Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a fuck day. Sucks.
Morning reached sch abt 7.30am which is like super early & we need to wait for like 4-5hrs before we start doing our job. If that's the case then should not ask us come so early what. Wasted my sleep.
Had a discussion on some projs. Split up the work. As usual, the laziest grp, so our meeting ended the earliest.
Then went to Paya Lebar, Charles & Keith warehouse sales.
Queued, but was quite fast.
Super squezzy, but still manage to see the stuff.
Mission is die die must buy a thing.
So bought a bag which I think not bad.
Saw so many people buy the same bag, but whatever. Maybe that is the nicest bag over there! Hahah:)
Many heels!!! But too high for me! Wanted to get a slipper at 11$ but no more size. Damn sad:(
Came hm. Have dinner.
Out of nothing, family just quarrel. Parents were arguing abt money, in the end my brother cannot stand it anymore then just scold my father. But seriously I think what he said is true.
Just don't understand why must my father buy toto or 4D. It is such a waste of money. If he don't buy all this for like 2weeks, can buy me a fan for my room le lo. It's just a fan and we are not like poor until can't afford a fan! Then quarrel over all this. If I have money I sure pay lo! WTH. I hate life without money. I nx time will nv have a boyfriend which will bet on all this lo! Is fucking stupid. And why can't my father just try to save a bit and help to pay for some of the home bills? My brother need to pay his university fees by himself, is like wtf lo. 7000$ for one yr okays, so expensive! And my father ask him to pay by himself. Want to have children then shld have the responsibility to raise us up what. My mother is like working liao la cos I'm having my own room. Then my father like still say is bcos bet very little money that's why nv win! What kind of logic is this???!! Fuck reason lo. Long time bet a few times nvm, he always bet! Is just like throwing money to singapore pools lo! I think I die die also want to go find a job to support myself! I sometimes really don't feel like taking money from my father! He always say he are living so good liao, then did he see how's other people living? Other can live much more better than why can't us! I don't want to be a poor & no money person in the future! I nx time have kids also don't want them to live like me now! Quarrelling over a fan is fucking stupid la! If I'm still working now, I sure pay for my own fan & all the furnitures I want to buy! & I guess my brother is so angry until he went out lo. I'm angry that why I need to live with suh limited money! My family is also no so poor to the extend of no money to buy a less than 100$ de fan bah.
A person really need to always think of ways to improve & not just stay at the position it is right now. Starting earn 2000$, after 10yrs still earn 2000$!!! That's really sucks! Can't have this kind of mentality la! Then I let my younger bro play my lappy. Then don't want return to me & let me use. Then he angry, slam door, I more angry lo. What a unlucky day!
gisiang. andihate life without money:(

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nothing much to update today.
Just went school, have lesson.
Went to Ikea & Queentown Shopping Centre.
Then came back to Bishan. Chat, Slack & came back home early.
Cos tmr going to do volunteer work which is not I really want to do on my own accord. Hahah:)
Sort of like forgot abt this volunteer work. But nvm, I'm a helpful person! Hahah:)
But I just disliked to wake up super early. I think shall slp a bit earlier tonight.
That's about it.
gisiang. andihate WakingupEARLY.
Today work till really late.
I guess we were the last one to leave school of design. Hahah:)
Met Singyee & Qi for dinner.
Then went back to work.
Met Singyee to go home together.
Had a super long chat with her. From Junction8 to our hse there de bus stop. Hahah.
Go hm at abt 12.15am. Really late. Hahah:)
Play, Mask, Blog, Sleep.
That's all.
gisiang. andilove Chatting&Gossiping:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few days nv blog already.
Had been busy with my studio model. Deadline, this coming friday. But is like half done only.
So still striving & working very hard to complete the model. And many people get a lot of cuts here and there until the plasters in the workshops have run out. That's so fast la.. Hahah:)
Karen's skin got chip off agn! Sad. We must really work very carefully huh...
Anyway, reached hm quite late this few days. Reached hm, is either watch show or facebook.
But this two days met so really idiotic ppl on facebook.
One is some cheaters who cheat super obvious. Although me & Karen do cheat in the games but at least not so obvious. They totally same scores leh!
Second is some bitch. Scold us chinese fuckers leh! Wth lo... Then when play game she keep on fuck here fuck there. So rude la. Then we just scold here back lo...
Want to play peacefully also cannot. Hahah:)
Now putting mask. Cos face really damn jialat. This few days we have been working in a dustroom.... Super dirty & dusty. So got to takecare more of my skin.
That's all for now & I'm going to slp. Wking up early, go sch chiong model agn!
gisiang. andihate idioticppl.

