Friday, July 23, 2010

Kuishinbo Updates!

Finally! I've gotten Kuishinbo pictures from Singyee :)
There are more but only post those nicer pics! Whahaha!
Enjoy and I miss my favourite Chocolate. Anw, my fav choco. is in the first image. The round one on the plate. A little reddish pink one! Love it! :)

The crab on Singyee's hand is the crab we just use for pictures purpose! Whahaha:) In the end we nv eat this piece of crab! And I've got to say, THE CRAB IS THE ALL TIME FAVOURITE BY EVERYONE! :)

The one I gonna eat is my fav choco!
Check out! The inside is like milk choco! Really nice :)
OMG! The green tea ice cream is really nice and soft! :) Every sweet stuff seems so nice once its in my mouth!
These are the food we eat! I still miss my big choc. eclairs! And most of the dessert, I just had a bite or two then I don't want already, cos I'm kinda full as well but just wanna try!

Satisfied after the buffet, it's picture time!
I've got a slim face! Whahaha:) Thanks to Singyee, sacrifice stand corner! Hahaha:)

That's all for the photos!

Now I feel like getting the Fujifilm Instax Wide... It's selling at $169. The film is bigger and more unique! Whahaha:) Shld I get that? But it only comes in black which I think is quite ugly :(
There's so many things I wanna buy and everything is above $100! And I doubt I can get any comm. for this mth agn! Damn it! At least extra $200 better than nth!

gsiang. i want to hit my sales target in order to get all my 'wants'

Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Weekend!

Went swimming with Vonne at Yishun Safra! At first say want swim 10laps but I ended up swimming 5laps only! Whahaa:) There's quite a lot of people swimming, gt to avoid them when swimming! But still had fun, swimming plus jacuzzi and chatting! Then we went Norhpoint had Subway, heathly lunch/dinner! But that's nt the end...
We went to Orchard after that. We shopped ard and finally found my Vichy at Taka's Watsons after such a long time. But in the end already no more 20% disc, but I just buy and luckily I got free gift from them! Whahaha:) I got a sachet of sunblock and a few anti ageing stuff plus BI-WHITE NIGHT MOISTURISER! Damn happy! Cos that one in big bottle is $59 and I got the 15ml one for free!! Whooo! Hope it will lighten my scars! But the cream smells bad!!! Don't like the smell of it! Anw, and I wanted to get Ettusais Eye Essence but too exp. It cost $39! It acts as a eye concealer and essence so quite good bah I think. This month I'm really a bit tight for money so didn't buy! Gonna get it soon! :)
So after all the shopping, went to have Swensens at 9pm! OMG! It's fattening!!! We still eat all fatty stuff- calamari, fries & macaroni with cheese!!! And when we are swimming, we still say we want to slim down 5kg! ya man, 5kg like real! Whahaha! :) But we enjoyed and did smth really paiseh.....WE TABAO-ED THE FRIES INTO OUR SUBWAY COOKIES PAPER BAG!!! Really paiseh sia! Then walk ard and went hm..

Tday asked Huifen and Lynette out! Long time nv see them...Went to Jurong Point to meet them. Met Huifen first and walked ard then went to her childcare center to acc her to do her stuff. Childcare center quite cute! We talked so much abt working life and everything. And understand more abt working life. Her life very sad also, every sunday had to work as well. So I think overall mine is consider good bah! So, shall nt complaint too much abt my job from now onwards! Learn to love what I'm doing and find the fun of it! Then we met Lynette for dinner at Swensens! YES, Swensens AGAIN! But had diff food la.. but bad choice for dinner! I had fish baked rice which doesn't taste nice at all. And orea with peach blended yogurt which taste weird!!! Then home-ed!

Anw, just smth random..
I recently really feel like having a polariod to take pics during special occassions! And I saw this cute hello kitty polariod selling online at $180! Much more exp than the usual one, but is cute and the features and spec of it are generally better... smaller in size as well i think. Shld I get this when I have spare cash? Don't you think it's cute?

