Wednesday, April 09, 2008

long time no blog

have not upload all the photos yet. all the people haven send me the photos. but nvm. shall upload asap.
dun really have a good mood today at first.
went ice skating. so so . fall down 2times. hahaha:)
ate sakura. expensive. food not bad. but dont really have the mood to have buffet. but i went today. spent so much money yet dont really enjoy la.
reach hm.
chat with singyee on the phone for like 2hrs plus bah. fun chatting. make me feel so happy sia. hahah:) tmr going out with her, yinghui and vonne.
shall upload all the photos that i have taken the pass few days when i get the photos plus i got the mood and got the time bah. hahah:)
gisiang. andihate tobeinbadmood.

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