Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tonight seems the same as last night.
Went to Zm's hse to watch movie- Slitters.
It is sort of a disgusting show with a lot of bloody scenes and "meat" scenes.
Zm said it was a comedy plus scary movie. But not really funny if you watch it alone I guess.
However, it was nice. Only me and Vonne watched. The people inside act like Silent Hill or House of the Dead lo. Hahah:)
Then, went hm after movie.
Before that in the noon met up with Huifen at Bishan at her rebonding place. It is a nice place. Very cosy. Waited for her then I cut my fringe as well. No longer look like Phoebe's hair. Hahah:)
My hair is oily but I cant wash. I need to bare with it for another day!
Anyway, I shall put one song in my blog soon. A nice song sang by Rainie Yang- dai wo zou.
That's all for today.
Shall upload pictures tmr.
gisiang. andihate OILYHAIR:(

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