Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where are the P I C S ?!!

It has been some time since i last upload photos! Actually there are a lot of photos I can upload but mostly are up on Facebook alrd, making me lazy to upload to bloggie. I wanna upload so next time still can track back because you will never know one day Facebook just turn out to be another Friendster! Another isolated website! Forever Alone~
But anw, i'll do some uploading soon. I'm still at the jobless stage and everyday just stay at hm watch drama! Whahaha! If there's nothing called money in our life and everyone don't have to work isn't it great? whahaha!
Hopefully can get a job soon anyway, going to be broke soon. Savings are finishing. And one day no job mean one day no good food for me! I'm dying to have good food! :(
And, I just change my blog song as well! Another nice korean song by F.T Island- Love Love Love. Enjoy! :)
Gonna sleep now. Tmr gonna explore more on 2AM new album! :) Time check 4.24 am.
g s i a n g , l o v e

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OCT 26TH,   i'm back from Bangkok.

things to share, hopefully it's not gonna be too long for you people.

it's definitely fun to go in a group experiencing different things like 4people squeezing in a tutu! but of course, there are negative points as well such as we need to buy different kind of things, our taste of clothes also different and we have to wait for one another. But going in a group is generally safer and cabbing fees cheaper, food ordered can have more choices! whahahah! :) overall, one word : FUNNNNN! :)

Flight: Tiger Airways
It's really BUDGET to the core... the seats are as squeezing as Jetstar, not much difference. However, it's the location of budget terminal and there's no travellator so have to manual walk to your gate number and go out of the place and climb the stairs which made us look like some super poor people! 'tui fei'~
Luckily, this time there's no flight delay! :)

Hotel: Budacco
It's super cozy just like a modern home room! All the necessaries are there. TV, refrigerator (everyday got free 2 bottles of mineral water), wireless within hotel, towel, hairdryer....the only thing they don't provide is bedroom slippers which I've asked for! It's a really small hotel. Each level comes with 6 different colours rooms, so you can choose your favourite colour! Me and Karen chose green, Yvonne and Chris chose blue but the room got a bit of ants so they requested to change room to purple! The purple room bigger la, with bench and cushion somemore! shiok! Service is good, offered to book for us the big taxi because we got too much luggage! Location....a bit ulu but it's super near to Pratunam morning market. Convenient to shopping area but not convenient for cab to turn in or stop for long. Food didn't try much. Only ate their carbonara pasta, a bit dry but taste was not that bad. OHHH...and they actually served us welcome drink-orange juice! Very thoughtful of them... Cheap and relatively good place to stay!

I've been dying to buy maxi that is not too long, just slightly below knee. However, I'm too choosy and in the end turn out never buy ANY single maxi when BKK is flooded with maxi la. And, I said i wanted to buy dress, in the end turn out buying 2 pathetic dresses which looks 90% similar! This is because we have some miscommunication so I didn't even know in the end i got buy another similar dress la! whahahaha! when sorting out stuff, i'm like saying 'this is whose? huh? mine? i got buy meh?' hahahaha! Bought formal wear and saw soooo many 'tui fei' clothes la! 'tui fei' clothes equals to picnic, kiteflying kind of tops. 'tui fei' is our own term! Whahaha! Shoes, bags and accessories didn't buy a lot. This time round not many nice ones.

Okay, i think that's enough for now. I'm like typing a compo already. Shall share more on my blog with the images after i've gotten it from Chris and Karen. But by that time, they must have posted it up to Facebook, so probably just share a bit more on bloggie with images and words! I'm tired also, gonna rest now!
Tmr gonna be another rotting day at hm, unpacking stuff, watch show, find jobs or whatever!!!

g s i a n g , b y e b k k    h e l l o s g

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fly Off

Finally the day has came.
I've booked the flight and hotel on 15 August, so how long have I waited for this day? 2mths and 8days! Whahahah:) But got a sad news like tonight is that, Bangkok might get flooded on 26/27 Oct. And 26 Oct I'm still in BKK. It's dangerous. Why do I always have to meet this kind of problem? That time was red army and this time flood! Can please just let me go bangkok peacefully and happily?
Anw, I'm hoping nothing will happen, don't rain also!
I don't wanna type too much stuff bcos gonna sleep soon. I'm only left with abt 2hrs of sleep before waking up to prepare! Goodnight people. Please pray hard for me and my friends who are going tgt with me that we will have a safe and happy trip! :)

g s i a n g , f l y i n g t o B K K .

