Monday, April 25, 2011

Love the Cutie Pie

Just wanna share about a movie that I watched recently.

recommended by Fify

"Baby and I" is a straight up comedy centered around, Joon-soo (Jang Geun-suk), becoming a student father. Han Joon-su is a tough 18 year old high school kid that loves to cause trouble. Then one day Joon-su's parents have decided to go out of town as a way of discipline to their rebellious son. Instead of feeling terrible and lonesome, a party is called over their mansion. He goes shopping and comes upon an unexpected surprise- a little toddler sitting in a shopping basket wearing the name tag "Han Wooram" and points to Joon-soo as his father! Still puzzled, he takes the baby home and thereon starts his adventures in trying to be the best father he could become.

First thing that attracts me to watch this movie is definitely Jang Geun Suk. However, after the movie you will just forget about JGS and fall in love with the baby, Moon Mason!
Moon Mason's father is a Canadian and mother is a Korean and the mixed blood produced such a cute and nice baby!

You've to agree with me that he is SUPERRR CUTE! Right right?!
I believe nobody will say that he is not cute!

I love this cutie pie!

If you wanna see this cutie pie and of cos the very charming JGS interaction, catch this movie!
A trailer for you!

I know this movie was out long time ago, like 3 years ago...
But still, I just came to know about it so if you haven't watch it, please go watch!
It's niceeee! :)

*Sorry for the small resolution photos, bcos couldn't really find much photos with big resolution.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quiznos & Andersen's Ice Cream



If you remember me blogging about me going there the first time, and didn't take any photos of the 'nicer than Subway sandwich', this is my SECOND time there with just Chris & Fennie.
Click on first time to Quiznos if you read on my first trip there.

Good thing, photos! I really think it's very yummy so have to share with you all.
I can say, if there is Quiznos & Subway, I won't choose Subway. That's how nice it is.

Our Orders?

Chris, Four Chili Chicken

Fennie, Honey Bourbon Chicken

Lastly, my Spicy Beef & Cheddar

We completed the meal with a soup and a small drink (Mac $1 coke size).
The soup we had was Broccoli Cheese?! Or maybe that was the one I had when the first time I went.
I couldn't really rmb but their soups are definitely nice too!
Whole meal doesn't cost us more than $10, to me it's consider cheap!

They actually have a website however I think the sandwiches they showed doesn't reflect on the Singapore menu. I saw this Carbonara sandwich which I'm so excited to try when the first time I went and realised that the menu was different, kinda disappointed. :(

However, I would strongly recommend friends or whoever to try out.
It's just located conveniently at Orchard Central, 3rd level.

What's after dinner?!

We walked over to P.S to have our dessert at Andersen's Ice Cream.
I actually have some vouchers from POSB so just used it!
 The family fondue is at 50%, meaning only have to pay like $21.70nett for it!!!
Good deal! :)

10 scoops of ice cream, strawberries, bananas, kiwi, rockmelon, cookies, marshmellow, cone.
& of cos the most important chocolate! Perfect! :)

With the awesome dessert, we ended our day feeling satisfied.

Just a short update and I've a couple more things that I feel like sharing.
Maybe see if I've the time to blog about it tmr.
Now, time check- 4.07am & I really need to catch some beauty sleep.


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music to Share

My feelings right now.
I love Bruno Mars's songs!

Cute & Happy song which I gotta know from Alison's tweet. :)

I'm gonna enjoy myself later at Minds Cafe!
Happy Good Friday's Eve to everyone! Have a lazzzzzzy day!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton is definitely famous enough to be known by everyone out there.
What do you actually expect from a 5-stars hotel?

 Rayne, Karen, Fify, Chris, Fennie and myself, we went happily to have our dinner buffet at Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton & left with disappointment.
With that famous hotel image in mind, we were all expecting good food...
Look at the below images to see some of the food we had.

Bread Section

Salad Section

Japanese Section

And of cos the most expensive Seafood Section

On top of those, there were Vegetarian, Malay/Indian, Dessert, Noodles, Cooked food sections.
It seems a lot of choices for us, but I definitely won't go for the vegetarian and malay/indian food.

What is worse for me?! I don't really eat Seafood like those sashimi or oysters! :(

These are some of the choices for Seafood.

There were quite a lot of choices for dessert. 
However we didn't took pictures of it, because the cakes were stacked together and the plate was soooo freaking small that we can only put like 3 types of cakes?!

Lastly, of course will be a group photo before we left this 5-star hotel & I'll probably won't step in again (at least not for the food).

My Share Point:
Overall, food is really not fantastic, it's quite bad to me.
There isn't any food that will make me want to have a second round of it.
Udon: Worst than Sushi Tei, not Q plus a tad too hard.
Hokkien Mee: Hawker centres can definitely do better than this..
Dory fish: Tasted like 'plastic'.. Sucks ttm!
Cakes: Red Velvet sucks ttm, the cake is sooo dry that I think it has been left there for hours?!
Tiramisu is a little weird because it's in a big bowl and there is a big 'spoon' for you to scoop. Isn't tiramisu suppose to be like slice of cake rather than a spoon of it?
Ice Cream/Crepe: Crepe is really soooo thin and not crispy. There are only 5 different choices for ice cream. The sorbet sucks, mango too sweet, raspberry taste like medicine?!

