Wednesday, April 30, 2008


today after sch, me, ah ma, elaine, chris and phoebe went to city hall.
phoebe went to buy her earpiece at marina sq. me and ah ma want to see fossil de wallet at suntec. so after phoebe buy finish her stuff, she went off and we went to had our dinner at KFC! haha:) den we went to shop around at suntec den went hm le.
pics taken while waiting for mrt. :)
me and ah ma!
ah ma camera dunno want to say good or bad sia. cos is so not sharp that cant see the difference of the colour on my face. but..... is not sharp a good thing???
me and elaine.
that's abt it for today.
and im not going to sch tmr. so tired recently. plus that stupid burnt face i got. OMG! and now is peeling. even more ugly. hope that it will recover asap bah. best is to recover before friday. hope that thurs i can stay at hm for the whole day and it will faster recover bah. dun want to let ppl see this ugly face! hahah:)
bye people. think im also slping soon even though im not going to sch tmr. cos im really tired.
gisiang. andifeel RESTLESS.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i have watched finish fated to love you ep7. nx week ep gna be a interesting one i guess.
OMG!!! kiss 2 has ended!!! the whole second series has ended! if you watched it continuosly, it is really a super nice sweet show!!! OMG! LAST EP OF KISS 2 JUST ROCKS! hahah:)
all the sweet kissing parts!!! oh man... irresistable. hhahah:) i won't mind having a third series! hahah:) if have i will sure watch it!!! haha:) dun feel like ending kiss 2 !
PART 2!!!
have a part 3???
but its a fact that it has ended. so... from next week onwards, i only got 1new ep to watch for each week ! but think fated to love you will be another nice one! hahah:)
kaeake. tmr still need to go sch. hope that i got time to go down to fossil outlets to look for wallets on some days. hahah:)
that's the end of today post bah.

gisiang. andillove 恶作剧之吻2 . misses for the shows...

Monday, April 28, 2008

all thanks to jaslyn! nooow is already 1.42am, and i haven slp. i shld have slp at 12pluus. i'm so addicted to 命中注定我爱你 ! jaslyn la. give me wad part A den make me go watch the rest of the parts. now watch till part 5 den 'xin yang yang' nv watch finish like can't slp. hahah:)
last chance. i go check agn if upload liao. if upload den i watch. if not den im going to slp den tmr den continue to watch!
gisiang. i'm in love with 命中注定我爱你 !

Sunday, April 27, 2008

sentosa with classmates.

today is a real HOT sunday.
went to sentosa with classmates. suppose to meet at 11am and ppl late bla bla bla... so i went to have my breakfast at burger king! hahah:)
and so many ppl last min nv come.
so left with me, kaser, elaine, phoebe, chris, pearl and huifen.
pics taken today!!! got super unglam de photos!

all of us after bathing.
pearl and huifen on the skyride.
omg! super ugly fringe i got!
pearl and chris
chris, pearl and elaine
pearl and huifen
ugly fat arms!!!
me with elaine cap!!! nice??? haha:)
another ugly fringe. me , pearl and phoebe in the water!!!
unglam! trying to do the water ballet thing! hahah:)
it is the joke of the day man!! hhah:) fat and thick legs i got!
another water shot.
on the skyride!
pearl and huifen in front of me!
my chilli red nails !!!
before going to take luge!
BIG face! all thanks to phoebe camera skills!
me and elaine on skyride!

us agn.
and agn...
last one liao. hahah:)

me and elaine
us having ice cream!!! the weather is really hot!

i emo-ing!!! haha.

kaser and huishan
huifen. she look so cute in this sunglass
me! fat , white legs and arms! white chicken on sales!!! hahah
that's all for the day.
after having all the fun, went to vivo.
have dinner at asian kitchen. the food not bad. quite nice. hhaah:) can go there eat agn another time :)
shop shop awhile den we went hm.
all of us were red and hot!!!
HAHAH. think i got a sun burn!
tmr there will be a few lobsters in SID0702! hahah:)
bye people. that's abt it.
gisiang. andilovethisDAY.
*tmr will be a very nice day-showsss*

Saturday, April 26, 2008

fcuked up day.

just came back not long. tired. but just finish eating my supper cum dinner. so cant slp. will be super fat if i slp. hahahh:)
a short lesson for today.
went to the sites to interviewed some old man. but only onw entertained me. omg! it's a tough job. haha:)
after that, went to bugis street to shop.
bought a cloth material loafers and a white shorts! total spent- $22.90
dunno why i buy the shorts when i already have one white one. but wadeva la. hahah:)
went to meet singyee yinghui qi. have desserts... walk around at amk while waiting for vonne.
vonne , vonne's colleagues & her bf , kenrick , jingting , qi, yinghui , singyee and me went to WSH. but the whole thing before we can get there im already like super angry liao la.
but forget it. now not so angry le. thanks singyee for making me laugh till i cry! hahah:)
just a conclusion ...
think we should not have this kind of meetings anymore. going hm at such late hrs, spending money on cab, waiting for vonne to end work. maybe next time just meet up during vonne off days bah. haah:) luckily today is a friday. den i can slp till late tmr.
okays. that's abt it bah.
anyways, I HAVE CLEAR ALL MY DEBTS!!! is a good good thing.
sorry peepos for owing you all the money for so long.
and thanks for lending me the money also. hahah:)
gisiang. andihatemyHAIR . *

Thursday, April 24, 2008

telemarketing outing!

today had a long sch day.
had a long lesson with sean and larry agn. takes up half an hour of our break time agn. that's so bad!
follow by zalina lesson. short and easy lesson.
den sannie lesson. we like keep on bully him. nv do his work. hahah:) den he talk awhile till like 5plus den we leave liao. haha:)
went to orchard to meet huifen-jaslyn-xiao bing .... hahah:) and lynette too!
had dinner at cine L5 -coke red lounge.
cheap and nice.

baked rice i had!
den they wanted to take photos and we felt that toilet is the best place to take pic! hahah:)
TADAH! the toilet camwhoring!
karen, chris, lyn, xiao bing, and me.

me, karen and chris

had a fun day chatting and shopping around with them. hahah:)
shall meet up soon agn if we have the time! go see something nice agn!
anyway, still got some stuff need to be done for next week. shall work it out over the weekends.
but i got a super funny and lame work. all thanks to sean and larry! i got to talk to the doorman of raffles hotel and a cobbler! hope they wont scream and shout at me bah! hahha:)
and father brought back this month's CLEO mag. yeah:) there's something more i can read. i haven even really read finish my SEVENTEEN and there's cleo for me! hahah:) think i got to find my projects that i need to bring to sch tmr for larry class. bye peepos.
gisiang. andilovebeing withyoupeepos.
andilovereading MAGAZINES.