Friday, October 22, 2010

In a MESS!

Tmr gonna go for the NTUC interview! Partial of me is hoping to get the job out of a sudden. Is it better to work design related or start smth totally new like admin? I'm lost and got no preference for anything. Based on my character, admin job is so me! Whaha! But anw, wish myself goodluck for tmr, still hoping that I will be selected!
Tonight had a awesome dinner at Ichiban with singyee and vonne. Beef noodles, gyoza, sushi, greentea icecream! Plus nice chat and long long time nv meet vonne so had a great catchup!
Supposingly I shld be packing my bag tonight, but no time so leave it to tmr afternoon to do it! Plans for tmr/later:
Go interview, go hm, lunch, packed luggage, rest, meet the girls for dinner at with a pinch of salt, go hm slp & prepare to FLY! Whoohoo!
Counting down. Just 1 last day! :)
My room now is in a mess with so many bags hanging, mahjong table, luggage... Gonna packed everything neatly before going!
And lastly before ending this post,
Happy Birthday Yvonne, danaiping! Whahaha!
Anw, I'm just left with 5plus hrs of slp and still dying to type this post with my itouch! Whaha! Goodnight people :)

g s i a n g , r e a l l y g g .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Counting down ..

2 more days to BKK ...
in fact is 1 and a half day! whahaha! :)
i'm gonna start packing soon! ....

and there we gooooo...!

I'm gonna prepare to go out and meet Singyee and Vonne for dinner. Shiok max, cos gonna have Ichiban for dinner! Bye people.

g s i a n g , g r e a t d a y : )

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tday was kinda lazy to step out of my house after days/weeks of rotting at home. But, I have to go out for an interview, in fact no really an interview, just to fill up some stupid application form from this agency. Anw, I'm kinda excited knowing that the job I'm going for is actually under Mediacorp. Maybe excited because it's smth so related to TV- my love. But as i said, not an interview, so gonna have a really interview with Mediacorp people hopefully next week provided that they select me. Sians. I hope i can work there, like fun!
After that job 'interview', guess what? I went to Central Mall alone, forever alone~ Whahaha! :) 
Go for?! .....

Get 'STICKY' ! Muahaha! :)

I'm now their member! Whoohoo :) But of course, i hope i won't be getting too much candies from there, or else i guess i will fat like a pig in a short time! :)
Anw, I really LOVED their watermelon rock! Even my family say it's nice! 
This time round wanted to get other flavours, but sad to more stocks! So all I can get is just Pillow Mix for myself and Rock Mix for Yvonne. I've got my Watermelon Rock last sat before going Minds Cafe for Yvonne's bday celebration.

Click here to check out all the different flavours they have in store! Try your luck at their store, because they might not have all the flavours! But you can preorder! :)

I've been troubling throughout the night thinking if i shld go for the Ntuc interview tmr!? But I've finally made up my mind- NOT TO GO! Instead of going interview, I'M GOING MALAYSIA, KLUANG with my parents, elder brother and his gf! Whahaha! :) It was a super last minute decision and just bought my bus ticket online! I'm so happy, because I can have my Bak Kut Teh tmr! Yummy yam rice and Youtiao soak in B.K.T! And and and..that's not all, I'm gonna have my favourite KAYA BALL! It's extremely nice, esp when it's piping hot! :) Yummy!!! I didn't have it for at least a yr or more, so long never went back! :) I'll try to take some photos if i can! 
Okay, lastly, my counting down....
3 more days to BKK!!! Is it time to pack luggage?!



