Saturday, April 05, 2008

another boring day

today wake up.
watch show.
go out meet jiasheng.
eat dinner.
play pool.
go hm.
watch show.
that's abt it bah.
hahah:) such a boring life i have.
tmr going to a chalet. going with chris and hui fen for the time being. kaser not yet confirm. hahah:) hope she will go bah. cos elaine not going liao. so few girls sia. hahah.
maybe shall update on sunday night bah. after i come back from chalet.
anyway, the shoes i want from mphosis really no more liao bah. cos bishan de outlet also dun have. just check today. hahah:)
bye peepos.
gna continue with my show and chatting with ah ma. hahah:)
gisiang. and i gota boringlife.

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