Monday, March 28, 2011

Drooling, slurp slurp!

If you don't remember what my 'atas dim sum' refers to, click here!!!

It's a Wednesday, 16 March. 
Rather than coping myself in the office, I took leave and have a couple more hours of sleep before heading out for a fun day with the girls.

Dim Sum with Rayne, Yvone (the old customers) and Karen, Chris and Huifen (the newbies).
Welcome back for more of Taste Paradise reviews!

Some of the food that we ordered.

Reviews can be seen at my previous post. As usual the egg tarts and custard buns definitely didn't disappoint us, but I'm gonna add 'cha siew sou' to my dim sum favourites! 
The 'cha siew sou' at Taste Paradise is sooo yummy! The skin is so flaky and not dry at all. The filling tastes sooo nice!

Anyway, that day we didn't ordered too much, just right for the 6 of us, so total bill coming up to around $147. Each of us only $24.50 for quality dim sum, super worth it to me! :)

After dim sum, we headed over to Bugis for NYP Graduation Show.

Little canvas for us to paint.

Below is what we did, but very soon some one just painted over ours.

That day we went over too early and lecturers all were not around so decided to walk around at Bugis before going back at 6pm.
However, by 6pm most of us were tired and decided to head home, leaving me, Chris & Fennie.
In the end met up with Jiaqi and her class people to walk over to NLB to take a look at the grad show again. We even met Singyee there! Hahaha!
Chris, Fennie & Me ended our day with yummy dessert at Ah Chew dessert shop.

Just a little update to share about my second visit at Taste Paradise. And hope that this round the photos are much better than the previous one once we have G11 for that day!

g s i a n g , b e s t d i m s u m :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little

Recently met up with Huifen & Lynette. We have not met them for like months, so took quite a bit of photos and definitely it was an enjoyable night. I'm gonna update about it asap after I've got the photos.

Thanks to Yvonne, I've been crazily watching this Korean drama that had been out for quite some time.
Prosecutor Princess.
OMG, it's another awesome drama. Today I'm kinda lazy to upload photos and talk much abt it.
Nice song from nice drama, so you should know where my blog song came from...
I'm so inspired to get that French manicure with yellow tips after watching the drama.


I'm gonna go out and get the necessary tools and nail polish colour for it! I'm soooo excited, hope I'm able to do it by myself if not gonna go for manicure.
Make up remover also finished. Time to get a new one, so I guess tmr gonna spend quite a bit on stuff. But, luckily my pay came in time, in fact it came in earlier by 3 days! Happy much! :)

I'm kinda bored so decided to blog, but looking at the time now..... 2.31 am, I think it's time to have a mask and sleep.

g s i a n g , B o r e d

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Korean day?!

It's somehow like a Korean day to me...
Vonne just came back from Korea, so met up with her this afternoon to chat.
Almost everything we talked about is Korea. She was telling me how nice is Korea and makes me feel like flying over there right nowwww! 
She was super nice to get me lotsa masks! I will never say 'NO' to mask, never too much for me. All masks cost like only $1 or $1.20! Freakin' cheap can?! 
On top of that, she gave us some munchies like BIG BIG seaweed and some biscuits!
Best of all is that cute little Skin Food Blusher!!! Singapore is selling at $20plus and yet she got it at around $7 in Korea! Great great deal I would say.
She had really interesting SPA/Hot Spring & Skiing experiences which I will definitely want to try those one day.
Enough of me sharing parts of her fun Korea trip...

So tonight what's for dinner?!
Before that I had yummylicious Beard Papa's cream puff which I was craving few days back! And dinner at Tampopo. It was rated as the best ramen restaurant on HungryGoWhere and strongly recommended by Ladyironchef. It was the first time there and I had Tonkatsu Ramen ($15.80). Really nice and not too oily. I'm definitely going back for more. I will like to try the one at Liang Court, knowing that there is a Tampopo Deli which means I can have nice desserts after my ramen!

Highlight for the night?
Me & Vonne got 2 choices. One, meet Singyee & Weekiat for Kbox. Second, movie with Jonathan.
We eliminated the first choice bcos too expensive. Hahaha. So the second choice was great too!
We wanted to watched World Invasion but the tix are selling fast leaving the first two rows for us.. so we went to watch The Man From Nowhere.

A short summary of the movie...
A quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past takes on a drug and organ trafficking ring in hope of saving the child who is his only friend.

That sexy bod of Won Bin!

It's an action-packed movie which something that I really like. However, a little warning for you, it's quite violent and bloody but definitely worth to watch!

Here's the trailer if you are interested:

More details click here....The Man From Nowhere
Go book your tickets now!!!

I know it's a pretty long post but it has been awhile since I last blogged...ok, draggy wordy post.

g s i a n g , l o v e K o r e a

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Those who are closed to me should know that I had a company D&D last Friday.
Just gotten the photos and I'm here to share. 

A rainy afternoon at East Coast Park

Our Coconut Welcome drink, my first time drinking coconut &yucks, I don't like it :(

There's Popcorn and Candy floss..

I didn't try this but my colleague says it's quite nice. Wrap in some crepe skin.
It was drizzling and this chicken was left outside, initially without shelter and that's why I don't dare to eat.

There's Ramly Burger as well, but it's sort of like pre-made so not very nice.
Airbrush service was available too, with limited design and time.
The airbrush person was only there for like 2hrs?!

The airbrush person looks a bit pervert to me and his sweat was dripping...
Can't imagine it drips on my skin, eeeks!
Anw, can you tell this lady below is from what country? To me, her face and skin tell it off!
She is a Korean. Why are all Korean so fair?! Sg girls? Yellow skin... :(

My colleague did a little eagle behind her back.

The event finally started.
Here's the Emcee, heard that he's quite famous and 'expensive'. He acted in Under One Roof.
Find him familiar? I don't know cos I don't watch that show. He is kinda good & funny.

Starting off the event, we were asked to dance. And I'm like -_-, but like bo bian have to dance along, cos I'm like at the second row and everyone was dancing! Super enthu people!

Spot the FA me in the crowd! 

Follow on, some poppers and stuff to make us go like 'Woah!!!' ...

I don't know which photographer took this picture, &I totally looked sooooo sian, right?!
Kena 'xian hai' still posted on Facebook! Damn! 

In between there were games and stuff going on and one of it is that they had rolls of string and they just tossed it around and everyone was supposed to hold on to the string. It's kinda lame and the main motive of it is kinda obvious right? One word, Unite.

Very soon, we had our dinner with quite a pathetic varieties of food which is not really fantastic either.
But whatever, since it's free so.....just eat!

Had photograph sessions!

This is how big the business operations team (CBO)

& check out the sales operations team!
Pathetic?! Hahaha :)

These are most of the people I always see in office, of cos there are still some others which are not there.

the lucky chap who won away the IPAD!!! 
The guy in blue, not the ang mo ok?!

The angmo is kinda a super big shot in my office. He got a really nice surname, Flowers.
That's just a random thing to share a little more about my office stuff.

Anyway, the night is really short and time for me to get to bed!

g s i a n g , F u n O R n o ?