C'mon let the time fly please!?

g s i a n g , i l o v e S T I C K Y

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Counting down .

it's just 4 more days to bkk!
totally excited and all of us are counting down! :)




Bye Singapore! :)

Absolute Boyfriend

I'm currently having this craze over this Japanese drama- 'Absolute Boyfriend'.
I know this show is out for kinda long alrd, but recently just started watching.
It's a super short drama with only 11episodes.
Dream of having a perfect boyfriend that will never cheat on you? Watch this! :)


He's the ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND! whahaha:)
I'm now left with last 2 eps and it's getting exciting! Don't know in the end the robot how?!


g s i a n g , m y  f i r s t  J A P  d r a m a

Sunday, October 17, 2010

BKK in a week time

Just wanna say:

woah! excited much! :) can predicted tonnes of photos, fun, shopping, food, laughter! totally can't wait!
i just need to rot at hm watch show for the next one week before going bkk. how good can a life be if i can just rot at hm daily, watching movies, drama, doing things i like or working only when i feel like working! whahaha:)
okay, stop my nonsense thinking. gonna sleep right now. it's really late! 4.42am, going 5am. it's time to sleep!

g s i a n g , b k k   i ' m c o m i n g .

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just a short review on my latest discovery of this 'KOI-inspired' bubble tea named 'Come Buy'
It's located at Toa Payoh and definitely it's the first outlet in Singapore I guess.
It's actually said to be international, but originated from Taiwan as well.
So how similar is Come Buy as compared to Koi??

They have their own webbie so if you are interested can click Here to check it out!

1) Price: Abt the same or probably slightly higher because there is an additional charge of 60cents to their pearl! What's bubble tea without pearl right?

2) Choices: Abt the same as Koi, something special which they have is pudding (like an additional choice). However, I have to say: 'the pudding is very hard! i think it's suppose to be a little harder than grass jelly, but it turns out to be....'

3) Choice of Sugar Level & ICE LEVEL?! Sugar level same as Koi, but ICE LEVEL...why the hell do you need to choose your ice level? is it that impt? ordering more ice meaning lesser drink, lesser ice meaning not cold, or even no ice? bubble tea that is not cold?! to me is like crazy! But anyway, in the end i heard the cashier asking: 'sugar level, ice level as per normal?' so what's the point of having these choices when you say 'as per normal'? i don't really get that ice level thing, so i just said normal.. and i don't know their normal is like how much ice as well! kinda stupid!

4) Taste: I think their pearl milk tea kinda normal..a bit more milky than those $1.50 bbt! ..As for their pearl, its not like mini pearl like Koi, but the bigger kind of size...and! it's hard! not super chewy as well. The middle of the pearl is kinda hard! And Singyee actually tried their plum red tea, and her comment was..'they are stingy!' Because the taste of plum is not strong enough..She said Koi put a lot and really much nicer than Come Buy.

5) Service: Okay, I find it kinda irritating because a lot people are working there. Probably same number of people as people who are working in Koi! But the queue is definitely not as long as Koi. I seriously can't stand seeing so many people in a shop but not effective at all... And when I ordering my drinks, I speak in Chinese, then the person speak to me in English. I'm like thinking, 'Why do you have to speak to me in English when I speak to you in Chinese? And isn't it originated from Taiwan? Bring out that Taiwan feel la..' Koi always super Chinese pai one..! I think is so much better! 

I guess by now, you shld know which is definitely better! but of course, you can give it a try! And now is still their pre-opening period, so they only opened the shop from 2pm-10pm!


tmr gonna be my last cup of Koi for this week and also marks the last day working at TPY. I'm gonna find more jobs and send more resume!
everyone shld crave for KOI !
g s i a n g , i l o v e K O I .

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

S U R P R I S E!

