Friday, November 21, 2008

Last night reached home at abt 2.15am. So didn't came online.
Today shall upload all the photos.
Ytstd celebrate Huifen's 18th birthday.
Went to AMK Suki Sushi to have dinner.
A very nice & full dinner!
Beef tepanyaki, first time trying& it's very nice.

Sushi plates!

After dinner, we went to Kbox Plaza to sing. Hahah:)
I think is a good kbox outlet to go to. New & nice. Clean toilet also, as compared to the rest.

See, got two tv somemore. Good huh?
Karen's slutty pose!!!! LOOK! SLUTTY KARENLICIOUS!!!! Hahhaa:)
Birthday girl!!!

My camera went a bit siao, then super lag, then snap our legs! Hahah:)
Chris dancing!

That's all for the picture!
& ystd was a 'GREEN' DAY! Everyone wore green except for one or two la... Hahah:)
Iwas so tired today that when I woke up, I felt that I have nv slept! Haha:)
So didn't went for Zalina's lesson in the morning. Went for lecture and Rostina's lesson. But Rostina's lesson was easy & very short. Hahah:) Then went hm have dinner cos' no more money le.
Now blogging, later going out to meet Vonne & go Zm's hse to watch movie.
Gonna watch a specially downloaded shark movie! Hahah:) I think I love animals movies!
That's all for now. Gonna facebooking first.
gisiang. andilove SukiSushi& Kboxing:)

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