Monday, November 24, 2008

OMG! I'm so addicted to 'Guess the Sketch Challenge'.
Have been playing throughout the whole day. Playing with Karen , Elaine & Ah Ma. Hahah:)
I'm the top scorer for now! Hahah:) 3600!
Anyway, just little updates on last night.
Went to Chomp Chomp, came back freaking full! Hahah:)
Ate quite a lot of food. Nothing much. Is just like a normal dinner rather than a celebration. Hahah:)
Just now went out with parents & younger bro to have dinner at whampoa. Super full also! Nice dinner, but a bit sick of the fried chicken. Hahah:) Came home, facebooking agn.
Now, watching show.... loading.
That's all. & tmr suppose to be a short day but I know it's gonna be a tiring week. Rushing for datelines for studio. Hated it but bo bian.
gisiang. andilove guessthe sketch:)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last night was a movie night agn.
Reached home abt 2.30am.
Watched two movies. One was Eden Lake then the second one is Creep.
Both shows a bit lame. But the second one was scary. Got a bit of dolls & those baby crying sound which sounds so irritating & scary la. Then got one part scare me lo! Hahaha:)
The first one a bit sad la. The boyfriend die, the girlfriend also die because a bunch of stupid boys. Hahah:) Don't like this kind of ending. All die!
I think I damn power la. I slept at abt 3.30am last night, & I woke up at 3.15pm this morning. Sleeping for like almost 12hrs! Hahah:)
Then I was introduced to this new game at facebook call Guess The Sketch.
Quite fun. I'm trying to beat people's score though I'm not very good at it yet. Hahah:)
& today I finally had my own room, but I'm just so lazy to pack my things & put it into the room. Haha. I got too much things to move into the room. Hahah:)
That's all for now & hope tmr I will have the mood & time to shift my things.
Later going to Chomp Chomp to celebrate JJ's bday.
Now going to continue to play my games first.
gisiang. andilove Sleeping:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Last night reached home at abt 2.15am. So didn't came online.
Today shall upload all the photos.
Ytstd celebrate Huifen's 18th birthday.
Went to AMK Suki Sushi to have dinner.
A very nice & full dinner!
Beef tepanyaki, first time trying& it's very nice.

Sushi plates!

After dinner, we went to Kbox Plaza to sing. Hahah:)
I think is a good kbox outlet to go to. New & nice. Clean toilet also, as compared to the rest.

See, got two tv somemore. Good huh?
Karen's slutty pose!!!! LOOK! SLUTTY KARENLICIOUS!!!! Hahhaa:)
Birthday girl!!!

My camera went a bit siao, then super lag, then snap our legs! Hahah:)
Chris dancing!