Surprise day!
Woke up early morning 8.30am, lying on bed till 9am, brush my teeth, change my clothes and walk to singyee's hse.
her aunt opened the door and tell singyee: 'gisiang.' then she was like shocked! whahaha! :)

singyee: 'what you doing here?'
me: 'give you advance present! '

whahaha! her face was classic like 'wth am i here?'...
gave her present early, thinking that it will be useful for her later in the day when she go Sentosa!
and, i walked hm. 9.30am reached hm.


out with Jiaqi in the noon to buy some facial stuff, collect stuff, buy clothes, buy her friend's bday present
and tday i realised the power of member card!
me and jiaqi actually had two main courses and one drink which came up to a total bill of $5.15!!!
whahaha! i used my 1-for-1 main course voucher and $9 rebate in the member card for hongkong cafe. cheapest meal ever! :) now gotta save a little, cos not working anymore.

these few days i've really been a loner! whahaha! i shopped alone while waiting for people, go collect things from dohby, collect paper from vonne... forever alone~
luckily got itouch or else i swear i won't travel alone!

anyway, i gotta sleep now. earliest night since i'm jobless. but of cos for nth i won't sleep so early.... another busy day! check it out...!
tmr gonna be another 'ding dong!' day. hope my plan will go on smoothly! another shocked face?! perhaps.

g s i a n g , s u r p r i s e  i s  f u n

Monday, October 04, 2010

Ettusais new members

Here's the photo as I mentioned about the new stuff i bought from Ettusais.
Pore Care Wash
Lip Essence

I really like the free pouch. I can use it as a cosmetic bag now since I doesn't have one. There is little prints of the little duck, which is also the logo for Ettusais. Cutey! :)
Anyway, soon gotta get the aqua shooter soon after i finish my toner! whahah! :)
And they had this new mascara called BI-TA-BA, it's quite good i think. Bought one for vonne as her bday present. Shall ask her for more feedback on it. 
Check out more on Ettusais!

g s i a n g , l o v e s E t t u s a i s

Sunday, October 03, 2010

happy go lucky

tday went out to town to get presents with chris.
sooo happy today cos get the things i needed or to be done...
1) medicure and pedicure done!
love the colours on my nails and not gonna change it until i go bkk
2) new facial wash- ettusais pore care wash
hope it's good and can rescue my big pores
3) lip essence from ettusais
it's not a need, but i get it cos i find it cute, but i'll definitely use it. so not a waste of money right?
4) freebies from ettusais
i got $10 off my buys and get travel set gift with a mini pouch! soooo happy! :)

went to kaser's bday celebration at downtown chalet. i just went there basically to give present and eat cake! whahah! i only went like for abt 1 and a 1/2 hr and gotta leave for vonne's bday celebration at barrage.
but still........


i bought sushi earlier on at this shop in whitesands and bcos i reached late, the shop closed, and i didn't manage to collect my sushi! damn! and went picnic without those sushi... sorry vonne, i said that i'll buy the sushi but in the end.... anyway, hopefully rayne could collect it for me tmr so at least won't be wasted.
had a really simple night picnic. and get to see all the really beautiful kites with led lights. damn nice! :) played monopoly deal and poker cards. and all were really tired so went home abt 2plus am.
hope vonne will like the presents we gave! :)
thanks weekiat and singyee for sending me home despite being so tired... and congrats to weekiat, finally POP! :)

i think i'm now living as if i still got a job. whahah! :) but what's most impt is i'm happy (at least for now)!...
i'm seriously gonna find a job soon like nx wk, go whatever interviews if there's a need.
hopefully nx wk i can go universal studio with singyee, weekiat and jiaqi. please please! i wanna go tgt and have fun! :)

goodnight people, i will upload my new ettusais family members probably tmr. took a little photos during vonne's bday celebration. hope to get the photos soon and will upload them to bloggie again! :)

g s i a n g , h a p p y g o l u c k y :)