Updated: Photo taken using Jiaqi's polariod on her bday celebration
That's all for now, I'm still waiting for Kuishinbo photos from Singyee.
Let me get 5 more submissions to hit my $3M target pls! :) I need money for lotsa stuff!
Jiayou! Everyone working, work hard, jiayou!
I'm learning, adapting & trying!
gsiang. purpose or coincidence?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


A year had pass.. it was last yr ard this mth that I made my first trip to Kuishinbo! And tday, I went Kuishinbo agn! It was my second time.
This time round going with different ppl, went with my bff Singyee and Vonne! Damn happy la, cos we rarely eat this good food. Always eat with classmates, esp Rayne-my buffet/food kaki!
I was kinda dissapointed this time...WHY?
1) Price changed! Last time cost $29.90++ for ladies on Wed night. Now cost $34.90++ if you take the 7.45-9.45pm slot nad $31.90++ for the 5.45-7.45pm slot. Nett price adding up tonight is ard $41/pax! Exp?! A bit too ex for me...
2) NO MORE CHOC ECLAIRS! I'm refering to the big ones... They've replaced the big ones with the mini ones which doesn't taste nice. The big one is like 10 or even 100times nicer than the small one, I swear!!!

However, on the good side is..I found my new love there! THEIR CHOCOLATES!!!
Previously when I went there, they don't have chocolates as part of their desserts. And one of the chocolate I really like a lot! I don't know what's the name for the choc. It's like white choc. with sprinkler of some raspberry bits then inside is normal milk choc.! Must TRY!

As usual, I still eat a lot! And today special 'Ding Dong Kuishinbo' dish is black pepper lobster! Nt bad but the cheese one is nicer! And the other 'Ding Dong Kuishinbo' dessert is as usual the frozen strawberry which we didn't manage to get it!!! The collection area is too far from the place we are sitting. But anw the frozen strawberry is nt very exp also, so doesn't really matter.

Today I finally tried their ice cream! And I had Green Tea Ice Cream! Mad shiok... I was still telling Singyee & Vonne that I'm full just eat a bit lo.. and i ended up eating almost the whole cup! Whahaha:) Nice Ice Cream! If they had red bean toppings would be even better! Perfect match!

Must try...CRABS, CHAWAMUSHI, SCALLOP SUSHI, UNAGI SUSHI, MUSHROOM SOUP, CHOCOLATES! That's all I can think of for nw...but definitely they still have other varieties which were quite alright as well.

Another special thing is....they had STRAWBERRY FONDUE for tonight! Last time was the normal choc fondue. But I still prefer having choc fondue..but it's kinda nice to see a pink strawberry fondue!!! But too bad.. I didn't took a picture of it.

I think that's all for tday. I'm still very full till now, and almost want to vomit when I stepped out of Kuishinbo! Whahaha:) I did took some photos, but gotta wait for Singyee to send me. The photos are in the phone! I so can't wait to get the photos and share with everyone! Whahaha:) Check out my blog soon for the photos!

gsiang. i feel satisfied with sweet stuff in mouth:)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jiaqi's Bday Celebration Photos!

This post might really look like a normal outing, having dinner tgt and that's it. But seriously, we rarely get together with EVERYONE! And the best thing of all is we had Madjack tgt which Jiaqi had always wanted to try and we all had FUNNNN:)
Madjack was quite average, nt bad. Price nt too pricey as well...Check out what they had at  Madjack Webbie

My fish and chips came in a huge portion that I can't finished. And Zhiming tallest burger was quite nice! I might consider having that when the nx time I'm at Madjack. Their grilled fish was rather normal. Grilled salmon that Singyee had was a bit too fishy smell. I think the Jalan Kyu branch food taste nicer! Whahaha:)

So after dinner, headed to Mind Cafe.
I think it's a really good place to relax and have a good laugh with all your friends! And you can reserve tables for maybe bday or whatever events as well! Good place:) Never take pics of ourselves cos we were all busy laughing and playing! Whahah:)
Panda Monium is a fun game! Looking at Singyee and the rest doing wrong actions are so funnny!
Another game that is fun is Snorta, which is also the game I'm most lousy at!!! I can't rmb their sounds!!! Totally slow at this game!

That's all for this update:)
This month I'm kinda broke... really have to spend wisely. No more good food for me! Been spending too much on good food... from Shuteppan, Applebee's, Ben& Jerry, Asian Kitchen, Pasta Mania...
Shall start eating foodcourt price food...left with $330 to survive till end of this mth. This $330 includes bus fare, food and whatever thing I'm gonna buy! Sian ttm:(
Bye ppl, gonna surf the net awhile more then gotta go bathe and slp!
Tmr is a new week again! Follow upssss!
gsiang. ineedmore MONEY:)

latest buys!

