Wednesday, April 09, 2008


finally got some pics ler. shall have some pics for the recent outings.
chalet ....

me and chris
huifen learning guitar!
weixiang playing guitar!
me chris huifen
bbq food!
me doing the stingray!
weixiang junrong kenneth
all the guys!

kaser playing guitar
me and kaser! having our breakfast at mac.
huifen and chris
playing the forfeit game!
after the chalet, we went to play pool.
and .. ME! taken by kaser !
and thats the end for the 5 and 6 of april
birthday cake!
the guys!
bday boy cutting bday cake
kenneth lighting the candles.
kenneth and junrong
cake on junrong face!

making wishes!

cutting cake at amk!

the end for junrong bday
8april- ice skating but no pics taken!
9april ...
today went out with vonne singyee yinghui and jonathan. long time nv meet up with jonathan.
went to shop shop.
saw a sandals at topshop. not bad. liked it. but expensive. $59!!! haha:) and singyee they all say that the topshop one is nicer than the one i like in charles and keith. so how???!! hhah:) duno which to buy. plus i super broke.
today still go to eat pasta de waraku!!! is so ex. eat one dinner already cost me 22$ !! omg! and today i only bring 4$ go out. hahah:) den after that went to eat anderson ice cream! ate a 5scoops ice cream !!! which cost me 10.50$ and abt 12$ with gst!!!! i think i'm crazy today! no money still go eat so expensive de food. so i'm owing ppl money and is really a huge amt!
owe singyee - 77$ , vonne - 71$ !!! total - 148$ !!! wth right??!
nvm. shall return you all the money once i got my pay !
some pics taken just now!
because of the very nice display food, we went in to eat!
ice cocoa!
my anderson 5scoop ice cream!! fattening sia!
vonne and singyee.
that's all for the day! and i have finally finish uploading all the pics. hahah:)
tmr really got to stay at hm ler! i can't afford to go out ler. got no money ler!
i dun even know if i friday shld go and eat steamboat. no money also! but really feel like meeting up with my telemarketing friends. so long nv see them! i will try to go bah!
LASTLY, I WANT TO SAVE MONEY BY EATING LESS EXPENSIVE FOOD LER! no more nice food for me! kopitiam and food court from now on....
gisiang. andilovethe topshopsandals!

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