Sunday, May 30, 2010


My virgin trip to Universal Studio:)
I can only say I would really want to go bk to Universal Studio agn one day even if I need to pay $70 for it.
It is so much more fun than Disneyland! Disneyland is really too childish for me!

I've really a lot to say abt USS but I'm really tired. I have some problems with uploading the pics cos the pics size are too big, gonna resize them tmr. So gonna upload just a few pics tmr! The rest of the pics will only be up on Monday night!

Jiaqi for inviting me to USS which worth $70 for one tix on a weekend.
Jinglong for taking all the photos and his camera is super duper heavy and he didn't complaint at all.
Andy for being the guide to USS for the day! And being a super joker of the day! His level of scaryness is like so big diff from me! Hahaha:)

Had fun, and I seriously wait to share the fun with whoever that is reading my blog!
Totally Awesome day:)
Keep updated, photos coming up tmr!
gsiang. I'm in love with USS:)
Hey people,
So here are some pics from USS.

This is our lunch at 'Mel's Drive In' in USS. And the burger is gigantic! It's even bigger than Carls Junior! And the drinks is like MacDonalds medium size coke! But good thing, it's nt too ex. $8.80 one set!

My favourite Waterworld show! Damn amazing and shocking show! And they even have seats catergorised to Soak or Splash zone. Soak meaning you can get very wet and splash is just a bit wet! I think its cool. And we took photos with the performers, got one guy damn handsome! whahaha! In the show, there's explosions, water stunts and a lot other stuff! Must watch!
We were at Jurassic Park area and having our boat rides! Instead of those normal ways of going up a track and go down then we get splash..they got this lift to send the boat up and the door will open then the boat go down the track!!! Not very high but quite fun! And their boat can sit up to 9 people!

Taken when we are in the boat and before getting wet! Hahaha:)

Taken at the Waterworld show!

These pictures credit to Andy! For nw, I only have these. Gonna upload them asap when I got those pictures.
Bye people.
Today is my rotting day at hm! And I just finished watching The Backup Plan from Funshion.
Quite a nice show.
gsiang. I'm gonna watch more movies!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Gym, Swimming, Jacuzzi, Steam Room all in a day!
Went Yishun Safra with Chris and Fify to exercise! 20mins of running and we go swimming, cos time is too short for today! They just totally agree that Yishun Safra is such a good place to exercise! Good facilities! Had great fun exercising!
After exercise, went to have Subway for dinner. It's Subway day! Cold cut trio! Hahaha! Then after that shopped ard, went to Mphosis agn and I SPEND MONEY AGN! Bought this sandals! Hahahah! I think wear already like will a bit pain cos the bands are a bit tight. But I just buy cos I really like! AND IT'S ONLY 13.95$!!!


Anw, I'M GOING TO UNIVERSAL STUDIO TMR OR LTR!!!! hahaha:) Totally can't wait for it! It's my first time there and the best thing on Earth, it's FREEEEEE!!! Thanks to Jiaqi, winning these tix from Nuffnang! I'm so excited. Since I quit my job, all the good things are happening to me! Whahaha! Great day, Great things!
Tmr after USS, gonna meet Singyee, Weekiat, Vonne and Zhiming for dinner at Bishan! Gonna have either Manhatten Fish or Thai Express! Damn shiok can? This is what I call life thou I know it's nt gonna be like that everyday!
I'm gonna sleep early tonight cos gonna wake up early for all the fun tmr! :)
Bye people, goodnight.
gsiang. first trip to USS, looking forward:)

Friday, May 28, 2010

End of Designer life :) :(

Today is the last day of work at DP Group. I'm happy yet a bit sad too!
Happy cos I no need to think of all the design stuff or stress over design work anymore. Sad is I don't know if I made the right choice to leave and thou' I only work for a month but still a bit 舍不得 to leave. Today is consider the most slack day for me cos its my last day so just tidy up everything and do whatever necessary stuff.
Took pictures of the office! It's gonna be part of my memory. 3yrs of skills put into use for 1mth! Will I still be using my interior skills I have learnt into use one day? So this is the office. Pretty small but cozy!

Corridor, straight then go toilet! Hahaha!
My desk! Filled with so many samples of diff materials and books all for reference!
What a messy table I have! This is designer life! Whahahah!

I can seriously tell you ppl that I've nv been so relax since the first day I stepped into design line. Everyday worried abt things, stressing everyday. But today I'm totally relaxed and tell Boss personally what I'm thinking and why I quit. Boss and the son really quite good and willing to teach us, but too bad I still gotta leave. Bye, DP Group.

