Total spend...... $149!!! Wth la... I was like shocked when I heard the amt. Cos I forgot abt cutting hair also need money. Damn it! I'm gonna be broke very very soon. Need to start saving money agn!
I wanted to use part of my savings to buy the Mango bag that I saw ystd. It was on sale, $50. Quite normal, but soft material! Though it looks cheaper than the one I wanted at Charles and Keith. But I think I will bring it more often. Hahah:) Should I buy? Shall go and see it agn tmr!
And, tmr is the second last day for my work! Whoohoo! Working till night, then meeting Chris and Huifen for dinner! Haha:) Going to Orchard! Gonna take a look at BB cream- lastest skin care product introduce by Karen, maybe buying it. Then go see the Mango bag. Maybe not buying any of the two bags that I like cos I'm not short of bags but just want to have another bag! Hahah:) Then, also gonna have medicure and pedicure session tmr! Whoohoo! Feel like going for the classic one lo, but no money la...
That's all for the day & my plan for tmr:)
Gonna catch another ep of my show before sleeping.
Gsiang. andilove Bags:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Today went to Marina Barrage. And, finally I got some photos to upload, but don't have a lot of my faces bah! But before talking abt Marina Barrage, I got something to say!
My slippers broke off this morning! It was the joke of the day!
Today morning met Chris at MRT station, then walked to sch together.
After not long of walking, Chris step on my slippers and it broke off. I could even hear the thread snapping off sound! Hahah:) Then called Phoebe to my help. Luckily Phoebe was at Elaine's hse, picking her up to sch. So, I borrowed a slippers from Elaine. Then, Phoebe came over to the mrt station to drive us to sch. And, two of them was laughing like hell! Hahah:) But still thanks the two of them for coming to my help!
So now are all the photos taken at Marina Barrage! That place was super windy and is another reservoir in Singapore. Quite cool! Take a look uh... Random photos:)
I today wear till a bit weird la, but forget it. Haha:)

See, my fat legs! Damn la:(
See how strong the wind is! Hair flying like siao!
Tea time! At the cafe!
Rayne slut!

So, you can actually go over there to fly kite! Strong wind, huge ground!
Nice scenery, nx time shld go there take picture, from here can even see the Singapore Flyer:)

Solar Panels:)

That's all for the pictures.
So after seeing all the exhibitions, we went to the cafe and Zalina treated us drinks agn! Loves my strawberry milk shake! Whoohoo! Thanks to her!
Our whole class didn't went for Michael Gan's lesson except for three of them, so pathetic! Our attendance seems to get worse. Thurs only got 5people went to sch for the whole day, then today almost all nv went for Gan's lesson. But still got to sumbit and present his work nx week!
Just now 9pm want to go running, then parents don't allow. Lame la, say dangerous to run at night. Then forget it lo, I just nv go run, anyway can watch my show also. Hahah:)
Tmr got work whole day, shld rest earlier. Bye.
gisiang. andihate mySIZE, fat:(
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A series of shows marathon for me:)
From, 'Pai Quan Nu Wang' ep2 to 'Xing Fu De Jue Zhe' ep 16-19!!!
Whoohoo! Shiok! Cos I'm not going to sch tmr.
Feeling a bit bad of skipping sch, but got no more time to shop for clothes le.
I don't even have the time to dye hair even though my money has been prepared.
Tmr going to Bugis with Vonne and her sis. Yeah:)
I seriously need to get some bottoms la.
Today just got another top from Pepper Plus and don't know if I shld get the Topshop one. I liked that, but is a bit too much top le. If I tmr really buy, I will have like 5 new tops nv wear before, plus a cardign will be 6 pieces!!! No bottom at all okays!
I'm tired after the shows marathon.
going to sleep le.
Bye people.
gisiang. andilove SHOWS!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doing work right now. Doing ammendments for studio.
So sad that I lost so many of my work, and we are going to be interview for our work attachment. Sucks. I seems like got nothing much to show cos I lost all the files when reformatting.
Today went out with Singyee to City Hall. Whoohoo!
Shiok sia, slp till 3.30pm then wake up. Haha:) I miss my sleeping time.
Shopping time seems so short for today, rushing here and there.
Bought a shoes from Charles and Keith, but is not any one of those I like. I bought a flat, open toes. So so la. Wanted get heels, but don't think I will wear it so often. Hahah:)
Bought my Body Shop strawberry scrub! Good reccomendations by Pearlyn! Somemore the person give me 2free gift, body butter and body scrub, mini testers:)
I want to buy this Topshop shirt, $53. I think if i buy my mum will kill me. But I think I will buy it on another day, cos I think I really like it. But I think I get some bottoms for new yr first before I get that top. Too much top le! No bottoms.
I now gonna get back to work, faster complete and slp.
gisiang. andilove myBODYSCRUB:)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally completed these two days of work. Tired:(
I had a lousy body nowdays. Now is only 2.11am and I'm tired already.
Work from 7.30am - 6.30pm then took bus to Boon Lay interchange.
I got no dinner at hm cos thought will be working till quite late. So in the end, called on joker, Huifen to accompany to eat dinner! Whoohoo!
Thanks friend!
While waiting for her, saw Lynette and her sister at JP. Hahah:)
Had a long and fun chat with Huifen over our dinner at Pizza Hut! Hahah:) Such a long time nv eat, and we are really huge eaters! One pan pizza each, soup plus fries shared! Omg! And still went for desserts! Sad to say that I didn't choose a dessert which I liked. Cos the one I choose got coconut milk and before that I already had stomach ache and it adds on to the pain! In the end, SHIT AT JP'S TOILET! Hahah:) Really cannot tahan sia.
And bought the Garnier body lotion! Whoohoo! Got new lotion to use! I got like so many lotions, but still buy. Dont care, since my mum said she's going to pay for it! Hahah:)
Had a enjoyable dinner with my friend, Thanks Huifen!
Tmr going out with Singyee to City Hall. Shopped! Yeahey!
gisiang. andilovemyFRIENDS.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I've finally uploaded those long time ago pictures.
I shall just upload those taken on Chris's birthday celebration, although there are some taken nx day at Vivo.
Actually got a slutty picture of Chris, but I better don't put la, or else I think she will kill me! Hahah:) Kana force face!
Happy huh??!
I'm such a helpful friend!

This picture, Yvonne say don't know what look different or what! Forget what she say also la. Hahah:) Nvm.

Then, Ah Ma say I look sexy in this picture! Like WTH! Hahah. Not at all lo! Hahah:)

All girls outing! All girls at pub!
Wah Piang! Everytime see Ah Ma this picture I feel like laughing sia. Damn funny leh:)

Okays. That's all, lazy to upload all the picture. And, I'm the reddest person over there, I guess, but I'm not drunk! Hahaha:)
Tmr not gonna go sch for that stupid open house, but meeting Chris they all in late afternoon.
Going to Bugis, shop! Loves man:)
Watched all the eps I have missed pass few days for Whoohoo! Shuang!
And I still got some new shows not yet watch.
Stop here, I wanna continue to see spree.
Lastly, I have changed my blog song! My current addicted song. Both from my current addicted show! Hahah:)
gisiang. andilove Watching shows.
*it's impossible that I stop watching show*

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