Anything worth trying?
Perhaps the Creme Brulee that I only managed to have a mouth of it and it didn't refill throughout that night! WTF right?! 
Butter Prawns, Braised Beef, Teriyaki Chicken and the Custard Strudel looking dessert (in photo with Creme Brulee), all these are worth trying, but they are not SUPERRR nice ok?

Lastly, we paid $40 for this. Worth it? Definitely a big 'NOOOO!' from me! :(
Wasted my money and I rather saved this $40 and top up another $30 or $40 for The Line at Shang-ri La.
I'm thinking are they trying to get business by having that 1-FOR-1 promo but they just simply ignored the quality of food that were being served?!
Whatever it is, please don't go there eat ok?

*Sorry for the lengthy comments on the food*

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Halve-Hometown

Many of my friends have heard me saying 'Kluang, Kluang, Kluang...'

Where the hell is Kluang?!!
It's just a little further down from Johor. A short 2 & 1/2 hr bus ride will get you there.

Kluang is my mum's hometown which equals to half of my hometown too!
I've been going since young. From grandparents till they left, from 1 niece to around 10nieces and nephews, from baby nieces and nephews to teenangers/children...

10 & 11 April, 2011
A short trip to Kluang to visit relatives, so here a bit of photos to show you the place.
Photos are not super good quality, I survived the trip just by using my iPhone camera.

On the way....

The bridge linking to Malaysia.

I'm almost there!!!  ' Kluang, turn right! '

This is the super old school chewing gums. If I didn't rmb wrongly, it was selling at RM0.70 last time, but now.. I don't really know. You definitely eat this before!!!

Outside a nearby shopping mall where the coach stopped us & waiting for my uncle to fetch us.

The Stone is the main departmental store in the shopping mall. Since young, I always shopped here, buy all my 'ugly, old-fashion' kids time clothes here. And now.. it's closing down.

I reached relative house & parents all catching up with one another. And that's the only time I hear them speak Hakka. Luckily I understand, but I just couldn't speak Hakka.

Night falls, time for dinner!
I requested my relatives to bring us to eat at this 'zi-char' place. 
Bcos both my brothers ate at this place the other time when I didn't went, & came back raving about how nice is their calamari! And make me determined that I must go there eat this time!

It doesn't matter when the place and signage are dimly lighted because people will just find their way there with the delicious food they served there.
I have to say, the calamari is definitely THE BEST I've ever had! It's the sotong itself that is sooo soft and nice. Not like those that you will chew until your mouth gets so tired. Only thing that is not so good is no Mayonaise, that's like my favourite sauce! 
But this place is famous for their curry fish! Also super nice! The fish is super fresh and they wrapped it with aluminum foil and poured in curry then steamed or which ever way they cooked it.
I took one of their name card in case I need it in the future! 

After yummy dinner, we went over to Kluang Mall to shop and let our food digest a little.
Kluang Mall is the newest mall there. They have Face Shop, Body Shop, Vincci over there...
This Cartino Sonea shop, they have like quite nice shoes and I bought 2 pairs!
*Sorry for blur picture, I was rushing to that shop..! :)*

Happily went back to my relative house and chatted with my niece till 2.30am then sleep.
Next day, woke up early morning 9.30am, bathed and headed out for Bak Kut Teh.
I'm sooo sad, cos the super nice BKT never opened!!! It's Monday, people..! Monday, markets don't open, remember?! 
But anw, we tried another BKT. It's a bit diff style, more like SG. Each person one bowl of soup and rice that kind. Sucks! I still prefer the claypot BKT! That will keep the soup warm for a longer time.
But good thing is, I had YAM RICE & love yam rice! I had 2 Bowls of yam rice that day! Too yummy!
I'm missing the yam rice now...

After breakfast, we went to my another aunt house to visit her. 
Then went to Kluang Mall for last round shopping and went to Kluang Parade to search for the CDs for Mac version.

Things that I bought over there.. I love the brown sandals most!
The iPhone covers are super cheap!!! RM4.90=$2.10 only! But very little choices..

Everything was good there. I had fun playing with little nieces and nephews! There are sooo many kids that I can't rmb all their names! Hahaha.
Anw, this is the first time not going on a Wednesday bcos every Wednesday, they will have Pasar Malam and they sell super nice Kaya Ball which I must eat when I go there every single time! And of course there are other yummy food too!
That's about it for the 2D1N getaway. I hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lovely Brunch

"Nom-ing Hours"

Where are we?

We are at Evans Lodge... for?

Lovely Brunch at Hatched! :)
Hatched is a place that serve whole day breakfast even at night! 

Greeted with extremely cute graphics menu.

Salt & Pepper, are a must to go along with the yummy eggs...

Jiaqi ordered 'The Sleepover' and I want to try 'Pancake Party' when I'm there the next time.