One month is enough to let me feel the stress and how hard it is to be a designer. Good luck to future designer out there!

After work, went to Orchard to meet Karen, Fennie and Chris for sales!!! Mphosis sales is here agn! Plus heard Taka got sales for Coach and Burberry plus other branded stuff up to 30% off! But in the end it's only 10% plus you need to be a Taka member! So nt too good deal for me! But anw Mphosis sales has always been a major love to me and rest of my friends! And this time round is the first time nt buying slippers! I bought clothes! I believe my mum might wash until got hole agn after a few times but I still wanna buy or else nv buy like damn wasted sia. So total spent : $61.20!!! 3 items only! But there is this skirt that I really like! Hahaha! Shiok sia buy things make me happy!

Everyone bought stuff! Good:) Satisfied.
After all the buying and shopping, went to have dinner at Cineleisure. Today is like damn shiok lo. Relax, no need worry abt work anymore, have new clothes!

I guess I'm really tired today. I fall asleep in the bus and I almost fall off my seat when I dozed off! Super paiseh! Then Chris msg me, as I was replying her, I don't know why I blur blur then nv pressed the bell to stop the bus! When I rmb need press, the bus already gone pass my hse bus stop, at Bishan ITE already. Then I took the bus to interchange then take bus hm agn! WTH sia, this kind of thing nv happen before lo... I like super sian la...
Anw, tmr gonna be a fitness day! Going Yishun Safra for gym and swimming! Shiok! Hope the swimming pool please close later than 7pm! Time is too short!

Okays, that's all for the day. I think I wanna change blogskin soon... did I say this like weeks ago?! Hahaha! I really wanna change but kinda lazy. Bye people, gonna get bk to surfing net and slping soon!
gsiang. back to the happy me! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm back to the same point.

Thinking to quit or not to quit agn. This question has been in my mind for like thousand times! Everyday have been thinking abt it. And today Fennie tell me, why do I have to think agn when my decision is already made up? YA! WHY DO I HAVE TO THINK AGN?!! But... I don't know why... Too many factors making me confuse.
If I've decided to quit, I just need to work till end of this mth and maybe I just work till thurs, cos fri is a ph. Then it's rather stupid to go bk on monday and just work that last day.
If I quit mean I've wasted my 3yrs studying interior, but at least I enjoyed my 3yr with the best classmates ever!
Since the first day of work, I've been complaining till nw, non-stop. I think all my friends' ears are going deaf! Everytime listening to my complaints... I really wish to stop all these. Complaining doesn't makes me happy. I don't want to complaint for the rest of my life.
I don't have passion for design, I don't know what I want. I've been thinking so much for my future... I can seriously understand why ppl want to marry a rich husband, wanna be a tai tai..
After that day of talk with boss and Julian, I've thought of staying but everyday that I stay is still the same, I'm nt happy. And all thanks to Chris, then I found out that I've been 'hai-ing' so much that she can't stand me! Hahahah! This is so horrible! I've been hai-ing all the while but I didn't realise it... Isn't really a sign to me that I'm nt happy and I shld quit?!
But what to do in the future? Forever do promoter jobs? Earning 1000plus one mth forever?! I totally can't imagine and think...
In design, its really abt you make it or you don't. If I wanna continue, I have to put in a lot of effort.. but isit worth it? Nt happy plus design is nt my dream job.. so why do I have to work so hard just to earn a living? Money can really drive a person crazy! Get me a rich husband!!! Fucking impossible!
Okays... enough of complaint.. Just some updates of happy stuff!

Today went gym with Fennie and Chris. We were just damn suay that the bishan gym is close for some events! So went all the way to YCK for gym! And that gym got no heater for the shower. Damn it and I'm freezing cold when showering! And without Fify, lesser exercise! Fify shld just go with me! And my stamina dropped so much plus I gained bk the 2kg I lost like maybe 1mth or 2mth ago! Hahahah! Gotta maintain liao la... Cannot get bk to last time that kind! SCary giant! Hahahah! I do most workout today! But nt as much as last time and we super kuazhang... we stay until the gym close, all lights off liao we still make up in the toilet! Hahahah!
After that go downstair toilet continue make up.....
Then went to Bugis to eat Mos Burger for dinner and Orh Orh! Shiok!!! It has been abt abt 8mths or more since I last had Orh Orh!!! Long queue sia today.. Hahaha! But totally worth it!
And I bought 2 nail polish from Faceshop! Plus one is kena xian hai then bo bian just buy! Cos I took the new piece to ask Fennie to try the colour..then the sales person catch us... then she say once use consider sold so just buy lo.. But luckily the colour is nt too ugly! Hahaha! Noob sia... Like still use new piece to test!
Today quite happy la! Hahaha! And I think I tmr more happy! Going town with Singyee for shopping! Gonna ask her for opinions to my job agn! Been bothering so much ppl recently. Going to have dinner tgt also! I'm still thinking of what good food can I have for tmr! Hahaha! Working so hard and I think I deserve good food! Okays, that's all for the day!
Very long post, long complaints, but that's my current working life.
Anw I had a great night watching all my show ystd night till 5am! Shiok!!!

gsiang. working life is much harder than I expected :(

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quitting, just a matter of time.

