Saturday, April 19, 2008

today is really a fun day.
had fun with larry's intro of himself... but soon when lesson started with all the boring talkings, it became a bit sian. hahah:) but quite a short lesson. and he ended with some ghost stories that he know and he had experienced. really fun! and today just realise the way designers think is really quite interesting. hahah:)
after sch, went to clubcrawl agn. haha:)
saw a series of performance by the diff clubs. not bad, quite nice.
den me, elaine, kaser and chris headed to jurong point.
went to find ah ma. she working at cyber active agn.
went to have the banana and chocolate chip crepes. so so. kaser will bring us to a better one at dunno where. hahah:)
den pei kaser eat dinner.
den went hm. :)

online shopping agn.
show a few ppl a bag which i think i quite cute and cool. hahaha:) bcos it got mutiple ways of carrying it! hahah:)
if you ppl got the time can go check this out.
tag me with comments on the bag.
so far... me, elaine and chris are buying this bag. haha:)
so i shall end today de post with a pic. and is the only pic that we have taken today.
gisiang. andiloveonlineshopping.

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