That's all for the picture!
& ystd was a 'GREEN' DAY! Everyone wore green except for one or two la... Hahah:)
Iwas so tired today that when I woke up, I felt that I have nv slept! Haha:)
So didn't went for Zalina's lesson in the morning. Went for lecture and Rostina's lesson. But Rostina's lesson was easy & very short. Hahah:) Then went hm have dinner cos' no more money le.
Now blogging, later going out to meet Vonne & go Zm's hse to watch movie.
Gonna watch a specially downloaded shark movie! Hahah:) I think I love animals movies!
That's all for now. Gonna facebooking first.
gisiang. andilove SukiSushi& Kboxing:)
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another rainy day.
Recently has been raining so much that it became a problem for us.
We need to go out & search for material at those industrial areas, raining then need bring umbrella. Soooo troublesome.
Today went to Ubi that area. Check the price for corrugated boards. Too expensive le. Maybe get from another supplier at Senoko. Then, maybe tmr need to go down to check the price agn or if possible, shall check & order through phone.
I think driving is so difficult. When it's raining, I can't even see properly. And, really need to thank Phoebe to drive us around so many places these few days. Thanks!
Today, at Ubi, bought the very nice durian puff reccomended by Phoebe! Hahah:) It's really quite nice. Went hm, taking bus 55. It's seem so short but it took me like 45min to reach Bishan.
Guess it will be quite busy & tiring for these few days.
Tedious studio, Long school hrs, Busy bday celebration.
Tmr is Huifen's bday! Finally 18 but still like small kid la.... Hahah:)
Tmr will be a super long day & maybe going Kbox to celebrate her bday.
That's all for now. Gonna do some other things.
gisiang. andilove durianpuff:)
Today had com skills lesson in the morning.
So had a test on all the parachute. & today let us see the true colours of someone! Scared lose to our parachute! Hahah:) Even straight away drop the parachute also at least need 1s??!! Hahha!
But whatever it is, I pity Huifen. Hahah:)
Our grp de parachute last longest- 11seconds.
Then had studio lesson. Kana scolded by Zalina. She finally get angry le! Hahah:) Say we nv put in effort and everything. But luckily in the end propose another idea then can work. Bridge reached boat's head automatic straight!!! Haha:)
Then went to Farrer Park or Bugis that area to search for the wood shop. Today was another maraton. Hahah:) Walked a lot. But wood too expensive. We used cheapest material- cardboard in the end. Hahah:) Gonna test it out tmr.
Reached hm rest, ate dinner, watch '我的一万面包' ep1. Not bad!
Facebooking, Psping, Blogging.
I hate plastic people. Split/'DOUBLE' personality.
So kua zhang la. Feel so disgusted by that.
gisiang. andihateplastic people.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today meet Karen & went to Salvation Army to check on sponge. However, I think doesn't help at all. It is a wasted trip! Hahah:) Then, went to Junction 8 and nearby blks to do the parachute and the testing out. In the end, we still decide to come over to my hse to do it. Got more materials. Hahah:) Karen had dinner at my hm. Super full and still XIAN HAI her to eat orange! Haha:) Now know why I now this kind of size le hor.... Got so much food to eat! Hahah:)
And, today Karen showed me a super funny video of her friend's baby. So cute! I think she is putting it on youtube & her blog. Can go see...
So, in the end our parachute last only for about 5secs. We also don't know if it's good or bad. Hahah:) Then, do a lot of climbing up and down just to test out the parachute. Poor Karen's hand wash! Hahah:)
Tmr got to go to esplanade for the lightings proj. Then, go somewhere to search for sponge & stuff. Now blog cos I'm waiting for my last part of the show to upload. Watching Wu Di Shan Bao Mei.
And lastly, after so many days of playing the brain challenge, I finally move & no longer infant le. I'm at position#6. I shall try to win whoever that is in front of me! Hahah:)
gisiang. andilove watching shows.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm tired of working in groups. Not because I'm working with whoever I don't like or what. I think there is seriously too many grp projects & all involved different people. Hard to plan the timing for meeting up. Tired.
Tmr meeting Karen to do parachute & going to salvation army to check on materials for our studio as well.
I have been searching jobs for quite some time.
Send resumes but no reply. Damn sian. Today just sent another two. Hope there will be some replies. Hahah:)
And, I finally watched 'Connected'. I watched it online. Hahah:) Free! Super cheapo! Hahah:)
The movie very exciting lo! Very nice!
Still got to continue with my job search.
Bye people.
gisiang. andihate GROUPWORKS.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today is a Friday:)
Finally. Meaning I can slp late! Haha:)
Went to AMK with classmates to walk walk, search for running shoes & bla bla...
After awhile went to met Singyee.
Shopped around, she bought things & I bought things also! Hahah:) Spent money agn.
I bought a watch from Time Club, is from some weird brand called Louis Jean. I guess nobody know this brand. Hahah:) It cost me 48$ with one yr warranty. It is a simple watch, like those 10$ watch but I just like it. Shall post the picture of the watch another day, alright..
Then, met Vonne at AMK Mac. Chatted. Zm came, slacked, psping then decided to went to Zm's hse to watch movie agn.
This time watched 'Snake on a Plane'.
Vonne watched le, Zm also know parts of the story le, then Singyee busy with her work so is like only left me watching bah. Hahah:) Overall, nice show!
Went hm, reached hm abt 3am, facebooking awhile, blogging.
Slping very soon. Tired:(
gisiang. andilove Movies:)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today went to Singapore Biennale at City Hall.
I guess this is the first time we are so interested in the exhibits bah. Hahah:) Cos' when we can leave that time, we nv leave. We continue to go & see the exhibits. Hahah:) Since when we become so hardworking??!!
Then, went to eat at BK.
Phoebe drives us to YCK Stadium.
Had our badminton match after such a long time.
But today was different, losers got to run! Hahah:)
So all play till very hiong! And, in the end, I run the most lo. Ran 8rounds of the courts, Ah Ma ran 7rounds & Chris ran 2rounds then died there le! Hahah:)
Let's see the pictures:) Guess it's a lot for you all to see.