Today is just a day that makes me realised I'm nt useful at all in the company and making me decided to quit.
There's really too much I need to learn if I really want to continue in this line. But the prob is... I'm nt even sure if I want to continue in this line so I think I better quit nw or else I need to start learning 3d max.
Rendering nt up to standard, boss want 3d max kind or smth as real as taking a photo which I really can't do it. Even I learn 3d max nw, I also need quite a long time then can render out that kind of effect bah.
Elevation nt that professional kind they want. I don't even know what they want, i just do like what I did in sch. Boss nv tell me what he want if need labelling of material or more details, I don't know what to label also cos didn't do that before.
No colour sense! I didn't know I have no colour sense, or maybe ppl just have diff kind of likings and I find it too hard to satisfied them.
I don't have any say in the proj, so what's more for me to say or comment abt the design? My 3yrs design study is just wasted.. My diploma equals nth... what do I have? A O'level cert.
The only thing I'm sad is I survived thru 3yrs of torture but I gave up my job after 2 weeks. And the amt of money my dad spend on letting me study design is gone to waste. Really damn sad for the money. Hais..
Nw I need to think of hw to tell my company I'm quitting...
I'm just gonna work some event jobs or find other full time job after that.
I just wanna leave asap, work with my friends happily and have money to survive on my own!

Anw other than working stuff, there's so much other things I wanna upload but nt now i think. Kinda sians.
gsiang. i choose happiness over money:)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I guess I will be blogging on every Friday since I don't have to work on a Saturday. Friday will become my officially blogging day or time.
Today still rendering for my work. Super sians. Wasted so much time on rendering. And in the end also nv render finish so gotta bring back hm to render but all the settings are almost there, but still need photoshop some parts.... Max sian. But need to send to boss asap bah.
And when it's rendering, my whole lappy is so damn slow even seeing facebook pic. So I can't watch my show when it's rendering which is making me damn bored!
I'm now still in the midst of rendering but my rendering compare to those professional kind, mine really quite sucky but I tried my best...
I seriously want to faster complete this proj and continue with the sentosa cove one...
I'm tired, but it's rendering, maybe I shld go slp first after 2hrs then wake up to save the image.
Anw, it's Saturday tmr and I always can't make up my mind to go out or not to go out. Saturday I always have so many shows to watch, Sunday I don't have much shows to watch. So I always prefer going out on a Sunday but I don't know if tmr want go out with Chris and Huifen cos I got show plus I feel like completing my work tmr! Sian ttm... Go out need spend money. Until nw then I really feel that money is really hard to earn. Hahaha!
I'm kinda tired, think I go slp for 2hrs then wake up agn to save my image.
Bye ppl, and I've yet to get photos from Vonne!!! I wanna upload photos!
gsiang. rendering takes forever to complete.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Designer Life

I've started working for 4days. I think the 4days is quite a torture for me and when the thought of quiting on the third day even came across my mind. But I think I will be damn loser if I quit on the third day.
First day, I was given this proj to work on.... Stay late cos boss talked to us abt the company and stuff...

Second day, continue on proj, cracking my brain to think of layout and in the end stick to the boss idea... Sucks. But at least I can stop cracking my brain... Stay late agn cos boss son talk to us abt company stuff agn.....

Third day, go see the site that me and Chris need to design, that is the only fun and happy days out of these 4working day. Went to Sentosa Cove, cos the client hse is there. I can never imagine how rich the person is. All the furniture in living room plus dinning table and chair are all FENDI! Even the chandelier also! Then one of the sofa cost like 20k! Crazy pls... Really 大开眼界! I found this fendi chandelier online which looks totally the same as the one I saw at the client's hse.