Today acc Vonne to fleamarket, but we two can't take it, only go like 2hrs then we left the place already.
1) Very hot
2) No chairs provided, gotta stand
3) Raining soon
There are people asking prices, but don't know is it too exp or what, they left without buying! So kinda sian. So we decided to leave the flea before it starts to rain heavily. And by that time we sure can't get a cab. We cabbed back to Vonne's hse and had laksa plus mango longan for lunch. After lunch, we headed to Bugis to shop and met Singyee&Weekiat for awhile.

I bought a new wedge today! I aimed this wedge quite long liao. I long time ago see it but I've been thinking when will I wear it if I always nv buy. But tday I showed to Vonne and Singyee, both said shld buy! Whahaha! So I buy! I think a lot ppl shld have seen this before or even had this wedge, cos it can be found in Bugis street! Ppl, please tell me when can I wear? And it is the highest heel/wedge I've ever had! Whahaha:) And I hide this in my wardrobe, nt letting my mum know.. if nt she sure say buy shoes again! and this time still buy so high one somemore!
ppl, please tell me it's nice! it cost me $35!

Ystd went to Pomo,while waiting for our seats for Madjack, we went to walk ard and I saw this cute Hello Kitty earpiece!!! Although this kind of earpiece I don't like, but I still buy cos it's hello kitty and nt too exp. Only $8.80! I still prefer my lao gu dong kind of earpiece, but I'm still using this new one as well!
Then i saw this Hello Kitty pouch at this Sanrio shop so bought it as well. And I haven't really thought of what to use it for yet... for the moment, I'm using it to put pad! Whahaha:)

Check out my cute Hello Kitty stuff!

Thanks to Karen for introducing me this Hershey's choco. I liked the metal casing so much! Thou I think it's a bit overprice.. but tday I still went to buy the milk choc flavour! Hahaha! If there is more flavours, I sure buy all the different ones to collect their casing! And it's not just nice on the appearance, but the choc. are really nice! ILOVEIT:)
That's all for tday, and I'm gonna rot at hm tmr after days of going out...
Gotta sort out my potential clients from those not interested ones... and send some msg or call my potential clients to remind them to send me their documents!!! Come on..! I need to hit my target! Please let me be more hardworking! Whahaha:)
Bye people, slping soon...
gsiang. onechoc. a day makes you happy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jiaqi!!!

stay happy always and hope you enjoy your day with us...

After work, met up with Vonne, Zm, Yinghui, Sam &birthday girl Jiaqi for her bday celebration!
We went to Pomo to have Madjack! OMFG! Eat until damn full can! I can't even finish my Fish and Chips!
Wanted to tried their dessert, but too full to try again!!! Like AGAIN! I really want to try their dessert badly!

After Madjack, Yinghui and Sam left first then we headed to Minds Cafe. It was my first time there and it's really fun! Whahaha:) We are laughing like mad! Jiaqi's 'HONG GAN' is the most memorable one! Played quite a few games but can't really rmb what are the names for the games... Stayed there near to 2hrs and left ard 12am. Then cabbed hm!

I wanna go Minds Cafe again:) Damn fun! When damn sian, sure go there one... Hahaha:) And we took photos while at Madjack. Gonna upload within these few days. Not much photos at Minds Cafe, except for Jiaqi's polaroid film photo. It has been a really long time since I had this kind of fun! Whahaha:) And today I bought a cute hello kitty earpiece and pouch! Cuties! Happpppy! :)

Tmr gonna accompany Vonne to flea market at Scape Park, hope the weather won't be too hot! Hope gt a lot ppl come and buy! Whahahah:) Gotta wake up quite early... so gonna use awhile more then slp..
Bye bloggerworld.

gsiang. beingahappy person is great! :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

NDP Preview

NDP preview pics! Finally get it uploaded here.
We Love Singapore!
Singapore bday is also my mum's bday, hope this yr can have something diff! Or else I will be rotting at hm, having steamboat plus NDP on tv agn!

Anw, tday we learnt how to say Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening! I guess Singyee had a really nice practice tday! Whahaha:) And we went to Orchard to shop after work! Had Shuteppan for dinner! Mad shiok having beef! Whahahah:) I've been spending so much recently that I think this month I'm seriously short of money! And I'm like having 700$ to spend, but nw I left like freaking 400$?! Damn, really have to count and spend wisely!

gsiang, start a day with a happy smile:)