All bathe hao except for me & Ah Ma nv bathe! Hahah:)
Chris super wet hair!

Ang Zhang Er Ren Zu- Dirty 2 People grp!

Our hair okay mah right? Don't look like just play finish and sweat a lot de kind. Haha:)

Ah Ma crazy agn. Don't want let people see her face!

Before playing.
All of them say I wear damn funny. Cos I wear a normal outing tee with a FBT shorts & slippers to play! Haha:) Is a bit funny plus paiseh la.
On the way there, on Phoebe's car!
Singapore Biennale photos.
Super good skin under this light!

Me wearing Huifen's cap.
Ah Ma's turn..
Google Earth. Spot your home.

Mine was pasted beside Karen's. A video. But it's weird.
Under red lights.

Taken inside this room.

This is a floating book. What makes it float? I guess is the egg inside and the material of the book. It is a leather book anyway.
Can you see the egg? I tried so many time to take.

Aliens with UFO?

This is a tank filled up with water. When take picture, all of us will be inverted. I don't have the pictures now. Shall upload if I have it.
A wood craving animation abt a song.
Whole stetch of animation! Tonnes of work done!
This is really amazing! It looks like a flat image, but look carefully. It's dent in.
And, the power of this is....
When you walk from left to right , or right to left, you can see the car is moving. But it is actually just on the wall.
Looks flat right?
All this 3 images can move! Damn cool!
11000 kinds of plants.
All are cut out using aluminium. And if you see from the front, all are black & white. The other side is all coloured! Very nice:)

Scary statue which is made of charcoal.

It's us!
This is like different people with the same clothings on that particular position. Hahah:)

I loved the way how the work is framed up. Simple & Black & White.

Fify's slutty pose.
Woollen yarn. The whole motorbike is woven.
A arylic piece of artwork. The whole thing is made very thick arylic paint until it is actually popping out.

A little photos on ystd outing to Damsey Road.
I liked this kind of feel!

That's all for the pictures.
Took cab home from YCK cos it's raining. So helpless, no umbrella. Hhaha:)
Home, Bathe, Blog, Sleep.
gisiang. andilove STRAWBERRY CREAM STICK:)
get strawberry stick at Raffles City basement

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