Sunday, December 20, 2009

Think abt continuous 6days of 12hrs working life makes me feel stressful and sians.
Stress, cos FYP is not even done. Still got loads of work waiting to be done. Design!!! Even design finish still need to do technical drawing, 3d modelling, rendering bla bla bla..... It's killing millions of my brain cells everyday! I guess this is really the first time me being so stress over sch stuff! How?!?! And all my classmates are tweeting abt FYP, FYP & STILL FYP!!! Damnit la. But I'm like still working like crazy from nw till Christmas! Save me pls, at least give me some ideas! Useful ones....!
I came back from my going-14 working hrs, I'm like super tired. Can't even have the energy to think of studio! I only have maybe 2hrs of time to use computer! Hahahah:) And today, my first meal is at 3pm! Firstime sia, so late then eat lunch! Cos I'm always on time for my meals... but today is exceptional. But I came hm...... I ate one piece of Royce choc. It's heavenly nice, it melts in your mouth..... Yummy! :) Then add like some malaysian biscuits then add chewing gum!!! (Before typing the 'gum' word correctly, guess what did I type?!? I think I'm crazy! I type 'GYM'!!! It's like hinting me that I need to do FYP sia!) Okays... It's effing fattening to eat at such late hours!
Tmr working half day at Hougang then go with Vonne to some flea market to sell her stuff! Anyway, tmr will be my first visit to a flea market. Nv went to one before! Whoos!
That's all for the day, I'm gonna slp. Tired plus tmr got to wake up early for my work!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Yinghui!!!

Yesterday went out for the whole day from morning 10.30am till 2am!!! Super tired.
Went to collect my passport first. Luckily got appointment so no need to wait for very long, 15min get it le.
Went Orchard meet Huifen, Chris, Yvonne. Had tappanyaki for lunch!!! My fav beansprouts and beef! Iloveit! Shopped ard from Ion to FEP, from FEP to Ion, from Ion to FEP!!! 3times in total!
And ystd was crazy food day!!! We ate the 'Ma La Tang' which is like super spicy! I almost tear sia when eating! But super nice! We all perspired when eating that in a AIRCON place! Hahahah:)
But thanks 3 of them for accompanying me to wait for Jiaqi to reach. Cos all of us like freaking tired and we were like auntie sitting down at Ion resting. Hahahah:)
After Jiaqi reached, we went to search for present for Yinghui and Jonathan. And from FEP, we walked to Cine.... my legs were breaking! Then still go buy movie tix then go HongKong Cafe have dinner at like 10plus pm!!! Hahaha:)
We watched 'Feng Yun2' ... I think not nice lo.. Very animated kind of movie. Sound system like a bit too loud and too much fighting and I fell asleep for some parts, cos I'm really tired.

Today, worked at Bishan from 9.15am-10pm. Tired! Sians.... But money!!!! Hahaha:) I'm so going to save more money!
So, from now on start saving even more money! Now, going to slp, tmr another 12hrs of work!
Bye people.
gsiang. Bkk, wait for me...!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

There goes my Saturday!

It's my lovely saturday! And yet I'm left with no choice but to spend it in sch & all just thanks to freaking firmenich! Damn ...

Friday, December 04, 2009

BlackHair Day

After school, me, Yvonne and Chris went to watch 'Happy Flight' at AmkHub.

But before the movie, I went to dye my hair. It's now back to dark colour, nearly black. Hahahah:) But under the sun is a bit red. But that's not the main point la, I just want to have a dark colour hair. And I cut my fringe short!!! I don't know is a good thing or what. I kept my fringe so long cos wanted to try something diff and then in the end still become short. But overall, I liked my hair. And I bought a treatment cream, don't know isit good, but my hair definitely need to apply something. cos it's too dry and keep on tangle! the hairdresser mistaken my pimple scar as the hair dye!!! She thought she accidentally make until my face on the hair dye and she tried removing it until I tell her 'IT'S MY PIMPLE!' Hahahah:) So joke la....Stupid Pimple!

Anyway, back to the movie, it was quite a nice show. It reminds me of ST Aerospace! Show the aeroplane got problems and how they solved it, a bit like documentary but overall it's nice and funny also. But not very funny but definitely there is some part that you will laugh!

In school, today tell Sean my idea but somehow my idea was a bit useless or maybe I should think of how I can implementing to my site! All I need to do now is sketch, design, FLOOR PLAN! But I think what Sean drew today, I sort of understand a little and roughly know what I shld do.

That's all for today, nothing much special as well. Thanks Yvonne, Chris and Huifen for accompanying me to dye hair! Hahahha:) And now is so not the time to shop on Taiwan webbie. It's all winter clothes! Totally nothing to buy, still thought can order CNY clothes from there cos might not have time to buy as well. In the end..... forget it, maybe can get from F21 or some other US sprees.

gsiang. stressful week ahead...