Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today had com skills lesson in the morning.
So had a test on all the parachute. & today let us see the true colours of someone! Scared lose to our parachute! Hahah:) Even straight away drop the parachute also at least need 1s??!! Hahha!
But whatever it is, I pity Huifen. Hahah:)
Our grp de parachute last longest- 11seconds.
Then had studio lesson. Kana scolded by Zalina. She finally get angry le! Hahah:) Say we nv put in effort and everything. But luckily in the end propose another idea then can work. Bridge reached boat's head automatic straight!!! Haha:)
Then went to Farrer Park or Bugis that area to search for the wood shop. Today was another maraton. Hahah:) Walked a lot. But wood too expensive. We used cheapest material- cardboard in the end. Hahah:) Gonna test it out tmr.
Reached hm rest, ate dinner, watch '我的一万面包' ep1. Not bad!
Facebooking, Psping, Blogging.
I hate plastic people. Split/'DOUBLE' personality.
So kua zhang la. Feel so disgusted by that.
gisiang. andihateplastic people.

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