Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a fuck day. Sucks.
Morning reached sch abt 7.30am which is like super early & we need to wait for like 4-5hrs before we start doing our job. If that's the case then should not ask us come so early what. Wasted my sleep.
Had a discussion on some projs. Split up the work. As usual, the laziest grp, so our meeting ended the earliest.
Then went to Paya Lebar, Charles & Keith warehouse sales.
Queued, but was quite fast.
Super squezzy, but still manage to see the stuff.
Mission is die die must buy a thing.
So bought a bag which I think not bad.
Saw so many people buy the same bag, but whatever. Maybe that is the nicest bag over there! Hahah:)
Many heels!!! But too high for me! Wanted to get a slipper at 11$ but no more size. Damn sad:(
Came hm. Have dinner.
Out of nothing, family just quarrel. Parents were arguing abt money, in the end my brother cannot stand it anymore then just scold my father. But seriously I think what he said is true.
Just don't understand why must my father buy toto or 4D. It is such a waste of money. If he don't buy all this for like 2weeks, can buy me a fan for my room le lo. It's just a fan and we are not like poor until can't afford a fan! Then quarrel over all this. If I have money I sure pay lo! WTH. I hate life without money. I nx time will nv have a boyfriend which will bet on all this lo! Is fucking stupid. And why can't my father just try to save a bit and help to pay for some of the home bills? My brother need to pay his university fees by himself, is like wtf lo. 7000$ for one yr okays, so expensive! And my father ask him to pay by himself. Want to have children then shld have the responsibility to raise us up what. My mother is like working liao la cos I'm having my own room. Then my father like still say is bcos bet very little money that's why nv win! What kind of logic is this???!! Fuck reason lo. Long time bet a few times nvm, he always bet! Is just like throwing money to singapore pools lo! I think I die die also want to go find a job to support myself! I sometimes really don't feel like taking money from my father! He always say he are living so good liao, then did he see how's other people living? Other can live much more better than why can't us! I don't want to be a poor & no money person in the future! I nx time have kids also don't want them to live like me now! Quarrelling over a fan is fucking stupid la! If I'm still working now, I sure pay for my own fan & all the furnitures I want to buy! & I guess my brother is so angry until he went out lo. I'm angry that why I need to live with suh limited money! My family is also no so poor to the extend of no money to buy a less than 100$ de fan bah.
A person really need to always think of ways to improve & not just stay at the position it is right now. Starting earn 2000$, after 10yrs still earn 2000$!!! That's really sucks! Can't have this kind of mentality la! Then I let my younger bro play my lappy. Then don't want return to me & let me use. Then he angry, slam door, I more angry lo. What a unlucky day!
gisiang. andihate life without money:(

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