Monday, March 31, 2008

just unlucky.

for today, i wake up earlier than the rest of the days. i wake up at 11.45am!!! haha:)

went to AMK to meet peizhen and elaine. shop shop around den kaser called and she join us. bought some stuff at AMK.

bought :

face shop red colour nail polish

olay white intensive

and ... a cookies and cream de chocolate

thats all.

shop and chat till abt 6pm den i leave AMK den went to meet singyee and yinghui at bishan.

this is the only pic i got !

* ah ma cut hair liao ohhh!! *

not bad la. but think she prefer last time de hair bah.

after that went to vivo.

meet vonne and ts.

went to thai express to eat. but sian la. order the yellow curry. damn spicy!!! den like so spicy till i nv drink the soup loh. but i order prawn fritters also. quite nice! hahha:) but if next time go must go and eat glass noodles (which is 'dong fen' ) hahha:) that one nicer. and the prawn super fresh! haah:)

eat liao go do some shopping. wanted to go and buy mphosis de slippers. sian. dun have agn! is the 2nd outlet dat dun have liao. so disappointed sia :( shall check out bishan de outlet when i'm free bah! if anyone coming bishan, pls ask me out! i want to check out my slipper! if really dun have, den maybe shall buy one of the slipper that i saw at AMK hub today. also not bad la. haha:)
den want to buy handphone pouch from mini toons also dun have!!! like WTH! more sian. sommor walk one whole day, leg already very tired liao. den can't buy till the things i like.
den going hm liao. me singyee and yinghui decided to take cab. den even the cab also want to play with us. we waited for abt 45min for a cab! sommor we are like the 3rd ppl queuing. sian sian. den we no choice. on call cab. den finally got the cab. so now finally reach hm.
today at first go out still okays. but behind abit sian la. think i cant get the things i want make me so sian. but forget it. it's over. hope tmr will be a better day at hm!!! haha:)
gisiang. andihate today.


just finish watching 命中注定我爱你. hahah:) super nice! hope that the next ep will be out very soon. but the fact is that i need to wait for 1week. hahah. sian. so maybe got to find another show to show to let this one week pass faster. but if it pass faster, it means that sch is going to reopen. haha:) such a contradicting thing. hahah:) anyway, all i know is that i shld go and slp now. cos tmr need to wake up early. haha:) nights
gisiang. andilove 命中注定我爱你.


have not upload for quite many days. lazy to think abt wad i have been doing the pass few days. shall talk abt today.
i have actually started to love this new taiwan show call 命中注定我爱你 act by 陈乔恩,阮经天. is really nice! is actually by chance that i started watching this show. i knew there is this show. but i didn't want to watch cos i know if i start watching den i will need to wait for it to upload every sunday! haha:) but i was too bored and was watching 'my girl' online but the image were so blur and a bit bored so nv continue watching. so came to watch this taiwan drama.
anyway, just like to share a little thoughts. i feel that 阮经天 and 明道 look alike. hahha:) see their thick eye brow!!! the eyes also look alike. i think only the shape of the face is different. hahah:) don't you think so???
this is 明道
this is 阮经天
they look similar right?
anyway, this post is just to let me waste so time. cos i'm waiting for 命中注定我爱你 ep3 to upload. haha:)
another good news! vonne is finally back from china! hahah:) shall meet up with her tmr. going to vivo with vonne and yinghui! tmr have stories to hear liao! hahah:) hope singyee can join us also! but before meeting them, i'm going to meet ah ma and elaine at amk! hahah:) long time no see them also. goin out to buy some of 'my WANTS' . haahh:) hope to get them tmr!
update tmr agn bah! hope there is some pics!
gisiang. andilove 命中注定我爱你

Friday, March 28, 2008


today just slack at hm. wake up at abt 2.30pm. haha:)
ate lunch.
watch tv.
paint and cut toe nails.
look at online sprees.
watch 'bu yi shen xiang'.
and yes! i have finally watch finish the show. really a nice show. haha:)
maybe this few days go train viwawa. hahah. since i also dunno wad show to watch liao.
now also quite late liao . going to 3am ler. a bit tired. shall go slp soon. update tmr.
gisiang. tthe show addict is back. haha:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

little farwell party

today is my last day of work. so there is like a mini celebration or farwell party for me! haha:) bought 4packets of tibits and 1tub of ice cream. hahah:)
had cup noodles for lunch agn. but in addition, there is ice cream and lays to go with it. hahah:)
we ate all the 4packets of tibits and half or 2/3 of the ice cream. hahah:) so after lunch, we took pics.... working with them is really alot of joy. hahha:) shall see our pics... hahha
random pics

ice cream!

this 5pics that you will be seeing is request by hui fen! she ask me take '5 lian pai' ??!!! super ugly plus funny. hahah:)
so dots. and some like taking passport photos??!!
quite a random shot with the packet of milo! hahah:)
use the spoon to cover my face! arghh! hahah:)
chris and lynette
chris and hui fen
chris and me
chris and karen
me and hui fen
me and lynette
me and chris

me and karen

hui fen or jaslyn. she has been given lots of nick name and she got a common face. hahah:) she looks like one of my aunt. the pattern, the spec, and even the laughters! hahah:) she is the joker in this little telemarketing room. haha:)
lynette. sweet and nice girl. always slack ah! hahah:)
chris. the machine talking among us. hahh:)
karen. another joker la. hahah:) she is the milo queen! everyday drink like 2packs of milo??!!

left you people plus nora at the co. ler. haha:)

thats wad we are doing everyday! call call and call!

after the break and taking of photos, we still got to get back to work.
seriously, im sian of the job but not sian of the people over there. there's new jokes everyday to laugh abt. hahah:)
this 3pics is taken when i'm calling one of the clients. haha:) but i have been waiting on the phone for so long that i can take 3pics of myself. hahah:) that's wad i have taken before i left this job. hahah:)
i will really miss the people over there. hahah:) think of all the people we called and names we laugh abt and speaking to machine.... i will really laugh la. haha:)
hui fen, lynette, chris, karen, nora - hope you all will enjoy the rest of the weeks calling and hope that you all will at least sell 1ticket bah! jiayou. haha:)
gisiang. andi loveyou people.
*thanks for the little farwell party and all the ice cream and tibits! *

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


this few days very sian. working agn. but tmr gonna be my last day for telemarketing. hahha:) den i can slp till late late liao.
recently have been watching another HK show. so not so addicted to viwawa ler. hahah:) but when free still got play. hahha:) now level 10 ler. haahah:)
anyways, this is really a short post. shall update very soon.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

a visit to ah ma.

today went to get the basic pay for IT fair. is only 120$. sian. before i buy anything, i already owe vonne and singyee 103$ liao. get 120$ also no use. only left with 17$. hhhaa:)
after getting the pay, went to shop at bugis street. but nothing much to shop den we headed to novena to shop. went into quite alot of shops but nothing attracts me. hahha:) den we decided to go and find ah ma at amk. so went to chat with her and have dinner at mos burger. went to find yvonne and su jun also. den waited for ah ma to end work den we leave together.
in her shop also take some pics. hahah:)

ah ma having her dinner.
me and ah ma.
me and elaine. act as if is our bag. hahah:) is actually ah ma shop de bag. not bad la. quite nice but expensive. hahah:)

i look abit funny and weird. but wadeva. hahah:)
kaekae. i got to continue with my show. i'm back to show addict agn. haha:) gaming will be when i'm free. hahha:) tmr got to go back to work agn. and chris shall join us! hhaha:)
shall update soon soon.
life is great with money.