I ordered 'Burly Benedict- do one', however I think I can finish 'do two'.

'The Sleepover'- stacking layers of toast followed by bacon, banana, toast & banana again.

'Burly Benedict'- muffin base with beef and egg on top, and potatoes as the side.

In addition, Jiaqi ordered Hot Chocolate & I ordered Ice Chocolate. 
Not chocolate-ty enough, you can definitely have nicer ones outside.

My share point:
No doubt, regardless the toast or the muffin, both are extremely fresh and super soft!
'The Sleepover' is a sweeter choice which comes with maple syrup.
Whereas, 'Burly Benedict' is totally opposite from 'The Sleepover'. I think 'Burly Benedict' is quite famous bcos I saw quite a few ordered it as well.

Lastly, please make reservations before going bcos we ended up waiting for about half an hour to 45mins to get seated even though it was around 2pm that time.
So this is where you can find the contact and how to get there:

After our brunch, headed to Holland Village. It's my first time there! Suaku or what!? Hahaha :)

We are here for 'Only Aesthetics' to check on the underarm hair removal! Hahaha! :)

Spot the 'Only Aesthetics' signboard?

It was kinda stupid of us. Bcos we tried calling to O.A and nobody pick up, we were still saying maybe Sunday never open.. then we said impossible bcos mostly people Sunday got time then will come and do this kind of thing, so we just headed down from Hatched since it's quite near.
In the end....

REALLY  C L O S E !!! 

So, ended up leaving Holland V. like less than an hour there & spent hell lot of time searching our way back to Bishan. I swear that day is my first time using 'Map' in my iPhone and the most I've ever used!
Without 'Map' and, we definitely can't find our way back by PUBLIC TRANSPORT!

Anyway, so I had a good Sunday last week, what about this week?
I MIGHT be having KOI & my looooong craving POPEYES! ( i just miss the mashed potato! )

Goodnight friends.

g s i a n g , B r u n c h  i s  G o o d .

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Not exactly 7 days.

After months of saying 'want to meet', we finally met up :)

As we are chatting & I realised I worked together with them for 7 DAYS ONLY!
Karen & Chris work with them for like a month?
It's a 7 Days of knowing, but years of friends.

Marche for that night and Smoke Salmon Rosti is always my choice. I've been craving for like 3 weeks until that day finally had it!
Chat, Camwhore, Laugh, Have Fun!

We took lots of photos, but I seriously tried cutting down as much as I can.
There you go... (hope is not too much)

Splendid view at Orchard Central's rooftop.

Huifen's iPhone casing is stupid! Flipping downwards is definitely better than sideway!

Watch out for my 'jaw-dropping' expression that they made them laughed like hell!
The thing is that bcos Huifen said she will bring us to this awesome and quite unknown area in Orchard Central. So she said until like very 'WOW!', then I started making the 'jaw-dropping' expression.
Unglam much!


I'm not really amazed by the place, bcos I think I've seen it somewhere before. Plus, I'm not that kind of like 'WOW!' person. Maybe a dessert can make me go 'WOW' more than a place! :)
But's nice, so camwhored AGAIN!

Seriously, I can't do nice jumping shots! My face will look so funny!
Check out the below photos of Huifen & Lynette punching each other!
Sooo cute! :)

This is like the BEST after many triesss of jump shots but still...with a blur face! 

I felt that people always have a 'thing' for staircase. They just like to take photos at staircase, don't you think so?
Be it a museum or a hotel and now shopping mall! Hahaha :)

After much of jump shots and walking around, dinner digested & time for DESSERTS!!!
Huifen & Lynette intro us to Cold Stone Creamery. 
The name is like a combi of Cold Rock & Marble Slab Creamery?!! 

Digital Menu, just like those used at cinemas to check movie timing!

To me, it's really cheap in comparison to Cold Stone, Marble Slab Creamery or B&J.
Cold Stone & Marble Slab Creamery cost nearly $7 to $8 for their regular size ice cream with toppings.
Their regular is probably Cold Stone's 'Like It' size, and they are selling at $5.50-$5.90 only!
While comparing to B&J, B&J one scoop is extremely small and it's $4.90 already.. plus it doesn't comes with any topping.

Good deal or no?

My pick for the day is Cheesecake Fantasy.

Huifen's Oreo Overload with chocolate waffle (additional $1.50)

Lynette's Founder's Favourite.

Chris ordered something like Banana Strawberry Milkshake which she didn't took a photo of it.

Anyway my share point on Cold Stone Creamery:
My Cheesecake Fantasy is not cheesy enough for sure. The ice cream just taste like Vanilla more than Cheesecake. Cold Stone Cheesecake Ice Cream still the best! :)
Chris's Banana Strawberry Milkshake had a stronger taste of the Banana and not much of Strawberry.
Lynette & Huifen choice are very safe, nothing much to comment.
Cold Stone Creamery are very generous with their toppings. They also seems more well known for their chocolate family choices. I'll suggest to go if you don't want to spend so much on dessert yet craving for something sweet. I'll definitely go back again to have some chocolate-ty treats for myself!

Goodnight World

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