So thursday we went bk office already like 5.15 so I paiseh to go off at 5.30 then I stay till 6. Then went to meet Singyee, Vonne and Jiaqi at Orchard! Damn happy to meet them cos we are went to Weekiat working restaurant at Ngee Ann city to eat. The food there are quite nice and big serving! I can't even finish all the chicken or pork cutlet... Quite worth it thou it's a bit more expensive... One meal gt lettuce, miso soup, rice, chicken or pork whatever your choice is, watermelon plus greentea- $23.90-$26.90. Depends on which set you order. But all thanks to Weekiat & friend plus Singyee.. We get 20%disc plus free toufu and 2 coffee jelly... Hahahah! Took some photos but with Vonne so hope can get it uploaded soon...

Fourth day of my work... At first say want to have the rendered images out by end of the day. But I can't even complete and luckily boss nv ask and he left office early. So I stayed back to do until 6.30 but I still got so many things need to do. Haven't render plus haven't draw finish. Stressed! So leave at 6.30 went City Plaza shop then head to TPY to find Yvonne and have dinner at Mosburger with Fenniie and Chris. Finally, it's fri...TGIF! And I get to slp late today!

Today went Ikea with Chris. Bought the thing to hang my shoes in my wardrobe plus some storage boxes. Shopped at Anchorpoint then went hm to eat dinner... I slept for 9hrs but I'm still tired... Sian ttm! I nw need go do my rendering! SEE!!! I'm like working on a Saturday night!

Isn't working life sad for me!? I shall try out one month before I decide to stay or quit. I scared this job will be too stressful for me. I scared I will go crazy one day! I don't like to bring office work back hm to do... when I'm only getting 1.5k per month! The environment, ppl and location are all good for me, is just abt the job that is making me to think if I'm suitable for this job and shld I really continue for the rest of my life! Is everyone working so unhappily? Okays. I think I shld stop with all my complaints and just get my things done soon then slp! Phsyco myself in every single thing which I think bad! Think positive!!!

gsiang. money or happiness?

Monday, May 03, 2010

I had a early Mother's Day celebration this yr. Me, and my two brothers went to Rui Chun to eat tgt as a celebration for my mum and of cos, its me and my elder brother paying for the meal which is nt a lot as well. Each 30$ only. And we ate until super full!
After dinner, I went to Causeway point to find Singyee and Vonne for awhile then Weekiat came to fetch all of us hm! Thanks wk!
Gonna meet besties all on coming Thurs for dinner at Tonkichi. I didn't know there is this restaurant. But because Weekiat work there so we are going to eat there! And I think the food are very nice! I saw review on hungrygowhere, it's rating is 7.6! I think if you love pork maybe can go there cos its famous for it. I'm don't really like pork but I'm more interested in the coffee jelly that Singyee and Weekiat say must try! Hahaha! I'm a dessert lover! So I really can't wait for Thurs to come...

Tmr is my last of freedom! Gonna start working on Tues! I'm really damn sad okays!!! I seriously can't imagine my 20yrs of education, schooling just gonna end like that and I'm stepping to another part of my life- working life! Damn it! I think I didn't enjoy enough! How I wish I could make a trip to Taiwan bk Sg then start working thou I know it's impossible! Nx time when start working when can I go gym?! Shopping only during weekends meaning have to squeeze with ppl! Omg! Pls console me and make me feel that working is nt that bad...
I seriously have so much probs with going to work! Arghh! I'm damn damn sian ttm!

Tmr gonna meet the girls for lunch at AMK then collect our graduation robe then dinner tgt!
Hope tmr can be a really happy meet up! And at least one happy thing is I'm having Subway for lunch...SUBWAY MELT!!! I think this few days I sound like I'm dying thou it's just going to work. I gotta clear my lappy stuff for more space. Install rhino with vray... all these stuff making me headache!

I'm gonna have my gold eye mask on right nw! Bye peeps!
gsiang. can tmr be forever?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I've got a JOB!

Today I went for an interview at chris's workplace. And i got myself a job! But doing diff things from Chris! I'm doing 3d rendering and stuff and Chris doing 2d.
I'm happy that I've got a job but at the same time quite worried. I always doubt my own capability! I cannot be like some ppl who are so confident!!! I scare I couldn't help much or do things wrongly!
This job nt really offering much but good enough for fresh grad plus it's nt too far from my place which I really like! I seriously don't like working far and taking train towards marina bay in the morning cos got to get squeeze like a pancake! I'm taking like circle line and hopefully nt as many ppl as marina bay train..
This is a very very small company! I'm the fourth employee! I really hope can help the company bring in more sales so I can get comm too!
Wish me luck ppl! I'm starting work nx Tuesday! I'm scared& worried! Pls let me survive thru these 3mths and become a confirm staff then there might be a raise of pay plus cpf! I'm stepping into the tombstone of a design life...
Will I be called as a DESIGNER ?
gsiang. A fresh new start of my life.