Friday, April 18, 2008

i deleted the pics that i'm suppose to print right in the morning!
and the photos are needed for the presentation in the morning which will also be pass on to the yr1 peeps for their presentation. IS A GRP WORK AND I JUST CREWED IT UP. hahah:)
super sad and sian of myself.
dunno wad's wrong with me.
i dragged everyone in my grp down. sorry to all.
disappointment :(
but luckily just survive thru the presentation with the very little pics we got.
due to the draggy presentation, i dun even have a lunch break. karen and elaine they all help me get 'kuay teow' SOUP... BUT the time i end the presentation.. 'KUAY TEOW SOUP' BECOME 'KUAY TEOW DRY' !!! the kuay teow suck up all the soup. so in the end, i think only left with 1/10 of the soup in the container??!!! hahaha:) a sucky lunch i've got.
luckily zalina super good! let us relax. give us a easy mini grp work to do and the work require us to go out of boring classroom. we just need to find a spot in the campus and ans some quest! haha:) so we went to the NYP SWIMMING POOL! our class has actually like headed to the clubcrawl!! haha:) so fun! TODAY HAS BEEN THE FIRST TIME I WENT TO NYP SWIMMING POOL AND SPORTS HALL!!! can you imagine? hhaha:) 2nd yr student liao den until today den know where is the swimming pool and sports hall. hahah:) we even went to get COKE ZERO FOR FREEEEE!!! hahah. the auntie spirit! on the way back to classroom, me, karen and ah ma was like crazy joking... talking crap. haha:)
sannie lesson was cancelled. so can go hm at 4pm. we stayed back in the classroom to chat, sing , dance, and wadeva stupid stuff la. until like 4plus den went to have a quick bite at south canteen and a few of us went to bishan.
shop shop around.
den we went hm le.
a simple and fun day afterall.
no pic for today cos didnt bring camera out.
shall take some pic for tmr if can.
bye peeps. slping very soon.
no more late nights for me!
gisiang. andiloveCRAPPINGard :)

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