Wednesday, April 16, 2008


short class for rostina lesson. just a brief intro to her lesson.
so had early dimissal so went to help my cousin to buy lappy den pass to him and have a super early lunch at abt 11plus. hahah:)
we went back to our favourite blkM. is so empty and got that blkM smell !!! hahhah:) still find blkM much better and nicer. more cosy!
and we started taking pics.
use the toilet over there. went into the guys toilet also...... dots. hahah:)
pics at blkM!!!!

walking down the corridor we used to walk!
empty! empty!
in toilet!
the beautiful view from blkM !
me and mushroom!

after the little tour down our blkM memories lane, we headed to the lecture hall.
supposingly is a ultra boring lecture, but in the end turn out to be a lecture which i think quite fun nah. hahah:) the lecturer are super lame and funny! :) hahah.
me and mushroom at lecture hall.
after sch, waited for ah ma to finish the discussion with her members, den we went to yishun.
had laksa at 5pm??!!! like wth. i can have my dinner at 7plus if i reach hm early.
but in the end still ate the bowl of laksa plus a bowl of mango longan!!!
den me and ah ma went to chong pang.
she want to change spec! hah:) and is really time for her to change her ah ma specs liao!!! ahaha:) after a long time of choosing.....
TADA! this is the one she choose. i think not bad la. quite nice! hahah:)
ah ma trendy liao la! hahah:)

walk walk around chong pang den went hm.
reach hm at abt 9pm liao.
den have dinner.
do the choosing of pics for VI.
wait for ppl to send me the pics and doc for VI.
pls don't be like big shot lah. i want to slp de leh. got the whole world of time to wait for you ah.
think is better to do individual projects bah.
tmr another long day but hope will be a better day for me.
gisiang. andimissBLKM.

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