Sunday, April 20, 2008


today had a fun day out at CHINATOWN and CLARKE QUAY.
meet elaine at bugis mrt den meet chris at national library.
decided to head to chinatown.
shop for really quite long.
wanted to buy a long skirt, all the way till the ankle there de. the design is checkered de and is only selling at 15$!!! so cheap. hahah:) but in the end nv buy cos i scared i nv wear. hahah:)
today only buy a charles and keith de shoes. hahah:)
this are the pics that we have taken....
can you see the small ball that is being thrown up the sky??! hahah.
nice sceneries at clarke quay. first time being there at the late nights. hahah:)

cute little ME!!! hahah:)

me and elaine.
me and chris
us on the escalator!
that's all for today.
there are still some other stuff i need to do before i can slp. so shall end here.
gisiang. andilovetheSCENERIES:)

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